Terms of Service

1. Your Relationship With Us

You are currently reading the terms of service (the "Terms"), which govern the relationship between users (hereinafter referred to as "you," "user," or "Licensee") and TENORSHARE(HONGKONG)LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "Tenorshare," "Licensor," "we," "us," or "the company," and which outline the terms and conditions under which you may access and use our related websites, products, and services. It shall be equally enforceable against both parties.

You and we are legally bound by the Terms. Please take the time to thoroughly read them. Only your parent or legal guardian can use the Services on your behalf if you are under the age of 18. Make sure your parent or legal guardian has read and reviewed these Terms with you before continuing.

2. Accepting the Terms

Before deciding whether to accept them or not, please carefully read these Terms. The Privacy Policy is complemented by the Terms. Your agreement to these Terms will be regarded as your consent to the Privacy Policy. You are permitted to access or use our websites, goods, and services ("access or use" includes, but is not limited to, one or more of the following actions: downloading, installing, launching, browsing, registering, logging in, etc., collectively the "acts"). Any of the aforementioned actions will be taken to represent a voluntary acceptance of the entirety of these Terms. Please refrain from accessing or using our websites, goods, or services, and immediately uninstall and destroy any copies of the products you possess if you do not accept these Terms in their entirety or if you do not comprehend our interpretation of these Terms. For any breach of these terms and conditions, Tenorshare retains the right to pursue all available legal and equitable remedies.

You are specifically reminded that these Terms are all-encompassing general user terms of service that apply without exception. To provide you with additional precise information about the content, rules, etc. of any of our particular products/services, we may also have separate terms and conditions, unique business rules, etc. (collectively, the "Separate Agreements"). You must carefully read and agree to the whole Terms of Service before using any product or service, otherwise, we'll take your acceptance of these Terms in their entirety as your approval of any separate agreement.

You can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] if you have any questions about whether you should accept the Terms in whole or in part or if you have any criticism regarding how the course is being used.

3. Changes to the Terms

We reserve the right to update these Terms from time to time in compliance with legal developments and user rights. Any significant modifications to these Terms will be widely communicated to all users by posting a notice on our website, communicating with you through email, text message, or back-end alert, or by other commercially reasonable means. However, you should also routinely examine the Terms to look for these modifications. The "Last Updated" date, which displays the date these Terms first became effective, will also be updated.

After the effective date, you must no longer access or use our websites, goods, or services if you disagree with the changes that have been made. The adjustments won't apply to you in that instance. On the other hand, your continuing use of our website, products, or services beyond the effective date entails your acceptance of the updated Terms.

4. Your Account with Us

It may be necessary for you to register with us in order to access or utilize our website, products, or services. You will need to enter truthful and current information when you establish this account. It is crucial that you safeguard and immediately update the data you give us in order to keep it accurate and up-to-date. To allow you to use the product continuously, we could ask you to validate your registration details.

No unlawful or unwholesome information may be included in your registration. You undertake to refrain from using any usernames that are illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, abusive, hateful, violent, harassing, or that are intended to infringe someone else's rights (including, but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or right to one's image). The aforementioned rules apply in all situations when you create a nickname; You shall not open an account by impersonating another person (including, but not limited to spoofing another person's name, mobile phone number, avatar, etc. in a manner that is likely to cause confusion); You shall not disclose your account information to anyone else; You shall not sell, rent, or otherwise dispose of your account; and If you violate any of the terms of this agreement, or if we have reason to believe, as a result of our investigation, that the current user of an account is not the person who originally registered it, or if your account violates the legal rights of any third party or any applicable law or regulation. We reserve the right to do things like, but are not restricted to: freeze the account, stop providing goods and/or services to the account, or delete the account.

Your account and password must be kept secure and used correctly at all times. You are entirely liable for any resulting legal obligations if you neglect to do so and your neglect leads to the theft of your account or the loss of your password.

You agree that you are solely responsible (to us and to others) for the activity that occurs under your account.

Contact us at [email protected] if you no longer wish to utilize our services and want your account erased.

5. Your Access to and Use of Our Services

You are granted a personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, revocable, general license to use our website, products, and services for non-commercial purposes.

All applicable laws and regulations apply to your access to and use of our website/products/services.In the course of use, you agree not to: copy, modify, or create derivative works (including plug-ins, unauthorized third-party programmes, etc.) without our permission; sell, rent, lend, publish, or transmit the Software to others in any way; derive source code by breaking down software, decompiling, disassembling, or reverse engineering; create new products based on our products; offer services for processing product data, use our products or services for unlawful or criminal activities that go against societal norms and morality, abuse people's privacy, reputation, or intellectual property rights, or participate in any other actions that our company has not authorized.

