How to Reset Forgotten Windows Password

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When it comes topassword and security features, the different versions of Windows offers a different level of security. Windows 7/8 does a good job to secure the privacy of the user but Windows 10 just take over all the security features. The Windows Hello addition in Windows 10 makes it more advanced. It reduces the reliability of written passwords by introducing face ID, iris, or fingerprint scanning.

But when it comes to Windows password reset, all the Windows versions follow a similar criterion. You only have to access the User Accounts in Control Panel and open the settings. From that area, select the Manage another account option and then make changes to the password. In Windows Vista or XP, you have to follow a similar method to reset the password in the Control Panel.

To know about some other methods that could guide you in Windows password reset process are the password reset tools.

Part 1: Reset Forgotten Windows Password by Using PassFab 4WinKey

Usually, it happens when people don't use their system for a while, they forget their passwords. Trying to remember the password can be very tough. Instead, you can opt out for some Windows password reset tool that can successfully help you to recover your system password.

The PassFab 4WinKey is a tool which is the most effective one if you forgot your Windows password and want to reset it. It is a completely free Windows password reset tool.It is developed by an organization which offers complete solutions to all the problems and issues that can be faced by Window users.

The password reset process is quite simple and only need an external drive to burn the toolkit. You can follow the step by step guide given below to reset the password for your Windows system:

Step 1. At first, you have to download the PassFab 4WinKey from the official page. The toolkit is available for free on the website. Make sure that you download and install the key on some other system. You also require an active internet connection for the download process.

Step 2. Insert any drive on which you can burn the Windows password recovery tool. Now run the key and burn the windows password reset ISO file into a drive. You can choose any drive to burn the app such as CD, DVD, or Flash drive.

burn usb

Step 3. Now, plug in the drive into the system whose password you want to reset and boot it. For Windows 7/8/10, you can click on F12 to go to the boot interface and then boot it from a Bootable device.

Step 4. When the toolkit will boot, you will be able to see the PassFab interface on your Windows screen. Select the locked user account and then tick the option which says "Reset your Password". Then click on the next button.

reset your password

Step 5. In the next screen, you will be prompted to enter a new password for that account. Enter a new password for the locked user account and then click on next again. Make sure that this time you write down your password at some other place too in case you forget it again.

enter a new password

Step 6. Ultimately, the chosen password will be applied to the selected user account and then, reboot the system and exit the boot mode.

reboot the system

Along with the Windows password, if you unexpectedly lost or forgot your Admin password, then you can also reset your admin password with the help of this Windows password reset tool.

The users who have appropriate knowledge of the Windows know that the user password enables the machine or device to boot. But the Admin password allows the user to enter the BIOS settings. The main point to remember is that knowing the admin password will allow the user to reset any user account password too.

Therefore, resetting the admin passwords using the PassFab 4WinKey as a Windows password bypass tool will surely give you an advantage. It can also be used to disable the Admin password without even the knowledge of the admin. With the help of this Windows password remove or recovery software, you won't have to bother yourself if you forgot or lost your password as it gives a 100% reliability of password recovery.


There are various tools present on the internet for the same process, but it depends on the users which tool they use to resolve their problem. With the help of PassFab 4WinKey, you can easily reset Windows admin password. It offers a quick and easy way for recovery. Hope that this guide will help you to resolve the issues you are facing and can reset the password of your system as quickly as possible.


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