The Best Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool

"Hello! I have had my computer for two weeks and I changed the password from the last laptop that I had and I cannot remember it for the life of me. Is there any way I could get it back? I don't have a boot disk, nor do I have a USB backup. Please help me out if possible!"

- A user from Microsoft Community

If you set Microsoft account to login your password then you are a lucky guy. You can recover the password by visiting What if you are using Local account or Administrator? Well, the best way is using Windows 8 password recovery tool which also used as a reset tool. By using it, you can reset Windows 8 password in a short while.

Section 1. Something You Should Know About Free Tools

Somebody may wonder that if there have free tools, why do i have to choose the third-party tool? So, I'm gonna tell you something that it's necessary to let you guys know. Free Windows 8 password recovery tools all have one thing in common which is complicated operation. For many of us especially for the computer novice, it's hard to complete the whole process. Not only the complex steps, but also some virus may lead you download the wrong tools and break your computer down. In the end, you will only waste time and make you annoyed. Why not skip this step directly  and give a third-party tool a try?

Section 2. The Best Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool

Since factory resetting Windows will revert it to default settings and uninstall every program installed, it isn't liked by people. If you don't have a Windows password reset disk, then you could use a third-party Windows 8 password recovery tool such as PassFab 4WinKey to create one in minutes. After that, you can use it for Windows 8 password reset.

Step 1: Visit the official website of PassFab 4WinKey and download it on accessable PC or Mac.

Step 2: Install this program on the computer and then run the program.

Step 3: Insert a removable storage media like a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to create a bootable password reset disk.

Step 4: After that, select the storage media and click Burn to create the Windows 8 password recovery disk.

burn boot media

Step 5: Click Yes when prompted to confirm formatting the data on the storage media before burning it. You will lose all data on the storage media, so back up the data beforehand.

click yes

Step 6: Then, remove the created password reset disk from the computer and then insert it into the locked Windows PC/laptop.

Step 7: Reboot the computer and enter the Boot Menu by pressing F12 or ESC keys while it is restarting.

Step 8: Select the Windows password reset disk you just inserted and press Enter to boot from it.

boot from reset disk

Step 9: After booting from the password reset disk, you will see the PassFab 4WinKey interface. Now, select the Windows operating system on the locked computer and click Next.

select operating system

Step 10: Then, select the user account whose password you want to recover and click Next to recover windows 8 password.

select user account

In the end, click the Reboot button to restart the computer.

restart computer

That's it. This is how you reset Windows 8 password using PassFab 4WinKey. Now, you can log in to Windows without entering a password or using the new one if you have changed it.

Why You Choose PassFab 4WinKey?

Below, we will discuss some of the features of this application that makes it better than other products.

Key Feature:

Easy to use - In just 3 steps, you can reset/remove or change Windows 8 password.

Works for all user accounts -  You can reset/remove password for all user accounts on the PC, whether they are admin account password or local account password. It can also reset the password for Microsoft account and domain user account password.

Two ways to create reset disk - It offers two ways to create a Windows password reset disk - Quick recovery Wizard and Advanced recovery wizard.

OS supported - It is compatible with a range of Windows operating systems like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP. Domain server support for Windows 2008(R2)/ 2003(R2)/ 2000 servers is also available.

Drives supported - It supports a wide range of storage drives like RAID, SCSI and SATA with NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, and FAT32 file systems.

Price - The standard version of PassFab 4WinKey is available at $19.95 with the Ultimate version available at $69.95. Even the most advanced version of it is available at lower prices than other tools.

By going through the features of this software, we have found that it is better than other third-party Windows 8 password recovery tools available both in terms of price and functionality. So, if you are looking for the best Windows 8 password recovery tool, then PassFab 4WinKey is the obvious choice.


In this articles, we've introduced the best Windows 8 password recovery tool which from its feature and  tech spec. I believe many people can't wait to try it, right? And if you just want to factory reset your computer, just make sure you've backup the important file.


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