MBR vs. GPT: MBR or GPT for SSD,Which one better to choose ?

By Andy Samuel to Partition Manager | 2023-09-26
Should I initialize my SSD to MBR (master boot record) or GPT (GUID partition table)? Question from Reddit

If you have an SSD, you might wonder whether you should use MBRor GPT as the partitioning scheme for your drive. This is an important decision that can affect the performance, compatibility, and security of your SSD. In this article, we will explain the differences between MBR or GPT for SSD, and help you decide which one is better for your SSD and why.

Part 1. MBR vs. GPT: What's the Difference?

When it comes to disk partitioning, two primary schemes are commonly used: Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID Partition Table (GPT).


Introduced in 1983, is a disk sector at the disk's beginning containing partition information and a boot loader code for starting the operating system.


Developed in the late 1990s, uses a globally unique identifier for partition identification and stores a backup copy for increased reliability and security.

CompatibilityOlder hardware, legacy systemsModern hardware, UEFI-based systems
Maximum Drive SizeUp to 2TBOver 2TB
Maximum PartitionsUp to 4 primary partitionsUp to 128 primary partitions
Structure ComplexitySimpleMore complex
Secure Boot SupportNoYes
Widely UsedYes (in older systems) Yes (in modern systems)

MBR (Master Boot Record):

  • Works with older systems and legacy hardware.
  • Relatively straightforward structure.
  • Still widely used in many PCs.
  • Supports drives up to 2TB in size.
  • Allows a maximum of four primary partitions.
  • Lacks advanced security features.

GPT (GUID Partition Table):

  • Supports drives over 2TB, ideal for modern storage needs.
  • Allows up to 128 primary partitions.
  • Offers enhanced security features.
  • Not fully compatible with older systems.
  • The structure is more intricate.
  • Not as widespread in older hardware.

Part 2. Does MBR vs. GPT Matter for SSDs?

Does it matter whether you use MBR or GPT for external SSD? The answer is yes, it does matter Here are some factors to consider when choosing between MBR and GPT for your SSD:

  • GPT is recommended for SSDs larger than 2TB, as MBR cannot recognize space beyond 2TB, resulting in wasted storage space, while GPT supports larger disks.
  • If your computer supports UEFI boot mode, you should use GPT. UEFI, a modern replacement for BIOS, offers enhanced security and features. It can only boot from GPT disks, unlike BIOS which can boot from both MBR and GPT disks. However, older computers may not support UEFI.
  • To install 64-bit Windows 10 or 11, use GPT disks for features like Secure Boot and faster startup, while 32-bit or older versions (Windows 7 or Windows 8) use MBR as boot disks.

GPT is recommended for SSD users needing more than four primary partitions, as MBR can only create four, while GPT can create up to 128 primary partitions per disk, providing more flexibility.

Part 3. MBR vs GPT – Which One Is Better For Your SSD

The choice between GPT or MBR for SSD depends on capacity and operating system compatibility:

1.UEFI Support and SSD as OS Disk: If your computer supports UEFI boot and you're using the SSD as the OS disk, opt for GPT.

2.Compatibility and OS Version: For compatibility:

If using Windows 7 or earlier, MBR is the only choice.

For Windows 8 or later, both MBR and GPT are viable.

3.SSD as a 2nd Disk or Data Drive:

If your SSD is 2TB or smaller, MBR is a suitable choice.

For SSDs larger than 2TB, GPT is the preferable option.

Part 4. How to Initialize SSD to MBR or GPT in Windows 11,10, 8, 7?

If you have a new SSD or an existing one that needs to be formatted, you may wonder how to initialize it to MBR or GPT in Windows. In this part, we will show you two methods to initialize your MBR or GPT for SSD Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7.

1. Disk management

You can manage your disks and partitions using the built-in Windows program known as Disk Management. The steps below can be used to initialise your MBR or GPT for SSD Windows 10:

Step 1: Connect your SSD to your computer and confirm that Windows has detected it.

Step 2: Type diskmgmt.msc into the Run dialogue box, then click OK to launch Disc Management by pressing the Windows + R keys.

