How to Create Google Form from Spreadsheet

A lot of people says that is it possible to connect Google Sheet to Google Form? Well! A big Yes to all those, now to create Google Form from Spreadsheet is no more difficult. Most of the people want to create Google Form from Spreadsheet because they want to keep track of surveys and questionnaires. Few of them quickly want to create it to send it to coworkers, lunch buddies or to their team members. In this article, we will help you to be more organized by creating, using and editing forms, simply follow the below solutions and populate Google Form from Spreadsheet.

Solution 1 - Create Google Form from Spreadsheet: using File in Google Sheets

Using a Google Form let you get into lot of features like you can add photos, color themes into the form and can save it to Google Spreadsheet. Not only that you can even add standard question types. Google Forms are very popular because it let you collect information from people via Quizzes or Surveys.

Look into the below method; you will never regret using it, now it becomes easier to convert Google Sheet to Google Form. This method is popular because it saves time and comes up with 100% results.

Step 1: First you need to open a spreadsheet and then navigate to Files.

Step 2: Now you need to scroll to a New.

Step 3: In the 3rd step choose Form.


Keep in mind that the form responses will be collected in the tab from which you created a form.

Step 4: Finally give your form a name and then edit the form you can easily add the options that you would like to add.

Solution 2 - Google Form Pull Data from Spreadsheet: using Insert in Google Sheets

If you want to Google Form pull data from Spreadsheet, then this solution is also preferable, it is very easy to follow and doesn’t require your more time but this can be used only if you were already working with Spreadsheet.

  • Step 1: If you are already working on any Spreadsheet then open it and go to Insert tab
  • Step 2: After Navigating to insert tab now you need to choose Form.

  • Step 3: Now you will be able to see a new Window popup where you need to give your form a name and you can also add, delete questions. Even you can add checkboxes, lists etc.


Extra Tip: How to Unlock Locked Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

When it comes to recovering the forgotten open password of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, PassFab for Excel is the only one to deal with it. On internet you will find thousands of different ways to recover or remove Excel file password but no one can be as amazing as it. Let me share some of its advantages that make it better than other common software’s.

  • 90% people confess that they have not been to a single error while using it.
  • Its ratings are very high.
  • Highly efficient and free of viruses.
  • File is not affected while recovering or removing password.

Follow below steps if you want to know how to use this software

Step 1: First you need to download: PassFab for Excel.

Step 2: After downloading install and launch it, soon you will be able to see its main interface. Simply click "Recover Excel Open Password".

passfab for excel

Step 3: In the 3rd step you need to choose "Please Import Excel File" and add the file for which you want to break the Excel password.


Step 4: After that you need to choose one appropriate password recovery mode. First one is Dictionary Attack second one is Brute Force with Mask Attack and 3rd one is Brute Force Attack.

dictionary attack

Step 5: At the end simply click a Recover button, your password will be recovered within few minutes.


That's all about how to use this application. If you are still confusing about the steps, you can watch this video tutorial.


We have covered up two different solutions for those who want to create Google Form from Google Sheet. Solutions are very simple and easy to follow. We have also shared an extra tip for those who are stuck with protected Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. PassFab for Excel is one of an amazing Excel password unlock tool to get you out from unlocking issue. In short, this single article covers up two issues at once, we can call it a full package. Stay tuned with us because many more informative posts are on its way.

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