“I have just made a purchase. A 2nd hand Apple Watch. I made the purchase online, and I also have the receipt. But it has an iCloud activation lock. If I show them the receipt, will they unlock the device for me?”
apple watch activation lock

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Apple Watch is how to remove activation lock on Apple Watch without Apple ID. Only the users who purchase used iOS devices face this particular issue and also the users who have forgotten their iCloud ID and password. Without the ID, it is possible to remove the lock, but you have to use specific tools to complete them successfully. We recommend checking out the article below for the most effective solutions.

Part 1. How to Remove Activation Lock on Apple Watch without Apple ID

There are only a handful of ways to remove activation lock Apple Watch. We have detailed 2 of the most reliable ways below.

Solution 1. Remove Apple Watch Activation Lock using AppleiPhoneUnlock

The AppleiPhoneUnlock is a very well-known and reliable activation lock removal service for iOS devices. And you will be able to remove the activation lock with it on your Apple Watch as well. AppleiPhoneUnlock is compatible with all the Apple Watch models. The activation lock removal procedure on Apple Watch with AppleiPhoneUnlock is very simple. You can check out the steps in the following part.

  • Step #1: Open a browser and visit AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud Unlock Page. You can directly use the following link. https://appleiphoneunlock.uk/en_us/unlock-icloud?aff=WipeLock
  • Step #2: Now, you have to enter the IMEI number of your Apple Watch. It is available on the back of the case. imei number
  • Step #3: After that, AppleiPhoneUnlock will detect the model of the iOS device automatically using the provided IMEI number.
  • Step #4: Now, just click on the ‘Remove Activation Lock’ button and be ready to enter the payment info. unlocking the device

Now, there is an option to enable ‘FastTrack’. If you enable this option, then your Apple Watch will be unlocked within 24 hours. Otherwise, the device unlock will take a bit longer.

Solution 2. Remove Activation Lock Apple Watch using IMEIUnlockSIM

If you are looking for an alternate option to remove activation lock from Apple Watch, then you can check out IMEIUnlockSIM. This is also a very popular activation lock removal service that offers additional services as well. But this is a cheaper option compared to AppleiPhoneUnlock. You only have to pay $18.95 for their service but unlock will take 5-10 working days.

So, if you are willing to give IMEIUnlockSIM a try; you can check out the detailed steps below.

  • Step #1: Open IMEIUnlockSIM iCloud removal page. You can go to the following link directly, also. https://www.imeiunlocksim.com/unlock-phone/icloud-activation-lock-removal-services/?aff=wipelockad
  • Step #2: After that, click on the drop menu and select the ‘AppleWatch Any Model’. enter imei code on apple watch
  • Step #3: There will be a box underneath this menu, type the IMEI number of your Apple Watch, there.
  • Step #4: Finally, click on ‘Unlock Now’ and complete the payment procedure.

Now, the IMEIUnlockSIM is a reliable activation lock removal service that supports all the iOS devices. The price is also cheaper than most of its competitors. Which makes it a very convenient option. But the device unlock takes several minutes to several days. So, you need to be prepared if it takes a long time.

Part 2. How to Remove Activation Lock on Apple Watch with Password

The previous procedures aren’t the only way to remove Apple Watch activation lock. Those are the most effective ways to get rid of the activation lock if you don’t; have the password. But there exists a manual method. If you want to remove the activation lock on your Apple Watch manually, you have to do it via iCloud.com. But this method requires the password. If you have the password, then you will be able to easily remove the activation lock, free of cost.

Here’s how to remove activation lock on Apple Watch, manually…

  • Step #1: Visit iCloud.com on your computer and sign in.
  • Step #2: After signing in, click on the ‘Settings’. sign in and go to settings
  • Step #3: There will be an option called ‘My Devices’. Click on it and locate your Apple Watch.
  • Step #4: Lastly, click on the ‘X’ icon and confirm that you want to remove iCloud from your Apple Watch by clicking on the “Remove’ button. locate apple watch and start unlock

If you have the required password and you are not afraid to execute the steps by yourself; then you can use this method.

FAQ: People Also Ask About Apple Watch Activation Lock

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the activation lock removal on Apple Watch.

Q1. Can you unlock a found Apple Watch?

Well, if you have found an Apple Watch, we suggest you turn it to the authorities. It is not yours to unlock.

Q2. Does free Apple Watch activation lock removal really work?

We would recommend staying away from free Apple Watch activation lock removal services. The ones we have checked, all turned out to be fake.

Q3. How do I turn off the Apple Watch activation lock without the previous owner?

If your Apple Watch has the activation lock and the owner isn’t with you; then you will be able to remove the lock via iCloud.com. Just visit your iCloud account, locate your Apple Watch, and remove the iCloud account.

Q4. How to enable Apple Watch Apple Activation Lock?

Simply, restart both your Apple Watch and the iPhone. This should activate the lock. But if it doesn’t, you need to unpair the Apple Watch from your iPhone, first. Then, restore the Apple Watch. During the restore process, provide your iCloud account information and enable the activation lock.

Q5. What is activation lock on Apple Watch?

The ‘Find My’ comes with a feature called ‘Activation Lock’. It is a security feature that prevents an unauthorized person from accessing your Apple Watch if it is lost or stolen.

Additional Note: How to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad

Additionally, we have another recommendation if you want to remove the activation lock on iPads or iPhones. Previously discussed tools like AppleiPhoneUnlock or IMEIUnlockSIM will indeed be useful for removing the activation lock on these specific iOS devices. But what we are recommending is cheaper, more efficient, and much faster. The tool we are recommending is called PassFab Activation Unlocker. Think of it as an essential tool if you want to successfully remove the lock from iPads/iPhones. You will have guaranteed success and don’t have to wait for days.

The steps are also very simple. Easy to execute. But we have listed them below. Check them out.

  • Step #1: Complete the installation of PassFab Activation Unlock on your computer.
  • Step #2: Run the program and click on the ‘Start’ button to proceed. launch the passfab activation unlocker program
  • Step #3: Then, a warning message will popup. Read it carefully and click ‘Next’ to proceed. read the message in passfab activation unlocker program
  • Step #4: After that, connect the iOS device via USB cable. Once a connection has been established, you will be asked to jailbreak the device. The program will download the jailbreak tool for you.
  • Step #5: After the tool has been downloaded, click on ‘Start Jailbreak’. Follow the on-screen prompts, and you will be able to jailbreak the device successfully. initiate the jailbreak while using passfab activation unlocker
  • Step #6: After jailbreaking the device successfully, click ‘Start Remove’.
  • Step #7:The program will immediately start the lock removal. The procedure will take a few minutes, once the procedure is complete; you will be notified. Click on the ‘Done’ button to close the portal. icloud lock removed successfully using passfab activation unlocker

Final Words

Therefore, don’t panic if the Apple Watch you have purchased came with an activation lock. It may be a highly encrypted security measure, but it can still be removed. For Apple Watch, you can use the tools we have discussed; AppleiPhoneUnlock and IMEIUnlockSIM. These are paid options, but they will work just fine. Otherwise, if you are interested in manual options, then you can make the unlock with iCloud.com. But this will require the password. But if you are having trouble with the activation lock on other iOS device besides the Apple Watch, then use PassFab Activation Unlocker. It is hands down the best way to remove activation lock.