PassFab Android Unlocker FAQ

  • Q1: Why my SAMSUNG device didn't receive the notification?

    The successful removal of Google Account Lock (FRP) requires a stable connection between the Samsung device and the computer.

    You can try to:

    1. Change another USB port or USB cable to provide a stable connection between the SAMSUNG device and your computer.

    2. Upgrade the operating system of your computer to obtain a better communication method.

    3. Exit or uninstall the computer manager and anti-virus software tools to prevent the program from being blocked.

    And try again.

  • Q2: Can't jump to the Settings of the SAMSUNG device after installing and opening the "BypassFrp.apk"?

    For very few SAMSUNG devices, jumping to the Settings is not supported. You can install the Screen Manager to bypass the Google Lock.

    Note: This can not remove the Google Lock thoroughly. Your device will be locked again after a new restart.

    1. Use PassFab Android Unlocker to send the noticfication to the SAMSUNG device.
    2. Follow the instrutions to type and open the URL.
    3. Download the "Settings.apk".
    download the screen manager 4. Install and open the "Settings.apk".

    Then you can bypass the Google Lock successfully.