XLXS file encryption is the easiest way to protect your essential data from unauthorized users or arbitrary editing. But this blessing can turn into a nightmare if you have lost or forgotten the password as in this case, you cannot modify the document.

XLXS file encryption is the easiest way to protect your essential data from unauthorized users or arbitrary editing. But this blessing can turn into a nightmare if you have lost or forgotten the password as in this case, you cannot modify the document.

Part 1: What Is XLSX Password Remover?

An XLSX Password Remover is a third-party software or online service that allows users to remove or recover the lost password of XLXS files. With just a quick search, you’ll find a plethora of XLSX password removers on the internet, all claiming to the #1 in removing the lost password.

Note that XLSX is the standard extension for all modern Excel spreadsheet files. So, if you are using a password on an Excel file and somehow couldn’t recall it, you need an XLSX password remover to bypass the password to edit and modify the document.

A professional XLSX password remover will also remove restrictions from XLSM and XLS files. These two extensions are common in older Excel versions.

Part 2: Where Can You Download Excel XLSX Password Remover?

The internet is awash with XLSX password removers but choosing the very best of them is no easy feat. No one has enough time to read the reviews and feedback of all XLSX password removers. To make it easier for our readers, we have scoured the internet and found out that PassFab for Excel is the highly efficient and most trustworthy XLSX password remover free in 2021.

Unlike other similar tools, downloading and installing PassFab for Excel is a walk in the park even for not-so-tech-savvy users. Always download this software from the official website to avoid getting scammed.

  • Lead to PassFab for Excel Download and hit on Buy Now

  • Now, choose either a Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime Package to proceed.

    XLSX password remover - choose a package
  • After that, enter the required billing information in the corresponding boxes and hit on Buy Now to proceed.

    Excel XLSX password remover - enter billing information
  • The PassFab administration will send you an email containing the registration key. Save the email.
  • Install and Launch the program and click on Register Now. On the next tab, enter your email ID and the registration code and hit Enter.

And there you go. You have just downloaded the premium version of PassFab for Excel. Now, removing passwords from any XLSX or Excel file is just a few clicks away.

Part 3: What Excel Version Does Password XLSX Remover Support?

The best thing about PassFab XLXS Password Remover is its compatibility with all Excel formats. We have tested this versatile software on many Excel files and output formats and found out that it supports .XLS and .XLSX formats for Excel 97 to the latest Excel 2019.

That is, you can use PassFab for Excel with great ease regardless of the Excel version you’re using. This impeccable feature alone stands it apart from other players in the market including online XLSX password remover tools.

Part 4: How to Use PassFab XLSX Password Remover?

Before heading to the text guide, let us explore the impeccable features of PassFab for Excel:

  • Remove password from XLSX files as well as XLS and XLSM documents
  • Compatible with all Excel versions and output formats
  • Offers 3 different powerful attack types to remove both simple and complex passwords
  • Recovers Excel password instantly
  • Doesn’t cause any damage to your original data

Now that you have downloaded the premium version of PassFab 2016 XLSX Password Remover, check out how to use this software:

  • Launch the premium version of PassFab for Excel.

  • On its Home interface, hit on Remove Excel Restriction Password.

    Excel 2007 password remover XLSX - remove password
  • Now, click on Import to load the password-protected XLXS file into the program.

    online XLSX password remover - load files
  • Click on Remove to get started.

    password XLSX remover - remove password
  • The program will start removing the password. Wait patiently until the process is completed which may take several minutes depending on the complexity of the password.

    Hit on Open Folder to access your unprotected XLXS file once it’s done.

    Excel VBA password remover XLX - successfully removed

Part 5: Any Other Choice for .XLSX Password Remover

While PassFab for Excel is the go-to XLSX password remover for most users and quite understandably, let us discuss another popular tool to help you get the job done.


Developed by iSeePassword, Dr.Excel is a well-renowned XLSX password recovery tool for both Windows and Mac users. The developers claim that this simple yet feature-rich software can instantly recover the lost Excel passwords as well as remove XLSX restrictions without any data loss.

Equipped with three powerful attack types, Dictionary attacks, Brute Force attacks, and Mast attacks, Dr.Excel can remove passwords from even the most complex XLSX files with no technical hassle.

However, many users consider it overpriced for the services it offers. Compared to PassFab for Excel for $19.95, it costs around $30 which is far too expensive. Also, Dr.Excel may take several hours to remove the password – especially if the password is longer than 6 characters.

  • First things first, download and install Dr.Excel from its official site.

    XLSX file password remover - install drExcel
  • Launch Dr-Excel and hit on Add File to import the password-protected XLSX document. Then, choose the attack type depending on your requirements.

    XLSX password remover free - add file drExcel
  • Use the Settings option to select the specifics of the attack type.

    XLSX password remover - adjust settings drExcel
  • Click on Ok and the program will automatically start unlocking the XLSX file. Wait patiently.

    2016 XLSX password remover – removing password drExcel


This article shows that removing a password from an XLSX file is not as complicated as it may sound as long as you’re using the right Excel password remover 2010 XLSX. PassFab for Excel is your best bargain to bypass XLSX file restrictions when it comes to efficiency, 100% success ratio, and blazing-fast speed.

We recommend this tool to all our readers as it unprotects your XLSX document without causing any data loss. All you need to do is download its premium version and remove the password from any XLSX file – no matter how large or complex it is.