The Licenced Software gives the Licensee the ability to enter material that will be saved on the device on which the Licenced Software is installed (this content is referred to as "End-User Generated Content" in this document). The use, storage, and disclosure of the end-user generated content by the licensee are exclusively the licensee's responsibility. The End-User Generated Content may only be used by the Licensee in a responsible and prudent way. The Licensee may input, copy, and modify Content that contains non-public personal information about people other than the Licensee with the use of the Licenced Software, but the Licensee is not permitted to use, retain, or disclose any such information without the explicit agreement of the people to whom it pertains. The Licensor strongly advises Licensee to consult competent legal advice if Licensee is having trouble determining whether Licensee's planned use is permissible, whether Licensee needs explicit authorization, or if other legal considerations should be taken into account. The Licensor cannot give Licensee legal advice about intellectual property rights or privacy laws, nor will it help Licensee make this decision.

Licensee may only utilize End-User Generated Content that belongs to the Licensee and will not infringe on the rights of others. Any and all content will not be edited or monitored by the Licensor; as a result, it is solely the Licensee's obligation to do so. The Licenced Software may not be used in association with any material that is unlawful, offensive, indecent, defamatory, incites racial or ethnic hate, infringes the rights of others, or is objectionable in any other manner.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

All of the content on our website, products, and services—including, but not limited to: trademarks, patents, word expressions and their combinations, images, logos, video, audio, layout, page frames, programmes, etc.—, as well as all content covered by other intellectual property laws and treaties, is either our property or it is licenced to us. Our copyright marks and other rights notices on our website, in our products, and in our services may not be removed. Only when you access or use our website, goods, or services are you given a separate license to use them? Under no circumstances will a license to use software be construed as granting authority to transfer or otherwise share any or all of the programme's intellectual property rights.

Without our prior consent, no one may copy, share, or publish any of our intellectual property in any format for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. We reserve the right to file a lawsuit to compel infringers to stop.

You represent and warrant that your use of our website, products, and services will not violate anyone else's intellectual property rights, and you agree to accept full responsibility for any infringement of such rights that results from your actions.

Once your artwork has been produced and sent to you as a result of using our website, products, or services, the intellectual property rights in that specific artwork will be passed to you, and you will have complete control over the permissions related to your artwork. We cannot, however, guarantee that you will be able to enforce your intellectual property rights in every jurisdiction or that your work, any trademark application, or any copyright claim will not violate the intellectual property rights of any third parties because the law pertaining to works created by AI is constantly changing and developing. Additionally, you thus give us a non-exclusive, worldwide, non-sublicensable, royalty-free license to copy, duplicate, and display any artwork you generate while utilizing our website, goods, or services for the purpose of promoting our website, products, or services, or for other commercial purposes.

7. Fee-based services and payment rules

Depending on the real demands, certain of our products and services may be supplied on a fee-for-service basis, and we may charge clients for some of our services now or in the future. If such is the case, the pertinent websites will provide you with clear cues or instructions. You have the choice to accept or reject any paid services that the service you are using asks you to utilize. After the payment day, you won't be able to use the service if you don't pay the cost. We reserve the right to modify the rules of charging in accordance with real demands. Prior to the start of the charge, we will publish the terms of the charged services, the rates, and the manner of billing. After the adjustment, if you continue to use the pertinent services, it will be assumed that you agree to the new billing policies.

Through third-party payment systems or tools with whom we work, your payment will be handled. Before making a top-up or payment, please take the time to properly read and understand the terms of the third-party payment platforms or instruments. Please make sure that you follow the aforementioned guidelines before doing so.

If your usage of the websites, products, or service is dependent on a subscription, we will charge you on a regular basis (referred to as a "billing cycle"), which may be weekly, monthly, or yearly. If there are use fees associated with using the website, product, or service, we will let you know in advance what they are.

If the websites, products, or services permit the recharge of virtual currency, you understand and agree that the virtual currency recharged on our websites, products, or services may be subject to equivalent recharging regulations. Additionally, it is essential to follow specific use guidelines when using virtual money. Please carefully read the usage and recharging guidelines.

On the assumption that you have a consistent monthly subscription to our websites, products, or services, the auto-renewal service is implemented. It is based on your requirement for auto-renewal and works to prevent service disruption brought on by past-due renewal.

8. User Information Protection Policy

One of our fundamental values is the safety of user's personal information, and we will take all necessary precautions. Unless otherwise required by law, we shall not expose or disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent. Your personal information will be safeguarded and managed in line with our Privacy Policy, which has been made public. For more information on how your privacy and personal information are protected, please see our Privacy Policy.

9. Limitation of Liability

  • We have done our best to offer accurate materials and information on all of our websites, goods, and services, but we cannot guarantee their completeness, authenticity, or dependability. We are not liable for any harm you may create by misusing our products.

  • We cannot promise that our website, product, or service will entirely fit users' needs and satisfy their expectations.

  • We make no promises on the continuity, timeliness, security, reliability, or error-free operation of our website, products, or services.

