How to Remove Password from Excel File

It’s very common to protect Excel files by setting open password and restriction password. Meanwhile, removing Excel password becomes necessary as you may find it inconvenient to enter your password every time you want to open or edit Excel. Well, this post is meant for you as it shows you easy steps to remove passwords from Excel files. Keep on reading.

Part 1: Remove A Password from Excel with Known Password

If you have an Excel document with password protection it is annoying to always enter the exact password for that file. So you may want to remove passwords, and there are two possible situations: you want to remove password Excel to open or you can to remove Excel restriction password.

Case 1: Remove Open Password from Excel File

How to remove password from Excel file when opening file? If you know the password, you can try these two methods:

Method 1. Remove Password from Excel Files with Info Feature

You know the password but do not know how to remove password for Excel? Follow the steps and remove passwords excel security easily.

Step 1: First open the Excel file whose password you want to remove. When you open the file you will have to enter the Password.

enter open password to remove in excel

Step 2: Click on File and then click on Info.

click info to unpassword protect excel

Step 3: Now click on Protect Workbook and in the drop down menu click Encrypt with Password. In older versions you will click on Protect Document > Encrypt with Password.

click encrypt with password before removing excel file password

Step 4: In the dialog box erase the password and click OK.

remove password from excel workbook

Step 5: Save the file and your Excel file password protection will be removed.

This method didn't work for you? Don't worry. Move on to the next method.

Method 2. Remove Password Protect Excel with Save As Feature

This method will guide you to remove password for Excel when the password is known. It is an easy way. Follow the steps and your Excel document password protection will be removed.

Step 1: In this method first open your Excel file which is password protected.

Step 2: A dialog box will open asking to enter password. Enter the Password and click OK.

open excel file to remove password protection from excel

Step 3: Now click on File > Save As and select location where you want to save the Excel file after removing password. If you have an older version of Microsoft Excel, click on Microsoft Office and then on Save As.

save as feature in removing excel password

Step 4: Before saving the file click on Tools.

click tools to remove password from excel doc

Step 5: Now in the drop down menu click on General Options.

click general options to remove password from excel

Step 6: A dialog box will appear. There you have to clear the existing password in Password to open text box and click OK.

remove pasword to open excel

Step 7: Now save the file and you will be able to open the file without entering password.

These two methods apply to removing Excel open passwords. If you want to remove password to modify Excel, check the next case.

Case 2: Remove Excel Restriction Password to Unprotect Worksheet/Workbook

If you have previously set up a password to protect your Excel document from editing, you can unprotect Worksheet or Workbook structure:

Step 1: Open your Excel file, and click the Review tab.

Step 2: Click Unprotect Sheet or Unprotect Workbook Structure.

unprotect worksheet to removing password from excel document

Step 3: Enter your password in the popup dialog, then click OK.

Now the Excel restriction password should have been removed.

However, how do I remove Excel password if I forgot it? If you find the password you entered is incorrect, or you have forgotten your password, you can try the solutions in Part 2.

Part 2: How to Remove Password from Excel If You Forgot It

How to remove a password from Excel if you forgot it? You can try a top Excel password remover for automatically removing password from Excel file. PassFab for Excel is the tool you can tackle this frustrating situation. It is the quickest and most efficient software to recover or remove the Excel password when you have forgotten or lost it.

Key Features:

  • You can recover Excel open passwords.
  • It supports removing password from Excel Workbook and Worksheet (aka unprotect worksheet and workbook structure).
  • It won't cause data loss.
  • It supports all the versions, for example, Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and earlier.

Option 1. How to Excel Remove Password to Open

So this software is all in one package for your problems. It provides 3 different attack options which are Brute-force with Mask Attack, Brute-force Attack, and Dictionary Attack. Each attack option has its own parameters and password recovering time. Following is the method to remove the password when you don’t seem to remember it using this Excel password recovery tool.

Step 1: Launch the Excel password recovery tool, you will see two functions. Choose "Recover Excel Open Password" and continue.

passfab for excel main interface

Step 2: Add the Excel document and select any decryption method. You can customize the Settings for the selected method.

import excel file to remove password via passfab for excel

Step 3: Click on Recover and the software will initiate the process to decrypt the password for the Excel document. It will take time to wait until the process is completed. The duration of the decryption depends on the method selected.

start recovering password to remove in Excel via passfab for excel

Step 4: When the process is completed, the password recovered will be displayed in the dialog box.

password found to remove in excel using passfab for excel

Finally, in order to open the Excel file without typing password again, you need to follow the methods in Part 1.

Option 2. How to Remove Excel Password to Modify

Removing password protection from Excel would be much easier using PassFab for Excel. You can do it automatically with just a few clicks!

Step 1. Run this software and choose "Remove Excel Restriction Password" feature.

remove excel restriction password using passfab for excel

Step 2. Import the Excel file that is able to open but unable to modify any content. Then click "Remove" button.

import excel file to remove restriction via passfab for excel

Step 3. Within seconds, you will get rid of the password easily and see the copied Excel file without any password in your computer. Click Open Folder to open your Excel file and edit it.

remove a password from excel restriction via passfab for excel successfully

Here is a video tutorial about how to remove password from Excel spreadsheet:


So you have now had the full knowledge on how to remove a password from Excel whether you know the password for the document or you have forgotten or lost it. These methods are easy and simple and you can remove the password without any problem. Also, PassFab for Excel is the best choice for people who have little knowledge of computer. It has user interactive interface and is easy to use.

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Part 3: FAQs about Remove Password Excel

Q1: How to remove excell password when opening file?

  • If you know the password, you can navigate to File > Info > Protect Workbook > Encrypt with Password, then clear the password inbox to remove it;
  • If you forgot the password, a third-party Excel password remover software like PassFab for Excel will help you out.

Q2: How to remove a password from Excel without knowing password?

  • If you want to remove Excel open password, you can try a professional Excel password recovery tool;
  • If you want to remove Excel restriction password for editing, you may try to remove it via ZIP software or Notepad, or via an Excel password remover.

Q3: Will removing Excel password result in data loss?

Generally it won’t cause data loss by removing your Excel password. You should read carefully before you try the solution.

PassFab for Excel box
  • Recover Excel File Password to Open
  • Remove Excel Restriction Password to Edit
  • Unprotect Excel Workbook and Sheet without Password
  • Support Microsoft Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and More

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