The main reason we use screen locks is to prevent accidental data loss or keep trackers or intruders away. However, it can be very frustrating when you pick up your phone for important operations and forget the pattern or password. And the fact is there are many users face the “Samsung forgotten pattern” problem and ask us to find ways to get rid of this situation. So today we will discuss multiple solutions that can help you avoid such situations. Here are some tried and tested methods to help you deal with this situation.

Part 1: 2 Ways to Unlock Samsung Pattern Lock without Losing Data

The most frequent way to unlock your pattern locked device is by Google Account or Backup Pin. Here we will discuss both one by one with detailed guide.

1. By Google Account

If your device is old, then you can go for google account recovery method if not go try other solutions. If your device is old all you have to access is the account attached with the Samsung device. Note that this method only works for devices running on Android 4.4 or earlier. To Remove pattern lock, follow the steps below:

  • Enter any pattern for the five times.
  • Tap on Forgot pattern at the bottom of screen.
  • It will ask for Backup PIN or Google Credentials. Enter your Google Credentials and press login. backup pin
  • If your login credentials are correct you will be redirected to Screen Unlock Settings. Now you can either remove the lock or simply reset the lock.

2. By Backup PIN

At time of setting pattern lock for your phone, it gives you the option of creating backup PIN. If you haven't created that before, then you should try other solution. But if you had created the PIN now is the right time to use it.

  • Enter any pattern for the five times.
  • Tap on Forgot pattern at the bottom of screen.
  • It will ask for Backup PIN or Google Credentials. Enter your Backup PIN and press Done. account unlock
  • If your Backup PIN is correct you will be redirected to Screen Unlock Settings. Now you can either completely remove the lock or simply reset the lock.

Part 2: Without Samsung Account Or Didn't Backup PIN How to Do?

What happens when you don't have both PIN and Google credentials? You might be thinking of contacting some tech and paying high amount to him. But wait go for the one last solution and this will 100% solve your problem. PassFab Android Unlocker is specially designed for these types of situations. With its latest version you can now remove Samsung FRP Lock without Password along with android pattern, PIN and fingerprint lock.

Its latest update supports 99% of android phones including latest Samsung S10 and Note 10 as well. Don't worry unlike others, it won't harm or damage your device. As you connect your device with PassFab Android Unlocker it detects your device's configurations and start organizing itself to get compatible with your device. Now if you have decided to try this last solution here is the complete guide to PassFab Android Unlocker:

Removing Android Lock

  • Download and install PassFab Android Unlocker.
  • Connect your device and launch it. Among multiple options select “Remove Screen Lock”. remove screen lock feature
  • It will automatically install diver for your device. Make sure that you are connected with internet. Once installed click “Start” button on bottom right corner. click start
  • Now it will show you a warning message of loss of data, click “Yes” to proceed further. confirm erase all data
  • It will start removing your android's screen lock. removing lock screen
  • Once removed you will be shown successful message. Now unplug your device and start using it without Lock. remove screen lock successful

Extra Tips: Suggestion About Setting Android Password

With the advancement of technology, we are being asked to set the complex password in order to be safe. But remembering complex password are little hard. If you are setting pattern lock, try to enter the last letter of you name or your relative's name because everyone puts first letter and is difficult to guess. For password you can create a diary or a file to save password and encrypt it. Whenever someone asks about your phone do unlock first and the lend it away. For PIN don't use first or last letters of your phone number instead use your neighbor's car which will be hard for anyone's to guess.


If you have decided to use Samsung device for long term, then you should be aware of its problems and you should be ready to resolve them. One of the main problems was Samsung forgotten pattern and now you have the solution in your hand. We will recommend you download PassFab Android Unlocker as it will resolve your and your family's many password related problems. It will get you out of worries. As you have seen its guide its easy to use. With its 100% success rate it is the best available software in the market. Go ahead and give it a try but remember to share your experience with us and other community.