If you are a Samsung user, it’s common for you to feel like installing the upgrade or updating the software. However, many people get stuck at the factory reset protection, which can be extremely complicated to remove. So, with this article, we are sharing how you bypass any Samsung Google account lock APK free download, but there is something we need to share with you before that.

FRP is basically a security feature and was launched with the Android 5.0 version, which is known to secure the privacy and sensitive data of the mobile if there is an unfortunate event and you lose the data. For instance, if your phone is stolen and tries to reset the phone, they will need the login information of the Gmail account.

On the other hand, if you have just forgotten the password, you can also use Samsung FRP bypass APK, and we have more details on the matter!

Method One – How To Bypass Samsung FRP With FRP Bypass APK

When it comes down to selecting to bypass the Samsung Google account APK, there is a variety of options to ensure you achieve the best outcomes. However, not all of them are reliable enough, and many of them also pose security risks. For this reason, you can depend on FRP Bypass APK for bypassing the FRP lock when you cannot recall the Google account login credentials. So, to use this tool to its maximum potential, you check out the instructions below;

  • First of all, you need to download the FRP Bypass APK on the system and transfer the APK file to the USB device;
  • Connect this USB device to the phone (you will need to invest in the OTG cable) ;
  • Now that the devices are fully connected to each other, your device’s File Manager app will appear, and the APK app will be automatically launched;
  • Once launched, you have to open the settings on the phone and tap on the backup and reset option;
  • From this page, click on the factory data reset and tap on the Reset device button – it will help erase the data from the Android smartphone;
  • As a result, the Samsung phone will reboot as it normally does, but it might take a few minutes to boot, but it’s normal, so don’t worry;

Once these steps are complete, you will be able to make a new Gmail account on the Samsung phone.

Method Two – How To Bypass Samsung Account Lock Without APK & Remove FRP

PassFab Android Unlocker is one of the best tools for bypassing Google accounts and bypassing smartphone passwords (yes, every form and type of password). The best thing about this app is that it works with the majority of Android phones as well as iOS devices. Some of its features include;

  • Remove all types of lock screens;
  • Remove the factory reset protection;
  • Bypasses the Google accounts without a password;
  • Tech support is needed;
  • Supports every Samsung device, including S22;

Now that we have shared information about the app, let’s see how you can use it to bypass the Samsung account lock;

To begin with, you have to download the PassFab Andriod Unlocker on your PC and open it;

Once it’s open, connect your Samsung smartphone to it with the help of a USB cable, and choose the “remove Google lock (FRP) ;

click remove screen lock features

Choose the OS version of your smartphone and tap on the start button. However, if you aren’t sure about the OS version of your Samsung phone, just choose the “don’t know the device OS version”, and it will check the OS automatically;


Then, you have to remove the FRP lock, and for that, you need to check the pop-ups and confirm them. After that, click on the start button


Then PassFab Android Unlocker will send a notification to the locked Samsung phone that has been connected to the PC.And ou just need to following the guide on the screen,


As a result, the PassFab Unlocker will remove the Google lock, but it might take a few minutes


Once the lock is removed, open the phone’s home screen, and factory reset the device to bypass the FRP completely


It can be quite frustrating to go through the entire FRP lock issue, especially if you don’t remember the Google account credentials. However, by following the information from this article, you’ll be able to optimize the Samsung smartphone without worrying about the lock.