A few people have a propensity for going by every single document of your PC when they get the possibility. You might secure your important files with a password. There comes a stage in everyone's life when they start forgetting things. People also forget their file passwords or lose them if they have written them somewhere. In that case, you need to recover or remove the password to access that encrypted file again. Another possibility is that you might want to share your spreadsheet with your team members, but don't want to share a password. In that case, you still ought to remove the password. Becasue of this, we have developed a list of top 10 Excel 2016 password remover software as below.

1. PassFab for Excel

remove excel password

PassFab for Excel software is one of the best solutions to remove Excel file password. It has the capability to recover and remove password protected Excel file in safe, secure and fast manner. This Excel password recovery software ensures the safety and reusability of data inside the file. PassFab for Excel is available only for Windows systems. This software not only supports Excel 2016 but also the lower version of Excel. What you have to do with this application is just to import your encrypted Excel file and then hit on password attack type. After several minutes, your password will be recoverd and then you can access to Excel 2016 with that password and remove it finally. It's so easy to use!

2. Straxx Excel Password Remover

straxx excel password remover 2012

Straxx Excel Password Remover is another plugin used to remove the encryption of Excel files. This is a simple and easy to use the software. You just need to install this plugin on your Excel sheet. After installation three buttons will appear when you open any Excel file.

Unprotect Sheet: In order to unprotect sheet, you have to open the protected sheet and then click "Unprotect Sheet". This will remove the restriction on the sheet.

Unprotect Workbook: Unprotect Workbook allows you to remove the master password of workbook by simple one click.

Unprotect All: As the name says it all, this button is used to unprotect all the sheets and workbooks but this facility is available to paid users only.

Keep this in view that Straxx Excel Password Remover only works if the file is opened already. But if you want to remove the password to open the file this might not be the tool you are looking for. The free version of Straxx Excel Password Remover is available for personal use while PRO version is used for business purpose and costs $ 26- $ 28. The free version is supported by the only Windows-based system while for Mac book you have to purchase PRO version.

3. iSunshare Excel Password Remover

isunshare excel password remover

iSunshare Excel Password Remover is another Excel password remover to get rid of password protected .xlsx file with online password remove service. It can remove a password instantaneously, regardless of its length and complexity.

You just need to add the file then select the type of attack you want and then select click on the Remove Password button. After that software does the rest and you have to wait. iSunshare Excel Password Remover is only Windows-based software. The free trial version is also available but most of the features are disabled in free trial version. Paid Version consists of all the features and costs $ 19.95.

4. iSumsoft Excel Password Remover

isunshare excel password remover

iSumsoft Excel Password Remover allows its user to removes all kind of passwords from its Excel file. Whether you file is workbook protected or worksheet protected or open file protected, iSumsoft Excel Password Remover removes all kinds of passwords in one click. iSumsoft Excel Password Remover is Windows-based software that only supports .xls files and also not recovers but removes password permanently. Microsoft Excel version from 97 to 2013 all are supported by iSumsoft Excel Password Remover.

You only have to specify the location of the file and then click "Remove Password" button. In no time your password will be removed successfully. This software also comes with Trial version. Purchased version is for a lifetime and costs $ 19.95.

5. Daossoft Excel Password Remover

daossoft excel password remover

Daossoft Excel Password Remover is one of the most popular password remover software for removing lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Excel. It can also remove all kinds of passwords from your Excel file. Daossoft Excel Password Remover supports multilingual passwords. Daossoft Excel Password Remover is Windows-based and supports all types of Excel files with .xls extension.

Working with this Excel password eraser is similar to iSumsoft Excel Password Remover, you just have to specify the location of your file and software foes the rest work. Free trial version allows decrypting first 10 rows of the Microsoft Excel documents, protected with "open" password. While paid version gets full control and costs $ 17.95.

6. Asunsoft Excel Password Remover

asunsoft excel password remover

Asunsoft Excel Password Remover is another popular software to remove the lost or forgotten password for Excel file. Its user-oriented feature allows you to remove password within seconds. This Excel password clearer supports .xls file and all Microsoft Excel versions from 97 to 2010 and online decryption service. It is a light and quite a useful software to recover Excel password. It is also windows-oriented system.

