Samsung has been giving a tough time to Apple lately, and it has become more evident with Samsung S22 and Samsung S22 Plus. This smartphone belongs to the Galaxy version and is known for the 5G configuration. Ranging from Exynos 2200 chipset to a large display of 6.8” and 5000 mAh battery, there is so much about this smartphone that has caught everyone’s attention.

In addition, it is integrated with a variety of security features, but many people end up forgetting the basic lock screen password. So, if you’ve forgot Samsung password and don’t know what to do if you forgot your Samsung password, we are sharing how to unlock Samsung phone forgot password. Having said that, we are mentioning different methods to help you out!

Method One – How to Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password Use PassFab Android Unlocker

PassFab Android Unlocker has gained immense popularity in the past few years because of how easily it helps bypass the passwords and allows people to gain access to the device when they forgot Samsung Password. The best thing about this app is that it’s convenient to use, and you don’t need any technical expertise. So, if you are ready to get access to your Samsung S22 or S22 Plus, you can download the PassFab Android Unlocker, and once it’s downloaded, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • Launch the app and choose the “remove screen lock” button, and once done, connect your Samsung phone to the computer with the help of a USB cable. If your phone is Samsung Galaxy S22, then you can choose "Remove Screen Lock" in the next interface.

    click remove screen lock feature select remove screen lock
  • Tap on the start button.

    click start
  • As a result, a reminder will pop up on the screen asking if removing the password will erase the device’s data, and you’ve to tap on the yes button.

    confirm erase all data
  • Now, wait for some time, and the lock screen will be removed. You can click on the done button to finish up the process.

    remove lock screen successfully

Method Two – Use Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is a feature in Samsung devices that help users locate their stolen phones in case of theft or if a user forgot samsung password. However, it’s an apt way of bypassing the password on your Samsung S22 and Samsung S22 Plus. With the section below, you will be able to find the instructions to follow, such as;

  • First of all, open the Find My Mobile on Samsung website and login with your Samsung account. Tap on the “Unlock”on the menu.

    choose unlock
  • Click on the "unlock" button. Be carefully entering a new password and keep it in mind.

    click unlock
  • Once it’s completed, the smartphone will be unlocked, and you will be able to use your phone.

    type samsung account password

Method Three – Use Factory Reset

Factory reset is the last option if you want to bypass the password on your Samsung smartphone, and the above-mentioned two options aren’t working out for you. However, before we mention the steps to follow, you need to remember that it will erase all the data available on your phone. So, if you are fine with that, we are sharing the steps to use factory reset for bypassing the phone, such as;

  • Open the notification bar by swiping down from the screen’s top and choosing the settings.

  • Click on the backup and reset option.

  • Select factory data reset.

  • Choose reset device option.

  • Click on the erase everything option.

  • Samsung smartphone will shut down and will restart in a couple of minutes.


It can be challenging to remember so many passwords, which is why many people end up forgetting Samsung phone password. So, just follow the information from this article, and you will be able to use your Samsung phone without any hassle.