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  • this is a powerful windows password recovery tool

    i forgot the login password of my lenovo laptop and have no way to bypass it. i asked so many friends for help but none of them gave me a good solution. i finally use passfab 4winkey for mac to do that. i download and install passfab 4winkey for mac on my macbook air. burn a password reset disk with usb flash drive and take the disk to my lenovo laptop. finally remove the login password, oh i bypass the login screen using this powerful windows password recovery tool. thank you.

    natasha skirt 2020-06-12
  • what a nice 4WinKey for myself

    I lost the password of my Acer laptop and I am so unhappy to see that. I have asked so many friends around me and I can't find out any method to deal with it. I also want to reinstall the computer but I can't! I don't want to lose the data! Finally, I get this 4WinKey and unlock my password without data loss! So many thanks!

    Keith Fishman 2020-06-08
  • Thanks

    Thanks you !

    salah 2020-05-14
  • Amazing software!!!!!

    I just reset my Windows 10 administrator password with your software... Thank you guys so so so much!!

    Ween 2020-05-07
  • This is a great tool and the customer server is excellent

    My friend lost the password to his Toshiba laptop and he did not want to lose his data. I searched for a solution and found an article recommend PassFab4Win. This was a Windows 10 laptop. I used my laptop to burn a USB and took it to the Toshiba, changed the boot up sequence to make the USB boot first and it booted, I selected Windows 10 and the admin profile and changed the password. It worked easily and flawlessly. I did have some issues initially getting it to work but that was my mistake in not reading the instructions good. I opened a case with tech support and they worked with me to find the solution. Their tech support is excellent, very good, and very responsive. They do care! I have no hesitation to recommend PassFab4Win to anyone needing to unlock a computer.

    John K 2020-05-03
  • remove my administrator password win 10

    i have a acer laptop and i forgot the administrator account login password, there's no other account in that computer. i am so sad to see that i was unable to remember the password. but then i get this 4winkey software, i download the mac version to my macbook air, and reset the password of my acer windows 10 login account. oh i am so happy now!

    sakiten lonely 2020-04-24
  • thanks god thanks 4winkey

    I have a Dell laptop that I have lost its administrator login password because of my careless! I haven't opened it for quite a long time~ Oh now I need to open it for the sake of myself. I don't want to reinstall the system because the data in it is so important. One day my friend recommended this 4WinKey to me. At last, I get access to the computer using it. It takes me some time to understand how to use, but the support center team is so kind, they help me. So I come here to write a review and say thank you PassFab 4WinKey!!!

    Rudolf Aebua 2020-04-01
  • oh i love this software

    i lost the login password of my dell laptop but i only have another iMac to download it. luckily enough, i use the mac computer to download and install this software, and remove the login password of my dell laptop. oh i love this software so much, it is convenient for me.

    kayla ness 2020-03-26
  • awesome software for me

    I lost the login password of my Dell laptop, it's running Windows 10. I want to get the password back but it seems that there's no way to recover it. So I have to reset or remove it. PassFab 4WinKey is a nice and cool, awesome software for me. It helped me remove the login password of mine.

    Anton Bee 2020-03-02
  • Thanks!

    This worked !! Thank you so much.. I haven't used my computer in about 5yrs and couldn't get in! Great job! I literally just did it

    Luck 2020-03-02
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