How to Use Windows Password Key

Protecting your computer's data with a password is important because nowadays our computers contain important data and losing that data can cost us much more than we thought. However, password protection can be both prevention and trouble. There are circumstances when people forget their password and couldn't get to their important data. This causes problems and people can lose touch with their important official data or even personal memories and data. However, with the advancement in technology the problem of forgetting has also been solved and there is more than one solution and Windows Password Key Standard is one of them. In this article, you will learn what is Windows Password Key and how to use Windows Password Key.

Best Windows Password Key - PassFab 4WinKey

There is more than one option to remove your administrator password if you have lost yours. One of those is Windows Password Key Standard full version free download. However, you need to find the one which is the most suitable one according to your requirements and needs. PassFab 4WinKey is one of that software which is not only easier to use but it is also easily available. It is not the only product of PassFab but it is certainly the best one. Here are some of the amazing features related to PassFab 4WinKey which makes it best to use for removing administrator password if you have lost.

1. Easier to Access

All you need is an accessible computer, a CD/DVD/USB flash drive and stable internet connection to access PassFab official website. You can download and launch the software and then use it on another computer which is locked and remove the password with Standard/Professional/Enterprise, reset the password with Ultimate. You don't have to go through a lot of trouble to get this software.

2. Step by Step Instructions

You don't have to worry about the use of this software because every single step is given to you on the website. A complete step by step guide will provide you the instructions to use this software efficiently. High quality screenshots are attached with the steps so you don't get confused and get your work done quickly easily.

3. Efficient

It is efficient and easier to use than any other software out there. You can rely on PassFab for any inconvenience caused by password problem.

Guide: How to Use Windows Password Key

PassFab 4WinKey provides you satisfactory performance when it comes to your password related troubles. You can look at the step by step method to get rid of your computer's password by using this Windows password recovery tool. You can also find other software of PassFab which are all can be used for your problems related to software and computer.

If you have lost access to your important data files in computer and you are worried about gaining access back to your computer, then stop panicking. Once you have stopped panicking, you can look at PassFab 4WinKey option and regain access to your computer. You can follow the steps given below to reset the administrator password on your computer. Start with downloading and launching the software.

Before you start

You will have to have another computer with access to follow these steps. Moreover, another computer which is not password protected (or you have access to it) is needed and you are going to need a boot media which can be either a CD/DVD or a USB Flash Drive.

Step 1. First of all, get the computer started which is not password protected. Download Windows Password Key and launch the PassFab 4WinKey software from the download button given above.

choose cd

Step 2. Now select from the bootable media options (whichever media you are using) from CD/DVD/USB. Once you have selected the media now click burn and the software will start burning on bootable media and your drive will be formatted.

Note: PassFab 4WinKey Standard supports CD and DVD, 4WinKey Professional, 4WinKey Enterprise and 4WinKey Ultimate support USB, CD and DVD.

burn cd

Step 3. Once you click "yes" and you will have to be patience and wait for a few minutes and then the software will be burned successfully on your bootable media (USB or CD).

burn cd succcessfully

Now your bootable media is ready to use and this bootable media is what you needed to remove your password on the password protected computer.

Step 4. You will have to connect this bootable device to the laptop or computer which needed to remove its Windows login password. Restart your computer and press "F12" or "ESC" and boot menu interface will be shown. Change the first boot option to be your media, then exit BIOS and restart the PC.

boot from cd

Step 5. After a while, you will see the 4WinKey interface again. Select the operating system you are choosing and click "next".

select windows

Step 6. Choose the Windows account that you have forgotten its login password and click Next to continue.

choose account

Step 7. You will need to restart your computer without password or using your new password.

process restart


You can use Windows Password Key Standard torrent if you want to reset your password but PassFab 4WinKey is the best one you can use when it comes to Windows password recovery problems. PassFab offers many solutions to your problems related to computer and software. Take a look at the library of PassFab website to find out best solutions for all of your software and password problems. Try this software and you will know the difference between ordinary Windows Password Key Standard and the best 4WinKey. 

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