"I have bought MS Office through a store (not online). I have had computer troubles and now have to re-install MS Office, however I have lost my Product Key and I thought I had activated my Microsoft Account but now I am finding I cannot access this either to install/activate my product. What can I do?"
-Microsoft Community

A product key is required to activate and install Microsoft Office 2016. This string of 25-character letters or numbers is used to verify whether the installation version is legal. Without it you can neither get the free updates nor official support. Therefore it’s important to know how to find Office 2016 product key once lost or deleted. In this article, we will introduce the best Office 2016 product key finder in 2020 to solve the trouble.

PassFab Product Key Recovery - Find Your Lost Product Key Easily

For most of users, who are not computer professionals, it's difficult to directly view Office product key. Even if you use Command Prompt or registry, you can only see the last 5 characters, making a professional product key finder essential.

Here I would suggest you taking PassFab Product Key Recovery into consideration. The reasons I recommend PassFab Product Key Recovery as the best product key finder of 2020 are listed below:

  • Recover product key from Microsoft Office 2019-2000, Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, Internet Explorer and other products.
  • Save found product key as text files in case of future loss or system crash.
  • Support with Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and lower system.
  • 100% success rate.

Steps to Get Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key

Below I will show you how to use PassFab Product Key Recovery to find Office 2016 product key if you have lost or accidently deleted after system update or software refresh.

1. Download and install this product key finder on your computer.

2. Launch Product Key Recovery and click on Get Key to start searching.

office 2016 product key finder passfab product key recovery

3. Wait for a whole and the program will display all product keys found on your computer including Microsoft Office 2016. You are free to click Generate Text to save it on your drive.

successfully found lost product key passfab product key recovery

Bottom Line

There you go, with 3 steps and the product key can be retrieved. After that, just use this code to re-activate your Microsoft Office. If you have any problems about this Office 2016 product key finder and how to change Office product key, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let us know. Last but not least, if you forgot Office open password, then you can check out this article about Office 2016 password recovery software.