Bypass iPhone Password in All Situations

Your iPhone/iPad gets locked or disabled? This iPhone unlock program enables you to unlock iPhone/iPad lock screens in different situations.

  • Forgot iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch passcode
  • iPhone/iPad is disabled
  • Face/Touch ID can't be recognized
  • Broken screen doesn't allow to enter the password

Unlock All Types of Screen Lock

  • 4-Digit Code
  • 6-Digit Code
  • Touch ID
  • Face ID

Factory Reset Your iDevices without Password

Want to factory reset iPhone or iPad but it asks for entering your passcode? This professional iPhone unlocker enables you to restore factory resetting without screen passcode and Apple ID.

  • Factory reset iPhone/iPad/iPod touch if you forgot screen password.
  • Factory reset iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without Apple ID.

Unlock Apple ID without Password

Apple ID is locked or disabled? Forgot Apple ID password and can't reset it? This iCloud lock removal helps you remove existing Apple ID and iCloud on activated device in multiple scenarios.

Forgot Apple ID password

Factory reset iPhone without Apple ID

Remove Apple ID without password

Apple ID has been disabled

Turn off Find my iPhone without password

Apple ID has been locked for security reason


1. You are stuck on entering your Apple ID password before getting into an iPhone or iPad?

It means you are stuck on iPhone activation lock. And if [Find My] is enabled, you will also meet the activation lock after removing screen lock. You will need to use our PassFab Activation Unlocker to bypass Apple ID password.

2. Here are the notes while unlocking Apple ID via this software.

If Find My iPhone is ON, iOS version is 10.2 and below, your data will be lost. iOS version is 10.2-11.3, your data won't be lost. iOS version is 11.4 and above, the screen is locked and Two-factor authentication is on, you can use our software but your data will be lost and the system will be updated to the last version.

If Find My iPhone is OFF, iOS version is 10.2 and above, your data won't be lost. Otherwise, your data will be lost.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker does not support the removal of Apple ID for inactivated devices.

Any illegal removing for business purpose is prohibited.

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Turn off Screen Time without Password

The screen time feature blocks or limits the amount of time or certain Apps that you will have access to. Forgot screen time passcode, but don't know how to bypass screen time passcode? This software can help you to hack screen time in just a few minutes.

  • Bypass screen time passcode to allow extra time on Apps.
  • Change the screen time passcode or turn off it without password.
  • Reset iPhone without screen time passcode.
  • Your data won’t be lost on your device.
  • You can normally use and update your device after removing screen time passcode.
  • It’s compatible with iOS 15 and above versions.

Bypass Remote Management from iPhone/iPad

Bypass the MDM lock and the supervision authority of the company or school on iOS devices, without username and password!

Bypass Remote Management

If your iPhone/iPad is locked by the remote management screen, just use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to remove the MDM remote management lock immediately, and then you can use your iOS device normally.

This iPhone/iPad is supervised and managed by...

If your iOS device displays the message "This iPad/iPhone is supervised and managed by (company name)" at the top of the "Settings" screen, it means that your device has been supervised, that is, the MDM remote management lock is set. In this case, PassFab iPhone Unlocker will delete the remote management profile with one click.

3 Steps to Unlock iOS Screen

Step 1: Connect your iDevice to the computer.
Step 2: Download the matching firmware within minutes before unlocking iPhone/iPad.
Step 3: Start remove iPhone/iPad screen passcode.
unlock ios screen
download firmware
start unlock screen lock

What the Media Say About Us

  • TechTimes


    Forgetting one's passcode is a hassle because it keeps the device locked forever, and the only way to solve this issue is to have an expert look at it or give up trying. For iPhone users, this is a massive problem as they know that unlock iPhone without passcode may seem impossible. But that is not quite with the quick and easy tool of PassFab iPhone Unlocker.

    5 Stars
  • MakeUseOf


    PassFab iPhone Unlocker is a program that will allow users to fix a disabled iPad or iPhone when they cannot use the passcode set for their Apple device. Additionally, if you need to bypass Screen Time or Remote Management, then PassFab iPhone Unlocker will allow you to do so as well. The software works with Windows and Mac, and it supports the latest iOS versions and devices.

    5 Stars
  • AppleInsider


    In knowing how to bypass passcode on iPhone, you can help others gain access to their locked devices, and there's a few ways you can do it But, if you have a particularly forgetful family member or need an iPhone passcode bypass on a regular basis, you'll probably benefit more from using PassFab iPhone Unlocker.

    5 Stars

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FAQs for PassFab iPhone Unlocker

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is a 100% safe tool, which will not damage your iPhone or invade your privacy.

Generally speaking, password applies to Apple ID and iCloud account, passcode meant for iPhone lock screen.

You can only enter the wrong password 9 times, more than that your phone will be locked with a prompt "iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes".

Yes. You will lose data after removing the screen lock using PassFab iPhone Unlocker. But in fact, there is no way to remove screen lock without passcode without data loss.

Yes. PassFab iPhone Unlocker also allows you to bypass screen time passcode without data loss.