Since, an Android Operating System is developed by Google, it is mandatory to sign in with a Google account to make full use of the features. But what if after a long time, when you wish to change the Google account and you find that you've lost or forgot Google account password on Android? What will be your next move then? In such a scenario, it is natural that you may get tensed and look for the ways to change Google password on Android. And that's how you stumbled upon this page. Fret no more, this post is all about how to change or reset Google Password on Android. Stick around and you'll get your Google password changed in a few simple steps.

Part 1. How to Change or Reset Google Password on Android Phone

Well, we would like to directly introduce with the default way to change or reset Google password Android. This is developed by Google itself to help people who have forgotten the password and now wish to recover Google password. From Android phone (be it of any make and model), you need to simply launch the web browser and then follow the streak of steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser or any web browser of your preference over your Android device. Then, visit the Google Sign-in page and hit on the "Need help" link available just below the password field.

need help gmail

Step 2: From the upcoming screen, you will be asked to opt for the trouble that you're experiencing while signing in. Opt for "I don't know my password" followed by punching in the Google account email address that you wish to reset Google password on Android. Hit "Continue" afterwards.

trouble signing in gmail

Step 3: Now, you'll be redirected to the "password reset help" wizard. Type in the displayed captcha code and the last password you remember. Hit "Continue" afterwards. Next, punch in the registered phone number where you'll receive the verification code.

last password gmail

Step 4: Just wait for the text message to arrive. As soon as you receive it, type it in the text field available for the verification code over the browser, followed by "Continue" button.

enter verification code

Step 5: Once, the verification is confirmed successfully, you'll be brought up to new screen where you can reset the password. Subsequently, type in the new password and then confirm it by typing it again when asked. Hit the "Reset Password" button afterwards and you're done.

A new message will come up on your screen that you've successfully reset Google password. On Android device, you can now make use of the same Google account or change to a new account as per your wish.

Part 2. How to Remove Google Account without Password on Android Phone

Now, if you're lucky enough to get through the "forgot password/need help" method developed by Google, you can certainly change the Google account on your Android. But reportedly, there are very few chances that you can get through the Google's default method. Simply because the verification process is quite complex and in case, if you don't remember the last password or you do not have access to the registered phone number, than recover Google password from Android phone is next to impossible. You won't be able to change or remove the Google account over your Android in such a scenario.

Therefore, we would like to introduce a highly recommended tool, PassFab Android Unlocker. With this mighty tool, you can easily wipe off the old Google account that you don't want to use any further over your Android. And that too, when you forgot Google account password on Android device. Or, even if you do not have access to the registered mobile number of the Google Account, this tool can be your life saver. Moreover, you can also remove any sort of Android Lock screen in just a matter of a single click.

Step by Step Tutorial to Reset Google Password on Android

Step 1: Download PassFab Android Unlocker on your PC. Install and launch it after the download completes. Now get your Android device connected with the PC and on the main screen of the tool, opt for "Remove Google Lock (FRP)".

remove frp lock

Step 2: Now, on the upcoming screen hit on "Start" button and then select the appropriate information about your device carefully. Once done, hit the " Next" button. You'll then be asked to put your device into the recovery mode using on screen instructions.

select device information

Step 3: Next, you need to select the correct "PDA information, County and Carrier" about your device. Carefully, opt for the right information to avoid bricking of your device followed by hitting the "Next" button. Confirm the details and hit "Confirm" button over the pop up window.

select pda information

Step 4: You'll then be asked to put your device into the download mode using on screen instructions. Once done, the software will detect and download the compatible firmware package.

download firmware

Step 5: Again, you need to put your device in recovery mode for the final step using the on screen instructions. Once done, hit on "Next". The software will automatically detect the downloaded package and will then start to remove the Google Account from your Android.

remove frp lock successful

Bottom Line

With the help of the classified information mentioned above, we now believe that you were either able to change or reset Google password Android or successfully have removed the Google Account from your device using PassFab Android Unlocker. Moreover, if you are facing the issue which is forgot Android password this tool os also the best choice for you.