The process of burning ISO to DVD is not an easy one at all, it cannot be compared to the mere process of copying a file from one place to another. If the respective user aims at creating a media that is bootable from an ISO file, he/she will be in need of such a utility which has been specifically designed to cater that purpose. If not then the user will only be wasting the DVDs, because the end result is not the creation of bootable media, but just some copies of ISO files. There are a number of tools that can tell help you burn ISO to DVD and this article will specifically guide you on how to burn ISO to DVD with these options

Way 1. How to Burn ISO to DVD with the Windows 10 Built-in Tool

This option will guide on how to burn ISO to DVD using the built in tools found your very PC. All that is required for the user is to have a PC running Windows 7 or higher. These are the steps to burn ISO to DVD without any external tool.

Step 1: The user first needs to insert an empty DVD into a DVD drive for burning an ISO file while making use of this application.

Step 2: While on the file explorer, the user needs to take the cursor to the image which needs to be burned and right click on it. This will lead the user to seeing the option of "burn disc image" on the screen. This options needs to be clicked.

Step 3: The media type which will act as the USB drive in the case needs to be chosen by the user.

burn iso to dvd using windows 10

Step 4: A small window will appear with come options, first the user needs to click on the drive with the blank DVD. An option namely "verify disc after burning" will appear this will help check whether the image file is working fine, so the process from ISO to DVD has no errors.

Step 5: Lastly select Burn; this will complete your ISO to DVD burning process.

Way 2. How to Burn ISO Image to DVD Using PassFab for ISO

PassFab for ISO enables the user to burn bootable disk with the help of a CD, USB or DVD. It is a program that is easy to use when you have no idea about how to reinstall Windows system. You can You can burn the driver easily with the help of this software.

  • Step 1: You need to launch PassFab for ISO while selecting to import your ISO file or downloading system ISO file from it.

    import iso file in passfab for iso
  • Step 2: The CD or DVD can be taken as an example here. You will be required to select burn, for the burning process to begin. The respective software will prompt point that the usb of the user will be formatted resulting all the data being lost in the DVD.

    select usb in passfab for iso
  • Step 3: Select the yes icon, further the burning process of the bootable DVD will be started by this program.

    burning iso in passfab for iso
  • Step 4: The USB drive will then be burned successfully after some while.

    burn usb successfully in passfab for iso

Now the respective USB drive can be used by the user to reinstall Windows system.

Way 3. How to Burn ISO to DVD on Windows via Free ISO Burner

The tool for Windows disc image burner is not on either windows XP or Windows vista. Therefore, the user will need to make use of a third party program for this purpose.

Step 1: The will need to download the free ISO burner. This program is free which only caters to burning ISO files.

Step 2: Double tap or double click on the downloaded version of the freeISOburner file. The program will start automatically. This program is standalone which means that it does not install.

Step 3: A blank disc needs to be inserted in the user's drive.

Step 4: Select on the option "open" which can be seen near the empty text box, close to the top of the window of the program.

Step 5: Select the ISO file after locating, and click on open to confirm it.

open located file

Step 6: Run a check that the respective option under Drive is, the ne in which the user put the empty disc in.

Step 7: There is no need to take into account the customizations offered in the options.

Step 8: Click on Burn to start the process of ISO to DVD file burn.

click burn

Step 9: As soon as the process of burning completes, the respective disc will be ejected automatically from the drive. Then user can remove the disc and close the program of free ISO burner.

Way 4. How to Burn ISO to DVD on Mac using Disk Utility

Following are the steps for this process.

Step1: The user needs to insert a blank DVD into the slot of his/her Mac CD. If yours does not have a built-in CD slot an external DVD reader will be required to convert your ISO to DVD.

Step 2: It is crucial for the user to know where his/her ISO file is. The process is rather easy when the file is in such an area from where it can be accessed easily, for example the desktop of MAC.

Step 3: Click on spotlight, which is the magnifying glass icon on the screen, top right corner. This will lead to a search bar appearing.

Step 4: In the search bar, type disc utility, resulting in MAC searching for it.

Step 5: Select the disc utility, it will appear to be a grey icon having a stethoscope on the very top of it. The user will see it on the top.

Step 6: Select the option of burn, the icon is shaped as a radioactive symbol located on the top of the Window. Resulting in a popup finder window appearing.

Step 7: The user will then click on the ISO file, also its locater folder. This will appear on the left side of the finder window, further clicking the ISO file.

Step 8: Select burn, present on the bottom right corner, further closing the finder window.

burn choosen file

Step 9: Select on burn when prompted. Available in the drop down window right on the opt of the disc utility window. The burning process will start.

Step 10: Select ok when prompted and you will have successfully completed your ISO to DVD burn.

Way 5. How to Burn ISO to DVD on Mac using Finder

This method has been given the status of the most universal method used to burn ISO to DVD. It requires the user to first open the new finder Window, carry out navigation to the ISO file's location, click on it once to select it.

navigate file locaton

Further user needs to select the File and then select Burn Disc Image, right at the bottom.

choose file and burn disc

If the user does not have a disc in the drive, he/she will be required to insert one. Click on the burn button. The burning process will then start.


It isn't difficult at all to burn your ISO to DVD or CD because with the help of these built in as well as external tools, it becomes really easy to complete the process within seconds.