Hello, I have an iPhone 6S Plus. The problem is i cannot connect to every wifi after updating to iOS 14, it always said incorrect password eventhough I put the correct password. i already did the reset network setting, factory reset, and everything, but still i cannot connect to wifi. this is the hardware problem or the software problem? Does anybody knows the solutions?

Every device stores all the wireless network passwords to which it has ever been connected to. This saving process is done in the background and can be accessed easily by following the method mentioned below. So next time, instead of going around asking everyone for the wireless network password, follow these simple steps to know how to fix incorrect Wi-Fi password on iPhone after iOS 14 update.

incorrect wifi pasword after ios 14 update

Incorrect Wi-Fi Password on iPhone After iOS 14 Update? Try to Find Correct One

Incorrect Wi-Fi password because of forgetting? Finding the forgotten Wi-Fi password on iPhone and iPad can be one of the solutions. You can use the software PassFab iOS Password Manager to simplify this process. This is a highly recommended software which works very effectively in recovering the forgotten Wi-Fi password. Follow the steps below to know how to figure out your Wi-Fi password using this software.

Step 1: Once you have finished downloading PassFab iOS Password Manager, launch it on your laptop or PC. When prompted, connect your iPhone or iPad.

connect ios device to passfab ios password manager

Step 2: Once your device gets detected, “Start Scan” option will appear on the window, click on that.

start scanning in passfab ios password manager

Step 3: Preview the password before recovering it after the scanning is done.

show wifi password in passfab ios password manager

Step 4: Once you get the password for the wireless network, click on “Export” to export this password wherever you want.

export wifi password in passfab ios password manager

Video Tutorial About Forgetting Wi-Fi Password After iOS 14 Update

PassFab iOS Password Manager software offers a very easy and effective way to know how to figure out Wi-Fi password on iPhone.

iOS 14 Incorrect Wi-Fi Password Eventhough Type Correct One? Reset Network Settings

The other way is to reset network settings in your iPhone. Just follow the below steps to do that:

Step 1. Open "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click "General" and then tap "Reset".

reset iphone

Step 3. Tap on "Reset Network Settings".

reset network settings sure

Step 4. When it finished, re-join the network settings with correct wireless password.

Bonus Tips: How to Figure Out Wi-Fi Password on Mac

Figuring out the forgotten Wi-Fi password is almost as simple as recovering the password on a Windows system. Even in Mac systems every wireless network the device gets connected to, the password will get saved. It can be accessed through Keychain application which is inbuilt in every Mac system. Follow the steps below if you are still wondering how do I figure out my Wi-Fi password using Keychain application on my Mac system.

Step 1: Go to “Applications” and then click on “Utilities” to access Keychain application.

launch keychain access

Step 2: On the windows of “Keychain Access” all the details of every login ever made from your Mac system will be displayed.

Step 3: Search for “AirPort network password” from the left pane of the Keychain window.

airport network password

Step 4: Search for the Wi-Fi network for which you need to figure out the password and click on it to get all the detailed information.

Step 5: Click on the empty box in front of “Show password”. You will be prompted to enter your Mac OS Admin login credentials. Enter it to know the password of the wireless network.

show password

This is how you can access the Keychain application on Mac system and easily recover the forgotten password.


These above mentioned methods can be used effectively to recover the forgotten password of the wireless network after iOS 14 update. So, instead of asking around people for the password, you just need to follow these simple steps. The best solution to this problem is offered by PassFab iOS Password Manager software. This effectively helps in recovering the forgotten Wi-Fi password in a simple way. It is highly recommended and should be the first method you try whenever you forget any wireless networks password.

passfab ios password manager box
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