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Fail to login to your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista PC? These articles will help you recover Windows administrator password and Microsoft account password easily.

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Windows 10 Password
6 Methods to Remove Windows 10 Login Password
The Windows 10 login interface appears each time we boot our PCs if we set it up to do so. Passwords keep our data safe and improves privacy.
How to Recover Forgotten Login Password for Windows 10
Just like its predecessors, Windows 10 lets you protect your user accounts by allowing you to create password based access to different user accounts on your PC.
Top 3 Windows 10 Password Reset Tool 2018
Windows 10 password reset tool is a software used to reset, recover or crack lost passwords for both guest and admin users on Windows 10.
Top 3 Ways to Reset Surface Pro 3 Password
Forgetting the password of your device is not uncommon, it doesn’t mean you’re careless. Most people have at least three different devices and have signed up for many websites.
Forgot Windows 10 password? How to Bypass with 5 Ways
We all may have experienced before, that we accidently lost or forgot Windows 10 login password and had no idea how to recover it.
How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Windows 10
Regularly change the password is a good habit for people who have digital devices as necessities.
4 Ways to Remove Windows 10 Administrator Password
We are used to set a login password for the sake of computer security, however, if you are the only user for your PC.
How to Unlock Surface Pro 3 without Password
Forgot the login password for your Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 tablet? No worries. This article will show you several ways to remove password on Surface Pro 3.
How to Remove Password on Acer Laptop with Windows 10?
Forgot Windows 10 password on Acer laptop or Acer laptop locked out? It’s a common case for most laptop users.
Reset Windows 10 Sony VAIO Laptop Password without Recovery Disk
Forgetting Windows 10 password for your Sony VAIO laptop is definitely a disappointing thing, and even worse, you didn’t prepare a reset disk in advance.
Top 2 Ways to Create A Password Reset Disk on Windows 10
If you are one of the Windows 10 users who are used to setting a login password for the computer, you may have the fear of forgetting the password someday.
Top 3 Windows 10 Password Recovery Software 2017
Lost login password on your Windows 10 computer? This post will introduce you 3 powerful and effective Windows 10 password crack tools to get into computer easily.
Windows 7 Password
How to Remove Password in Windows 7 without Login
Forgot your Windows 7 password and failed to login into your computer? Want to remove this annoying password without login?
Best 2 Ways to Password on Acer Windows 7 Laptop without Disk
If you have a Windows 7 Acer computer and accidently forgot its password, what would you do?
3 Easy Ways to Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive
A Windows 7 bootable USB drive can easily help you boot into Windows when something goes wrong with your PC.
How to Fix “Ophcrack Failed to Crack Password on Windows 7
“I have a laptop whose windows password needs to be reset. The customer doesn’t want to lose any of her files and she does not have a password reset disk.
How to Bypass Windows 7 Password in Safe Mode
To protect our personal files, we normally set up a login password for our Windows 7/8/10. It is utilized to prevent others from intruding our computers without authorization.
How to Bypass Windows 7 Admin Password
Have you ever found yourself in a situation that your Windows 7 computer is locked out as you’ve forgot the admin password?
How to Create A Recovery Disc for Windows 7
System recovery disk works as a vital tool to boot up your collapsed computer, diagnose sick computer and restore your computer when you forget Windows password.
Top 3 Windows 7 Password Recovery Software
If you have no idea to enter your Windows 7 computer for that you have lost or forgotten the password
How to Create A Password Reset Disk for Windows 7 Computer
When using your Windows 7 computer, have you ever forgot your password for entering your Windows 7 computer
Windows 7 Laptop Password Forgotten! How to Regain It?
To make sure that data in our Windows 7 Lenovo/HP/ASUS/DELL/TOSHIBA/Acer laptops are safe and sound without unauthorized access
How to Reset Windows 7 Password without Disk and with Disk
You don’t always have a password reset disk for Windows 7 in hand when forgetting or losing Windows login password
Windows Password
How to Unlock Surface Pro 4 without Password
The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 offers plenty of features and has become the true replacement for traditional laptop users. However issues such as forgetting the password for your data access is something that can happen even with the Surface Pro 4 and you could get locked out of your system due to it.
How to Restore Sony Vaio Laptop with or without Windows 7 Recovery Disk
Sony VAIOs are popular laptops but are susceptible to issues like any other laptops making it necessary for users to know how to restore a VAIO laptop to factory settings.
How to Reset Password on Gateway Laptop Windows 10/8/7
Gateway is one of the many desktop and laptop computer manufacturers. It is easy to forget any password that you had set.
How to Reset Forgotten Microsoft Account Password in Windows 10/8
Microsoft account and its password are kind of important for Microsoft users, it can apply to various applications like, Skype.
How to Recover Microsoft Account Password
Microsoft users are so familiar with Microsoft account because this account is able to sign in all Microsoft services.
How to Reset Forgotten Windows Laptop Password
Can’t remember your laptop login password after a long time without using? Lost Windows user account password has become a common issue that we have encountered.
How to Reset Password on Locked Laptop without Recovery Disk
“About two months ago I bought a second hand laptop. I took it off without knowing that it would ask for another password.
How to Reset/Remove Password on Sony Vaio Laptop?
For most Sony Vaio laptop users, a Windows password is always set to protect privacy.
How to Change Password on Acer Laptop without Disk
Normally, we prefer to add a password to our own laptop so that prevent unauthorized access to important files and folders.