  • We cannot promise that all errors in our website, products, or services will be fixed.

  • You acknowledge and accept that using or accessing our website, products, or services may expose you to force majeure events, which include but are not limited to governmental actions, network causes, hacker damage, war, strikes, riots, and other uncontrollable natural disasters (such as floods, earthquakes, typhoons, etc.). While we will make every effort to quickly fix our website, goods, and services in the case of a force majeure, the Company shall be excluded from liability for losses resulting from a suspension or termination due to a force majeure to the extent authorized by laws and regulations.

  • In line with these Terms, the Company is granted the authority to deal with unlawful and unapproved content, but this does not place any obligations on the Company and the Company does not warrant that breaches will be discovered or addressed promptly.

  • Please be aware that we only provide our platform for usage by families and individuals. You acknowledge and agree that you shall not use our platform for any commercial or business objectives, and that we shall not be responsible to you for any loss of revenue, business, goodwill, or opportunity.

  • For business and operational reasons, we may change, suspend, withdraw, or restrict the availability of our website/products/services at any time.

  • In no case shall we, our shareholders, employees, agents, or affiliates be liable for any indirect, punitive, incidental damages, including, but not limited to (i) damages resulting from your inability to access or use our website/products/services; (ii) damages resulting from any act or content of any third party; and (iii) loss resulting from the use of all or a portion of the content obtained or generated from our website/products/services.

  • Except as specifically authorized differently by law or regulation, the total amount of our liability to you, for any reason, shall not exceed the costs you have paid to us for using our website, products, or services.

  • No matter whether we were forewarned or ought to have known that such losses would occur, these restrictions nonetheless apply to our obligation to you.

  • Any mobile fees paid in conjunction with your use of our website, products, or services, including but not limited to SMS and data fees, are exclusively your responsibility. Before utilizing the service, you should ask your service provider if you have any questions about the costs involved.



10. Legal application and jurisdiction

The conclusion, implementation, interpretation, modification, termination, and dispute resolution of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China; in the absence of any applicable provision in the law, reference shall be made to commercial practise or industry practise. Any disagreements with us resulting from your use of our websites, products, or services or access to them must first be worked out in conjunction with us. Any non-agreemental disputes arising out of or related to this agreement must be brought before arbitration administered by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and finally settled in accordance with the "Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre Arbitration Rules" in effect at the time the notice of arbitration is submitted. The arbitration must take place in Hong Kong.

Waiver of class actions: Any legal proceedings related to these Terms shall be brought only on an individual basis, and you agree not to pursue or take part in any class or representative action lawsuit that could arise out of a disagreement with us.

The validity and enforceability of the other terms of these Terms of Use shall not be impacted by the invalidity, inapplicability, or unenforceability of any part of these Terms of Use. According to the applicable laws and regulations of the PRC, if any provision of these Terms of Use is determined to be invalid or non-binding, it must be at least minimally modified in order to be valid or binding again; if it cannot be modified, it will be deemed to be omitted.

Our inability or delay to exercise a right does not constitute a renunciation of that right, which remains open to us to use whenever we see fit.

We might still be held accountable to you for your prior actions even after these Terms have ended.

11. Supplemental Provisions

The applicable agreements other than the Terms of Use that apply to our websites, products, and services, when accessed or used by you, constitute the entire agreement for the use of our websites and associated services by users and shall have the same legal effect as the Terms of Use.

Licensee gives Licensor permission to mention Licensee as a client in software marketing materials. By sending an email request with a written request, Licensee can refuse Licensor this privilege.

The terms and conditions that you agree to on the pages relating to our websites, products, and services are included in the Terms of Use and have the same legal force as the Terms of Use. This includes the service descriptions, pricing lists, and order pages. The service descriptions, pricing descriptions, and order page that you have accepted on the relevant page, among other things, shall take precedence over the aforementioned agreement and the Terms of Use in the case of any conflict.

Without our explicit approval, you may not transfer any of your rights or duties under the Terms. We may delegate our duties and rights, to the extent permissible by law, without your approval.

You accept that we may inform you of updates by publishing them on our website or those of our partners, emailing or texting you, or posting them on partner websites. You acknowledge that if a notice is given through a public announcement, it will be considered delivered once it is posted on the website; if a notice is given through email or SMS, it will be considered delivered once it is sent; and if a notice is given through a backstage reminder, it will be considered delivered if you continue to use it after the update. Please be careful to promptly pay attention to the notification because it may have a materially favorable or adverse effect on your rights and duties. Due to a change in your contact information or your inability to promptly check it, we will not be liable if you do not get the aforementioned notice on the day it is issued.

After these Terms expire, the confidentiality, exclusivity, indemnification, and liability restriction clauses remain in effect.

The headers of all materials in the Terms of Use are provided just for ease of reading and have no legal significance. They cannot be used to determine the meaning of the Terms of Use, which are subject to our exclusive discretion in this regard.

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