Step 1: Download and Install it

Install and launch PassFab Duplicate File Deleter to your Windows-based computer. And you will see the main interface as follow.

click to add a folder

Step 2:Add Scanning Folders

Click to add the folders you want to deduplicate. And you will see the folders you have added are on the left side of the interface.

add scanning folders

Step 3: Set Scanning Mode

Before scanning the files, you can click the or the at the bottom to set the scanning mode. It divides into 3 modules: General, Ignore Scan and File Type. Each odule contains several settings. Here is a detailed guide on how to set the scanning mode. You can choose the mode about your circumstance.

Setting 1: General

  • Filter (Radio Button): Judge the duplicate files on the content or the file name;
  • Remove (Radio Button): Move the duplicate files to the recycle bin or delete the duplicate files directly;
  • File size : Screen out the duplicate files according to the size.
  • set general

Setting 2: Ignore Scan

  • Hidden Files : It is a folder or file which filesystem utilities do not display by default when showing a directory listing.
  • System Files :It refers to the folder where the main files of the operating system are stored.
  • Zero-byte Files:It is a computer file containing no data. It has a length or size of zero bytes.
  • Exclude path:Can customizably add folders or entire partitions that don’t need to be scanned.
  • set ignore scan

Setting 3: File Type

As for the module of the file type, it supports all kinds of files, you can click the to set the specific file types that you want to deduplicate in the box.

set file type


If you don’t set the mode, it will detect the duplicate files in the default mode. The default mode is this:

  • General: 【content】for the filtration mode and 【 move to the recyclebin】for the removing mode;
  • Ignore scan: Select all;
  • File type: Select all;

Step 4: Delete Duplicate Files

After selecting the scanning mode you can click the bottom [scanning duplicate] and start scanning. Wait for a while until the scanning process is finished. And if you want to stop the process, you can click [Stop scanning] in the bottom right corner.

scanning duplicate

After a minute, you can see the duplicate files are presented on the left side. Here are several tricks that can help you select the files you want to delete.

  • Click the in each line, you can see the specific duplicate files;
  • Click the to preview and compare the files;
  • Click the to change into the view mode;
  • It’s easy to switch between [quantity] and [size] to check the total volume or size of the files;

After choosing the files you want to delete, click [Deduplicate]. And there will be a warning for you to make sure if you want to delete the files or not. If you want to delete them, click [Yes].


Wait for a while and the chosen duplicate files will be deleted successfully. Click [OK] and you can go on deduplicating or log out of the software.

delete duplicate files successfully