Google FRP lock is a Factory Reset Protection security tool available on Android 5.1 to Android 11. Although the FRP provides a security feature to users, it might cause trouble to enter your device if the users who have forgotten their login credentials or the ones who buy second-hand/used phones. And today's article will guide you on how to bypass Google lock and FRP on Samsung.

Part 1: How to Bypass Google Lock on Samsung Android 11

[Our Choice] Way 1:Bypass Samsung FRP via PassFab Android Unlocker

Can’t access your phone or don’t know how to bypass FRP Samsung will no longer become a tricky problem for you. As a professional password unlocking tool, PassFab Android Unlocker will be your one-stop solution to help you bypass the FRP lock.Here are some of its amazing features.

  • Get rid of all Factory Reset Protection restrictions to enjoy all features.
  • Bypass Samsung Google account without any password (Windows & Mac).
  • Support Samsung devices of Andriod 6/7/8/9/10/11, including S22.

Please follow the steps below to learn how to bypass FRP Samsung Android 11:

  • Download and open the PassFab Android Unlocker on your computer.

    Connect your Samsung device via a USB cable and select [Remove Google Lock (FRP)]. Choose [Android 11] and click on [Start].

    click remove google lcok feature

    To continue the unlock process, you need to: Prepare another Samsung phone that can work (no system and phone model restriction).

    confirm device os version
  • Backup App

    In this step, use another Samsung phone that is not locked to download [Alliance Shield] app and backup the app to your Samsung account. Click Next and follow the guide to backup the app to your Samsung account.

    backup alliance shield
  • Restore backup.

    In the step of restore backup, click on [View] to go to Samsung Galaxy Store and download the [S9 Launcher] app. And then follow the guide to restore backup.

    download s9 launcher
  • Completely Remove.

    After the program removes the lock, you can enter the home screen on Samsung. Go to Settings > General management > Reset, and factory reset your device to completely bypass the FRP.

    log into alliance shield

Way 2: How do I Bypass Google Verification After Reset on Samsung?

After you have factory reset your Samsung device, you might need to bypass the Google Account. Look at the following instructions on how to bypass Google lock on Samsung.

  • After selecting the language and connecting to the WI-FI, your device will direct to Google account verification.
  • On the keyboard, tap and hold “@” to enable the settings menu.

    hold the character
  • Select Google Keyboard Settings, tap on the dots at the top of the screen. From the menu, choose the Help and Feedback option.

    tap google keyboard settings
  • Select “Using Google Keyboard” and then select any text from the page and click WebSearch.

    select using google keyboard hold any text to select it
  • Enter Settings on the search bar.

    tap settings below search box
  • From the menu, click on About Phone.
  • Find Build Number and click on it seven times. It will enable the Developer Options.
  • Return to the menu and enter the unlocked Developer Option. Now, open OEM Unlocking and tap back twice.
  • Now you need to restart the device and connect to the WI-FI once again. You will be asked to make a new Google Account, after which you can access your device.

Way 3: Ask Samsung Support for Help

If you don’t want to use software or an alternative way to unlock your Samsung Google and FRP lock, you can contact Samsung Support. You can also visit the authorized service centers and contact the customer support provider to help you out. However, it is necessary to have proof of purchase or evidence of ownership that you can present to the Samsung support.

Part 2: What You Should Know?

  • Is It Possible to Bypass Google FRP Lock on Samsung Android 11?

    Since Android 11 was released on September 8, 2020, many people may encounter the problem of how to bypass Google Lock on Samsung Android 11. It's a tricky problem for a period of time. But now, our technicians have figured out the best solutions to this problem. We strongly recommend you use the method of PassFab Android Unlocker which is the most effective method.

  • Will I Lose All the Data If I Bypass Google FRP Lock on My Device?

    It's inevitable that all the data will wipe off when you remove the Google account on your device.


Phone Unlocks after factory resets can be irritating. Whether it is a password or a Google account lock, PassFab Android Unlocker provides you a convenient way to unlock your device in no time. It is a highly recommended unlock tool that guarantees access to your locked device.