"Hi, I have a question regarding BIOS password. Actually I use Alienware 14 laptop and create a BIOS password. I just forgot it now. I am unable to recall it. Can anyone help me in Alienware password reset? Please guide me if yes!"

The job of BIOS password is to prevent any unauthorized or invalid changes and settings if someone tries to do so. With the help of BIOS setup utility, you can try to set two different types of passwords namely "Setup password" and "System Password". The former password is asked when you access the BIOS setup utility and is useful to prevent others from making alterations to the BIOS settings. This password can also be said as an "Admin password" or "Supervisor password". Whereas the "System Password" is prompted before the booting up of the OS and can be called "User password" or "Power-on password". This is helpful in stopping someone to power up your PC. Now, we will learn something about the Alienware BIOS password reset. Please scroll down to discover.

Part 1: Is there A Way to Reset Alienware BIOS Password If You Forgot?

If you have forgotten your Alienware BIOS password, then unfortunately it is impossible to do Alienware BIOS password reset. So, it is always better to keep your password remembered as this will be helpful whenever you wish to change or reset it. We suggest you to write down the password separately so that forgetting doesn't make any difference.

Coming to the Alienware BIOS password reset if you forgot, you only one solution and that is to take your laptop to the Dell Service Center. Or you can contact the Dell Technical support and give them the entire details. They surely know the technicalities and will be of great assistance. Hence, to solve the issue, ensure to look forward to them.

Part 2: Two Solutions to Reset Alienware BIOS Password If You Still Remember

As the heading says, here are the two solutions for Alienware BIOS password reset when password is still in your head.

Update BIOS to the latest BIOS version

The first thing you need to do is to update the BIOS to the latest version to override the password. Here are the steps for the same.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to check the BIOS version on your system. To do this, turn on your system and select the Start menu. Type "msinfo032" in the search box and hit on "Enter".
  • Step 2: On the System Information screen that now comes, look for the "BIOS Version/Date" and check the version here. bios version check
  • Step 3: Now, visit dell.com/support. Here, key in the system's service tag under the "Enter your Service Tag" field. You can also choose "Detect PC" if you don't know the tag. enter service tag
  • Step 4: Choose "drivers and downloads" from the left panel and go to the "Category" drop-down menu followed by selecting "BIOS". choose bios and download update
  • Step 5: Hit on "Download" and get the file saved on your desktop. Now, simply double click the file downloaded and keep following the instructions to update your BIOS. The system will restart and you can check the version again by using the first step.

Use AlienRespawn to do a Clean Windows Installation

Here is the next solution for Alienware BIOS password reset. You can take help of AlienRespawn and then perform a clean Windows Installation. Before you wonder, let us inform that AlienRespawn is inbuilt software in Alienware laptops or computers. This is preinstalled for the purpose of safe backup and recovery of your data and important information. It comes in Basic and Premium versions.

By cleaning Windows Installation, what you will do is simply install the operating system in a fresh way and will overwrite the other content. And when you backup all the data with AlienRespawn, any of the existing data will not be affected. Also, with the fresh reinstallation of Windows, you can reset the password once again.


We hope that you are now well aware with how you can carry out Alienware BIOS reset. You can share your experience with us below in the comments section. However, before we bid farewell, we would like to add a bonus in the end. In case you have forgotten the Alienware operating system password or simply Alienware default administrator password, you can take PassFab 4WinKey to your rescue. This can reset any password in no minutes and hence you will be able solve the problem quickly. Thank you giving time and reading this post. Let us know if we could help you!