What is Dictionay File and How It Works

You can see Dictionary Attack in most of PassFab software such as PassFab for Office, PassFab for Word, PassFab for Excel, PassFab for PPT, PassFab for PDF, PassFab for RAR, PassFab for ZIP and PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker, here you can know what it is and how it works.

Most of the people usually search for what is Dictionary Attack. Dictionary Attack is an amazing method to recover a password of encrypted devices. If you want to know more about Dictionary Attack, we are here to let you know. We are also going to introduce how to create a dictionary file so stay tuned with us.

Part 1. What is Dictionary File?

When we use the password recovery tool then we will be asked to select attack type. Most of the recovery tools contain 3 attack types. First attack type is Dictionary Attack. If we choose Dictionary Attack there will be a Dictionary File, too. If you want to recover a password successfully by choosing Dictionary Attack, there will be a Dictionary File that contains a list of all possible combinations of letters and figures; that password list is embedded in a TXT file which is called Dictionary File.

Part 2. How to Create A Dictionary File?

If you want to create your own Dictionary file first you need to create a TXT file on your desktop and then open that file and add all possible passwords that can be helpful to recover password but make sure to add password line by line. In such a way you can create your own dictionary file. But by default, recovery passwords contains dictionary file. Now it‘s up to you either you create your own file or let the software automatically recover the password by using its dictionary file.

Part 3. What is Dictionary Attack?

It‘s an amazing technique to recover the lost password by trying a lot of possible passwords for example, using different letters or figures in a dictionary. Most of the people and businessman use ordinary words as a password. So Dictionary Attack is an amazing way to recover a password.

Part 4. How Does Dictionary Attack Work?

Dictionary Attack systematically enters each word in a dictionary as a password or automatically tries to unlock a protected file by using different possible passwords. The main advantage of Dictionary Attack is that it only tries those possible passwords that are most likely to succeed.