Top 8 Windows 10 Password Recovery Tools

Sometimes, there have been scenarios when people forget their Windows password due to any reason. Such things mainly happen when you have set any complicated combination of a password or have a habit of changing the password frequently. As we know the password is the great feature in any electronic device that protects it from other unauthorized users. But, it very frustrating situation when you forget the password and urgent to complete some important tasks on the computer. Well, in this article I am going to compile a Windows 10 password recovery tool. So, without further ado, let's move to the top password recovery software for Windows 10.

  • Part 1. Recover Windows Password with PassFab 4WinKey Easily
  • Part 2. 7 Other Windows Password Recovery tools
  • Part 1. Recover Windows Password with PassFab 4WinKey Easily

    After testing all the password recovery tools for Windows 10, I have found PassFab 4WinKey is the ultimate tool to recover any type of password on Windows. It is a wonderful tool that is powered by a huge set of amazing features. Getting engaging with the PassFab 4WinKey, you can easily remove or change any type of password from your Windows computer. There are a couple of steps that you have to follow in order to change or remove the password.

    1. Create Windows Password Reset Disk

    Step 1: Open the official site of the PassFab 4WinKey and download it to another working computer.

    Step 2: After download completed, install the software on the same computer.

    Step 3: Once the above process completed, insert the CD/DVD/USB flash drive to the computer and open this program.

    Step 4: On the Quick Recovery Wizard, you have to choose the boot media and hit on the "Burn" button to start burning the program on the selected recovery disk.

    choose cd

    Step 5: Hit on the "Yes" to confirm the burning process.

    burn cd erase data

    Step 6: After creating bootble disk, you are allowed to recover Windows password with it.

    Part 2. Other 7 Windows Password Tools

    1. Windows Password Unlocker

    Windows Password Unlocker is the Windows tool that is specifically designed to /peak the Windows 10 password. You will find a wide range of features in this application that is used to /peak the password of Windows.


    • The user interface of Windows password unlocker is very simple and clear.
    • When it comes to the password resetting, the process is very simple and straightforward.


    • The price of this product is not affordable as compare to features on the Windows password unlocker.
    windows password unlocker

    2. Ophcrack

    Ophcrack is another well-known name in password recovery industry. Engaging with this tool, you can also recover windows password windows 10 computer in a few simple shots. It is specifically designed for computers that are running on the Windows operating system.


    • You can recover password from any version of Windows from Windows 98 or higher versions.
    • Using Ophcrack is very simple, unlike many other recovery tools.


    • The user-interface of Ophcrack is similar like UI of the traditional version of Windows like XP and earlier.
    • ophcrack

    3. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

    Offline NT Password & Registry is a Windows 10 password recovery tool specifically designed for the Windows operating system. The process of resetting the password is similar by creating the bootable media device.


    • You can download this tool at free of cost. No need to pay a single penny in order to download and install this tool.


    • The process of password resetting is very difficult when we compare it with other password recovery tools.
    • offline nt password registry editor

    4. LCP

    When it comes to the free recovery tool, LCP is in the top spot. You will find a plenty of amazing features that are used to reset the password of Windows. Since it is free software, a useful number of features are very less.


    • It will help you to reset the password using a dictionary attack, /pute force attack, and some other digital attacks.


    • LCP uses lots of physical hardware which leads to slow CPU performance.
    • lcp

    5. Active Password Changer Professional

    Active password changer professional is a powerful tool that is used by millions of organizations throughout the world. Want to know how to recover password in windows 10? Well, you can try the Active Password changer professional.


    • You can delete many types of passwords using this password recovery tool.


    • The speed of password resetting is slow as compared to other tools.
    • active password changer professional

    6. Hash Suite

    This is advanced password resetting tool which is powered by some amazing set of features. You can also check the deep analysis of your password and hashes.


    • The speed of password recovery is very fast and secure.
    • It is very easy to use.


    • This tool is not designed for beginners or user with basic computer knowledge.
    • hash suite

    7. Trinity Rescue Kit

    This password recovery tool is the combination of bootable programs and based on character user interface. You can download this tool from their official website at free of cost.


    • Password recovery is very efficient and secure like PassFab 4Winkey.


    • This is completely CUI based which means, it is very difficult to use for the normal computer user.  
    • trinity rescue kit


    If you have a question in the mind how to recover Windows 10 password? Then, in this post, we have compiled top 8 Windows 10 password recovery tools. Here, we have found PassFab 4WinKey is the ultimate tool, if you don't want to recover it then bypass Windows 10 password is also a good way. Still have query or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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