You just have to install and run the program then locate your encrypted file and wait for some seconds to get your file decrypted. Asunsoft Excel Password Remover's free trial version allows you to view the first 10 rows of your Microsoft Excel documents protected with "open" password, while you can enjoy paid version for only $ 17.95

7. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery

esofttools excel password recovery

eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery software provides its user multiple password recovery solution. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery not only recovers Excel file password but also recovers Access and Word file password. It recovers Excel file password instantly through applying 3 methods:

Brute Force Attack: This option will check all characters one by one to find your password. It's the default option for Excel spreadsheet password recovery.

Known Password/Part: Enter whatever you still remember in the password. This option will check the customize number, symbols, and characters to find your password.

Dictionary Attack: If you have a password dictionary already, please import the dictionary file, it will help you sift the right password from the dictionary. Actually, this option guarantees great rate for success.

Just download and install the eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery software. Open the program and select Excel from the available options. Select your encrypted file and the select the type of method you want to apply and let the software do rest. There are four buying plans available for this product:

  • Personal License: Costs $ 19 but can be used on 2 computers only. Apart from that Tech support is limited.
  • Academic License: Costs $ 29 but can be used for Institutes & Multiple Machines. Tech support is Unlimited in this bundle.
  • Enterprise License: Costs $ 49 but can be used for Business, System Administrator. Tech support is Unlimited.
  • Commercial License: Costs $ 149 but can be used for Commercial Use. Tech support is Unlimited.

8. Passware Password Recovery Kit Forensic

passware excel password recovery kit forensic

Passware Password Recovery Kit Forensic is one of the popular and fast decrypting software in the market. It is completely non-technical and can recover most password types - irrespective of complexity. Passware Password Recovery Kit Forensic instantly recover or reset all other password types: modify, write reservation, workbook and worksheet protection, and range protection passwords. It uses different types of attacks for different versions of Microsoft Excel:

  • Advanced Brute-Force Recovery for Excel 2007-2016 to open password.
  • Advanced Brute-Force Recovery and Instant Online Decryption for Excel 97-2003 to open password.
  • Instant Reset for Excel 97-2016 to modify the password.

This Passware Excel key does not recover passwords for VBA projects. Excel 2007-2016 uses an industrial-strength AES encryption algorithm that makes password search speed slow. Passware Password Recovery Kit Forensic has three versions:

Demo Version: Recovers only first 3 letters of the password. Allows each attack to work up-to 1 min.

Single Use License: Costs $ 19 and is available for a single file only.

Full License: Costs $ 39 and as the name suggests it contains all the features.

9. Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master

rixler excel password recovery master

Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master works like universal decrypting software. It either recovers the password or removes the password according to the situation. Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master supports all formats of Excel files including XLS, XLT, XLA, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLSB, XLAM formats. Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master can remove or (if possible) restore a password to open, a password to modify, a workbook password, a shared workbook password, a password of individual worksheets, and a VBA project password. You can remove multiple passwords from Excel documents with one click.

You just have to specify the file and then click on related "Crack" button. Then wait for some time and let the software do its work. If possible, it will recover password otherwise it will remove password from Excel file. Recovery or removal of the "open" password for MS Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013 documents is not supported by the program.

10. SysTools VBA Password Remover

systools excel password recovery

SysTools VBA Password Remover software is a standalone application to recover the password of XLS or XLSX files. The software unlocks the Excel file password and helps in the password from protected XLS files without data loss. SysTools VBA Password Remover is developed for all editions of Excel starting from 2000- 2016. SysTools Excel Password Recovery provides the facility to recover multi-lingual passwords including special characters. SysTools VBA Password Remover also provides the facility to reset the password from the software platform which saves user's most of the time. There are two types of license available for SysTools VBA Password Remover.

Personal License: Gives you the right to use the software in non-business, non-commercial environment (at home), or in non-profit organizations (schools, universities). It is available only for $ 29.95.

Business License: Gives you the right to use the software in a corporate, government or business environment. Available for $ 59.85.


That's all about the top 10 Excel 2016 password remover software. Now it's easy for you to decide which Excel password remover you want to use for your Excel files. But, i will highly recommend PassFab for Excel, which is the best Excel password reocvery tool.