iCloud services are password protected, which means all of your data that is in iCloud protected by the password, and without a password, you cannot access them. Whether you want to log in to iCloud or download something, your Apple ID password is required. If you can't remember your password, you can reset/recover. If you are looking for how to recover my iCloud password, this article will provide you a comprehensive guide on doing so.

Part 1: How to Recover My iCloud Password with iforgot Apple

The first method to recover iCloud password is to access iforgot Apple web, you can follow these steps to recover the password:

  • Go to apple.com.
  • Enter your Apple ID email address and click Continue. how to recover my icloud password
  • Select I need to reset my password on the screen. how to recover my icloud password 1
  • Now you need to select how you want to recover your password.
  • There are two options that you can see on the screen. Get an email or Answer security questions. how to recover my icloud password 2

If you have selected, get an email option, you will receive an email title with How to reset your Apple ID password" from Apple.

  • Click on the Reset link and follow the instructions to recover your password.

If you have selected Answer security questions, a new window will open the will ask questions that you selected at the time account creation. This option is difficult because maybe you have completely forgotten the answer to the questions. If you have managed to answer all of the questions you can recover your password quickly.

how to recover my icloud id and password

If you have two - factor authentication enabled you can recovery of your password will much be easier than methods mentioned above, to recover using 2FA you can:

  • Go to apple.com and click "Forgot Apple ID or password".
  • Enter your Apple ID, select the option to reset your password.
  • Enter your Recovery Key for two-step verification. how to recover my icloud email password
  • Choose a trusted device and receive a device verification.
  • Enter the verification code to recover the password.

Part 2: How to Recover My iCloud Password without Email Verification

If you have used iForgot website to recover the iCloud password by now you know that you will need to use your email, which means you need access to your email address or account. If you don't have access to your email you cannot recover your password. If you want to recover your password using Security questions, there is a possibility that you have forgotten the answer to security questions, and you are completely in a mess. In this case, PassFab iOS Password Manager is your way out of this frustration. This tool saves all of your time and doesn't require email access or need to provide answers to security questions or any type of recovery key to recovering the password.

You can get the job done in three steps:

Step 1: Connect your device.

Step 2: Can and view Password.

Step 3: Export the result.

It can be downloaded and installed on both Windows and Mac.

To recover your password, follow the full gudie:

  • Download PassFab iOS Password Manage.
  • Launch the tool after installation and connect your Apple device to the Computer / Laptop. how to recover my apple iCloud password
  • Now if you have successfully made a connection between PC you can now see the Start Scan button, click and continue to the next step. how to recover my apple icloud password 1
  • Now, wait for few minutes because Password Manager will analyze and scan password information in your iOS device. how to recover my apple icloud password 2
  • After some time when the scanning is done, you will see all of the passwords including the WiFi password, web and app password, account password, screen passcode, Apple ID password, and credit card information. how to recover my apple icloud password 3
  • Now you can multiple options in the sidebar and can navigate to the desired menu by clicking on the name of the menu. You can also check the password of your iCloud by Apple ID. how to recover my apple icloud password 4
  • You can also export all of the results (recovered password) in CSV file for 1Password, Chrome, Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper and Excel. how to recover my apple icloud password 5


The article emphasizes how you can recover iCloud password, the first method requires access to your Email address, or you need to answer security questions, or you need to provide recovery key. If you have failed to fulfill any of this requirement, then you have locked yourself out. In this case use of PassFab iOS Password Manager, which recovers your password without any limitation, along with iCloud account password is explained. This is why this software is the most useful and recommended a way to recover an iCloud password.