PassFab Screen Recorder

Simply record computer screen, webcam and game stably & in high definition.

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Focus on High Definition Recordings with No Time Limit

Record Full Screen

Support full-screen recording and regional recording to meet all the needs of screen recording. Whatever you need, you can capture it.

Record Game

Full screen recording of game screens with high frame rate, game capture and recording. Record your high-energy moments.

Record Webcam

Record webcams, web IP cameras and other input devices. Remove character background and add background color freely.

Record Camera and Screen Simultaneously

Meet a variety of presentation scenarios, and support to set the position and size of the camera arbitrarily.

A Screen Recorder for Everyone


Record the online courses to review what you've learnt at any time.


Make tutorial videos as well as share them on the internet.


Record your screen and audio to assign tasks and skip meetings with your team.

Game Lover

Record your favourite games to capture the best moment and share it to win applause.

3 Steps to Record Your Screen

Step 1. Open PassFab Screen Recorder, then click on "Record Screen".

Step 2. Select the area you want to record, and click the "Start" button.

Step 3. Click the "End" button, you can simply edit and save your recorded video.

Simple, But with More Features

Recording in High Resolutions

You can record videos at a resolution of 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p.

Edit Recorded Videos

We included a few video editing tools directly in the webcam recorder. Edit after finishing a recording before saving.

Record Screen & Audio

Record the screen and sound at the same time, record the sound of the computer and the microphone at the same time, or choose one of them to record.

Mouse Cursor

Highlight, magnify, spotlight the mouse cursor to create a professional and polished look to any video.


Use arrows, shapes, lower thirds, and more to highlight important points in your video.

Record Everything

Record everything on your desktop screen, such as a meeting, a project, or a game, etc.

What Makes It the Best Screen Recorder

High Quality

Output a smaller file but with 100% HD recording and clear sound. Video and audio in sync.

Strong Stability

The recording process will be smooth and not stuck even if the frame rate is high. Plus, it has the lowest crash rate.

Hardware Acceleration

Enabling hardware acceleration makes the computer run faster and the video output smoother.

FAQs for PassFab Screen Recorder

1. The computer won't automatically enter the sleep mode after the recording is turned on, the screen and the webcam work normally.
2. If the laptop lid is closed during recording, the computer will be forced to sleep, which may cause the recording webcam to freeze. You can go to Power & Sleep > Additional power settings > Choose what the power buttons do > When I close the lip > Do nothing."

A2: Adjust the resolution parameter or frame rate parameter and re-record to solve the problem.

A3: The black screen of the webcam may be caused by the camera being occupied by other applications. Please check whether other applications are using the webcam. Close the program and re-start the recording.

A4: Reinstall the audio plug-in, and restart the program after the installation.

A5: Make sure your display resolution is 4K. To do that, open PassFab Screen Recorder > click 'Settings' > tap 'General ' > select 'original' in Resolution.

A6: Yes, you can. To do that:
Step 1: Click 'Record Screen' on the main interface.
Step 2: After selecting an area, press and hold the positioning icon.
Step 3: Drag the recording area to any monitor.

PassFab Screen recorder

Record your computer screen without time limit.

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