Bitlocker provides encrypted protection to your data. You may have to suspend Bitlocker Windows 10 for some reasons. You can do so by the 4 methods which are discussed in this article in detail.

Part 1: What Does Suspend Bitlocker Mean?

Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker means that you stop the Bitlocker protection for required amount of time. We will show you how to suspend Bitlocker. The reasons may be:

  • You need to update your windows operating system.
  • Your system has to undergo a firmware or system change.

The reason behind suspending Bitlocker in windows is that if we do not suspend Bitlocker before performing the above-mentioned tasks, Bitlocker will require an encryption key when you will start the computer again thinking that the device is being harmed. So it is recommended to make Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker.

Part 2: How to Suspend Bitlocker

It is often asked that how to suspend Bitlocker. You can make Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker by using the following:

1. Suspend Bitlocker Windows 10 by Using the Control Panel

How to suspend Bitlocker using Control Panel? The steps are shown in the images whose links are given below. You can just open Bitlocker in Control Panel by searching for Bitlocker in the search bar of start. And click on manage Bitlocker and then suspend Bitlocker by clicking on the turn off button.

turn off bitlocker in control panel

2. Suspend Bitlocker Windows 10 Using PowerShell

You can also suspend Bitlocker windows 10 using PowerShell if you have more grip over the use of commands or if you want to build an automated script by the steps shown in the figures below.

  • Firstly, you have to search for PowerShell inside the start menu. Select “Run as Administrator”.
  • After opening PowerShell, type the command given below:

    Suspend-Bitlocker -MountPoint "C:" -RebootCount 0

Typing this command will make Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker. The term “RebootCount” determines how many times your computer will restart until the automatic re-enabling of Bitlocker. “C” is the drive you want to suspend Bitlocker from. If you set this value to “0” then this will suspend Bitlocker for an indefinite time and you will have to re-enable Bitlocker manually through PowerShell after suspending Bitlocker.

suspend bitlocker with powershell

3. Suspend Bitlocker Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

You can make Windows 10 Suspend Bitlocker using the command prompt. As the picture shows below.

  • Open “Command Prompt” by searching it in the start menu and then you have to select “Run as Administrator”.

    run cmd as administrator
  • After opening Command Prompt, type the following command in it to identify the drive you want to suspend Bitlocker Windows 10:

    Manage-bde –Protectors –Disable C: -RebootCount 0

If the reboot count is set to 0, windows 10 will decide not to activate Bitlocker again until the user does not re-activate Windows 10 Suspended Bitlocker using the command prompt.

disable bitlocker with cmd

4. Suspend Bitlocker Windows 10 Using File Explorer

You can make Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker through “File Explorer”. All you need to do is go to the file explorer and click Drive Tools and click the triangle under BitLocker. Select Manage BitLocker. Choose your encrypted drive and click Turn off BitLocker.

suspend bitlocker with file explorer

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FAQs: You May Want to Know about Suspending BitLocker

Q1: What happens when you suspend BitLocker?

When we suspend Bitlocker windows 10, Bitlocker allows users to access data present on the encrypted drive. The encryption key becomes available so users can access the encrypted data. It is not recommended to make Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker as doing so will allow anyone to gain excess to your personal info. The system also will not verify the identity of the system at startup when you will suspend Bitlocker.

Q2: Can I pause BitLocker decryption?

Yes, you can pause Bitlocker protection if you make Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker for a certain time according to your need. You can resume the protection of suspended Bitlocker after the desired amount of time. For Example, You can resume the Bitlocker protection after installing software that Bitlocker protection may have not allowed you to install, after making Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker.

Q3: How do I disable BitLocker?

You can disable Bitlocker by making Windows 10 suspend Bitlocker using Control Panel, Command Prompt, PowerShell, and File Explorer by the methods explained above in this article.

Extra Tips: How to Recover Admin Account’s Password

You can recover the forgotten administrator account password using a software known as PassFab 4WinKey The steps involved in password recovery are stated below:

  • 01

    Create a Windows Password Reset Disk

    To create a Windows password reset disk using PassFab 4WinKey you must have access to another PC that is not locked. Insert a boot media and select “Next” to continue. The software will warn you that your boot media will be formatted. Click “Ok” to continue. The software will start burning the boot media disk or drive.

    create a windows password reset disk to recover password
  • 02

    Boot Windows System from Boot Media

    To do this, press F12 to select boot options after restarting locked computer. And select the boot media that you are using.

  • 03

    Reset Password Using PassFab 4WinKey

    You will see an interface of the software. You will select the operating system whose password you want to reset and then you can select any administrator or guest account and click on “Reset Account Password”.

    select locked account and click reset account password

    Type your new password in the pop-up window and click “Next” to proceed. Once the password is reset, restart your computer and log in with the new password.

    reset password successfully an d restart computer


Bitlocker is encrypted storage that allows you to store data safely. It protects your data and it is not recommended to suspend it as your data will become vulnerable. But, If you have no other choice, for example, When you need to upgrade your system or undergo a hardware change. You can suspend Bitlocker in windows by using the four methods described above in detail. A great tool to reset the forgotten password of the Administrator account is also discussed. PassFab 4WinKey helps you reset, change a forgotten password or delete your account. Its use is also described in detail above.

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