People always tend to put passwords to the Excel files they put private or confidential information into. Excel 2013 keeps good care of the privacy of the user. But it doesn’t provide the “Forgot Password” feature and thus, when a user forgets the password, the question comes in mind that how to crack Excel 2013 password? The following article describes some of the easiest ways to crack Excel 2013 password.

Simple Ways to Crack Your Excel 2013 Password

Excel is the basic necessity of every organization out there. With this much number of users around the globe, Excel has to provide the best services there could be. For such reasons, security is one of the biggest milestones. You can protect your file with a password but it becomes difficult for you if you forget the password for your Excel 2013 file. These are some of the easiest ways to crack your Excel 2013 password.

1. Zip Software

One of the easiest ways to crack Excel 2013 password is to use Zip software. The method is only useful when the structure of your Excel file is being locked and you want to edit it. Some easy steps are:

1. Find your locked Excel 2013 file and change its extension to “.zip” from “.xlsx”.

2. Extract the zip folder wherever you want to, this will create a folder containing your protected file.

3. Now, right click on your file and select “Edit”, this will open the XML information in notepad. 4.In notepad, press CTRL + F to find “Sheet Protection” and remove every single entry which contains that.

4. Now, save the notepad file and a prompt will be shown to you asking to replace your original protected file. Just press “ok” and it will replace your file.

5. Finally, change the extension of the file from “.zip” to “.xlsx” again and it will convert that zip file into Excel file again.

6. Now, when you open your file your sheet protection has been disabled and you can edit your file.

Zip Sheet Protection

2. VBA Code

VBA is another very useful tool given by Microsoft to handle functionalities in Excel. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is the programming language of Excel. In short, Excel understands in VBA. It’s very easy to learn as it follows basic English. Using VBA, it becomes very easy to crack password protected Excel 2013 file. All you need to do is:

1. Press ALT + F11 to open the visual basic for applications (VBA) page.

2. Choose “Insert” and select “Module” from it.

3. There is a special VBA code for password recovery which you can easily find on the internet, paste that code in the module section and press F5 or run.

4. VBA will not take much time to implement and it will crack any sort of password applied onto the file. Now, go to your file and open it, you can easily edit the file now.

vba code

3. Free Online Excel Password Cracker

If you have forgotten any kind of password you applied to your Excel file, Online Excel Password Cracker is the best option for you. Excel provides a lot of password features like, open password, modify password etc. The password crack Excel 2013 file issue can be resolved by using such amazing software.

Just open your file into the software and the software will rename your file and appending “_unprotected” to it. To understand, suppose, you have a password protected file with name “File”. If you put that file into this software, it will crack the password and will rename it as “File unprotected”. The file with a new name is actually your original file as it doesn’t create the copy of your protected file. Now, search your file and open it, you will be able to do anything you want to.

online excel password cracker

4. PassFab for Excel

Excel 2013 is very promising when it comes to privacy and security. You can lock anything you want to but what if you forget password for anything? There is no way you can recover your Excel file manually.

For this, a software named PassFab for Excel is a very useful and amazing software, used to crack Excel 2013 workbook password. It can be quite handy at places where the above methods fail to provide you the result.

Moreover, PassFab for Excel has a user-friendly GUI which makes it easy to use. You can also contact their service team if you are having any kind of trouble using the software. Below are the simple three steps to crack your Excel 2013 password.

Step 1: Open the software and import your file into File password recovery function.

dictionary attack

Step 2: After adding your file, you need to select the method through which the software will be cracking your password. One of them is Brute force attack and the other one is Dictionary attack.

dictionary attack

Step 3: After selecting the attack type, the software will automatically crack your password and a pop up window will be shown to you as a confirmation of password removal.

password found


Excel 2013 has put in a lot of effort to improve their security rate. For such, they are very strict in password protection. If you have forgotten an Excel 2013 file password, then it is very difficult to crack it. We have discussed the best possible solutions there could be to crack any password for locked Excel 2013 file. Every solution is unique and very easy to use. If you can find any other way to crack password for Excel 2013, whether it is manually or online, please feel free to let us know. We will definitely look into it. Thank you.