Microsoft Excel allows a user to set a password to the sheets they want to secure but this cool feature turns into a nightmare when a user forgets his password. Password recovery in Excel is not that easy as Excel keeps good care of user’s privacy and doesn’t allow any intruder to get in. So how a user manages to get in a file for whom he has forgotten the password? From which different steps the user has to go through in order to recover the precious file he locked? In the following article, we will be discussing a few very easy and useful Excel password recovery tools to recover your Excel file as follow.

Top 1. PassFab for Excel

PassFab for Excel is the simplest way to unlock any Excel file which has been locked. It comes with both paid and free versions and is compatible with almost all kind of Excel products. It uses different techniques to recover any sort of password, it figures out the best possible solution for a locked file and that is why provides 100% password recovery.

recover file password

Here is a video tutorial about how to use this Excel password recovery tool from PassFab:

Top 2. Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery is another powerful technique to unlock your locked files. It uses Bruce force attack thus promises an ultimate success. As Bruce Forcing is time taking, this software uses masking to overcome that time. The software is compatible with the older versions of the Excel from 2000 to 2007. This software is totally free to download.

Stellar  Phoenix Excel Password Recovery

Top 3. iSunshare Excel Password Genius

iSunshare Excel Password Genius is a very powerful tool when it comes to Excel file password recovery. It requires a multiprocessor as it counters 4 different kind of attacks. This tool support Excel 1997 till now (2016). This is a paid software with a price starting from $ 29.95. 

iSunshare  Excel Password Genius

Top 4. iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer

It is a very trusted password recover software for Excel. It uses four kinds of attacks and that is why offers 100 % password recovery. Despite the fact, the password can be of any length. Brute Force is the one it uses the most and of course uses with a mask. You can get a free trial version of it but it's not totally free as it costs $ 19.95.

iSumsoft  Excel Password Refixer

Top 5. Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master

Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master hacks the forgotten password in a very easy way. It implements a "hi-tech" way to restore the password of Excel versions from 1997 to 2013.

Rixler  Excel Password Recovery

Top 6. Daossoft Excel Password Rescuer

Daossoft Excel Password Rescuer uses a very user-friendly interface that a user can easily understand how to use this tool. It handles the forgotten password by 4 kind of attacks which includes dictionary attack, smart attack, brute force attack and brute force using Mask. This amazing software is not free but you can use the trial version anytime. The software costs $ 35.90.

Daossoft  Excel Password Rescuer

Top 7. Asunsoft Excel Password Geeker

Asunsoft Excel Password Geeker works on multiprocessor systems, hence giving it very high performance and 100 % password recovery rate. It also uses the four basic attacks almost every unlocker is using, but there is a minor difference in the dictionary attack in this case. A user can self-create a dictionary for the attack in this tool. This amazing tool costs $ 35.90 but you can get the trial version anytime.

Asunsoft Excel Password Geeker

Top 8. Vodusoft Excel Password Recovery

Vodusoft Excel Password Recovery uses three kinds of attacks, brute force, brute force with mask and dictionary attack. It also supports NVIDIA GPU acceleration which makes it much faster. The software costs $ 17.95 but you can take free trial.

vodusoft Excel Password Geeker

Top 9. Accent Excel Password Recovery

Accent Excel Password Recovery can find your lost password very quickly. It uses 3 kind of attacks, brute force, brute force with mask and enhanced dictionary attack. The software is available for all, Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. This software is free of cost.

Accent  Excel Password Recovery

Top 10. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery

eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery works even better when a user provides a hint for the forgotten password. The software helps the user while guiding them how to use the software. This amazing software is not free as it costs $ 19 but you can download the trial version anytime.

eSoftTools  Excel Password Recovery

Top 11. SysTools Excel Password Recovery

SysTools Excel Password Recovery can unlock any file of any size. It uses the simple 3 attacks. It also provides the integrity of your data. It can also handle multiple files at once.

SysTools  Excel Password Recovery

Top 12. PerfectDataSolutions Excel Password Recovery

PerfectDataSolutions Excel Password Recovery uses two basic attacks brute force and dictionary attack. It can recover your lost password and finally unlock Excel file very fast.

PerfectDataSolutions  Excel Password Recovery

Top 13. Excel Password Recovery Lastic

Excel Password Recovery Lastic uses a unique kind of a technology to recover the forgotten Excel password, known as “Password Server Technology”. This technology uses special form of cryptography which unprotect Excel sheet immediately.

Excel Password Recovery Lastic

Top 14. InFixi Excel Password Recovery

InFixi Excel Password Recovery uses two basic attacks for password recovery, brute force attack and dictionary attack. This software provides 100% recovery assurance.

InFixi Excel Password Recovery

Top 15.

This website provides password recovery for Excel as they offer password decryption for 40 bits. User can pay them via Bitcoins as well. In general, they charge 10 Euros for one recovery and user pays the money after the proof (screenshot) has been shown to the user.

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Microsoft Excel has people using it around the globe. People always enjoy the services it provides about privacy and keeping your data safe. But sometimes, when they forget their password they keep wondering about how to recover Excel password. PassFab for Excel, this better Excel password recovery tool provides different ways to recover the forgotten password for a specific file. Some of them are free of cost but there is software which you have to utilize to unlock your file.


We have shown many techniques so far for recovering a forgotten password for Excel. Although, there are a lot of other techniques that a user can use in which one of the most famous method Excel VBA password recovery is included. If you can think of any other technique regarding this topic, do let us know and we will definitely look into it. Thank you.