What Should You Do If The Jailbreak Fails

What should you do if the jailbreak fails? Here are 2 ways for your reference:

Way 1: Download Lower Checkra1n Version

If your iPhone jailbreak failed, we suggest you to use another Checkra1n Version to try again. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to this page and download and install the recommended Checkra1n version.

Step 2: After installed the Checkra1n on your Mac. If there is no problem, then you can jailbreak now.

If you encounter the problem below, you need to follow the guidelines below:

  • Enter “xattr –rc” and press the blank space.
  • Drag the newly downloaded Checkra1n into the command window and press "Return".

    am mac
  • Next, the system will automatically generate the following characters.

    am mac

Way 2: Fix the Error Codes

If you have the following error codes, don’t worry! Here are the solutions for you.

Error code: -20: Select “Safe Mode” and start jailbreaking again.


Error code: -31: Re-install the iOS firmware from IPSW and try to jailbreak your device again.