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works like a charming!
by Peter

Thanks for the software to quickly find my password, solving problems is the most important thing for our consumers! Glad you did it!

reset microsoft password with 4winkey
by Manuel Romero

I set up my Microsoft account as my Windows 10 login password, but one day I forgot the password, and finally I used 4WinKey to reset the password before logging in to the computer.

Love it!
by KrisWu

The whole time that I spent to reset my password by using PassFab 4WinKey was 10 minutes. Include creating a bootable disk. So quickly and powerful!!

Good product
by Niall Horan

My dad forgot the login password, and he used Administrator account as power-on account...It's really a difficult thing so I decided to find a professional tool for help. My friend Lily suggested that I use PassFab 4WinKey. Now, I've reset the password and access the computer successfully. Thanks!!

Reset User password
by EricChen

The fact is I forgot my login password to access my computer. However, I need to create a bootable disk on my Mac. I've searched for many products until I found PassFab 4WinKey which meet my needs most. You deserve the recommendation!

by Russ

Sometimes, find a good product is very important! Thanks to PassFab 4Winkey!

by Nancy

Love it!! First time I purchased the professional version. But it's a really nice product so I exchanged to ultimate version. Oh, almost forget to thanks your support team! Appreciated Thomas very much!

I need your product in an emergency
by Owen

I finally found a good product and I will recommend it to all my colleagues!!! Anyway, thanks for helping me find my login password!

I have no fear of forgetting password
by Jobe Pidel

I can't believe it. This product can help me find my computer login password and no data loss. I thought I couldn't open it anymore. I don't want to reinstall the system. Now I have no fear of forgetting the password because I have this product.

useful tool
by Olga

I bought the Ultimate version. Actually, it's a nice product and it helped me reset the login password(Admin account). I don't need to worry about the Windows password problem anymore.LOL!