Step 3: A list of all the disks attached to your computer may be found in Disk Management. Right-click on your SSD after locating it. An option labelled Initialise Disk will appear. Just click it.

MBR vs GPT SSD Disk Management initialize Disk

Step 4: A pop-up window requesting your SSD's MBR or GPT selection will appear. Click OK after making your choice based on your needs and preferences.


Step 5: After initializing your SSD to MBR or GPT, you can start creating partitions on it.

2. PassFab 4EasyPartition

The professional and user-friendly software PassFab 4EasyPartition enables you to initialize your SSD to MBR or GPT and vise versa with just a few clicks. Additionally, it can assist with system migration, disk or partition cloning, partition resizing or moving, and other tasks.

How to Convert GPT to MBR

  • Download and install PassFab 4EasyPartition, select "Convert Disk" in the left navigation panel, and click on "Convert GPT to MBR".

    Convert GPT to MBR
  • Choose the disk you wish to convert and press "Continue" to access the execution interface.

    Convert GPT to MBR
  • If the selected disk is your system disk, the program will initiate the download of the PE components. Once everything is verified, click “sure." Your computer will restart and automatically enter the PE environment.

    Convert MBR to GPT
  • Once the program launches within the PE environment, proceed by selecting "Convert GPT to MBR."Once the program launches within the PE environment, proceed by selecting "Convert GPT to MBR."

    Convert MBR to GPT
  • Pick the disk you intend to convert and select "Continue."

    Convert GPT to MBR
  • PassFab 4EasyPartition will commence the conversion from MBR to GPT. The conversion speed depends on the number of partitions on the disk. After that conversation will be successful.

    Convert MBR to GPT
  • How to Convert MBR to GPT

    • Begin by downloading and installing PassFab 4EasyPartition on your computer. Launch the application, go to the left navigation panel, select "Convert Disk," and then click "Convert MBR to GPT" to proceed.

      Convert MBR to GPT
    • Choose the disk you wish to convert, and then click "Continue" to access the execution interface.

      Convert MBR to GPT
    • In case the selected disk is your system disk, the program will initiate the download of the PE components. Verify that everything is in order, and then click "Confirm." Your computer will automatically restart and enter the PE environment.

      Convert MBR to GPT
    • Once the program is running in the PE environment, select "Convert MBR to GPT" to continue.

      Convert MBR to GPT
    • Select the disk you want to convert, and click "Continue."

        Convert MBR to GPT
    • PassFab 4EasyPartition will now proceed with the MBR to GPT conversion. After that conversation will complete.

      Convert MBR to GPT

Part 5. Questions about GPT or MBR for SSD

Q1:Is MBR or GPT better for SSD?

MBR and GPT are partition styles used for organizing data on a hard drive. Both partition styles have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While MBR is the older partition style, GPT is the newer one which supports larger drives and has better data redundancy. In the case of SSDs, it is generally recommended to use GPT.

Q2: Why do people ask the MBR vs GPT question specifically with regards to SSDs?

This is because SSDs are faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives. As a result, they require a more efficient partition style that can support their fast read and write speeds. MBR, being the older partition style, may not be able to keep up with the performance of SSDs.

Q3. How to check if your drive is MBR or GPT?

You can easily check whether your drive is MBR or GPT by following these steps:

  • Press Windows key + X on your keyboard
  • Click on Disk Management
  • Locate the disk you want to check and right-click on it
  • Select Properties
  • Go to the Volumes tab
  • Under Partition Style, it will display either MBR or GPT

Q4: Which is better, MBR or GPT for SSD gaming?

What partition style for SSD. GPT is the recommended partition style for SSDs. This is because it supports larger drives and has better data redundancy. In the case of gaming, it is important to have a partition style that can keep up with the fast read and write speeds of SSDs. Therefore, GPT would be the better option for SSD gaming.

Final Words

This article compares GPT or MBR for SSD performance, capacity, and reliability. It explains how to convert MBR to GPT using Windows tools and how to check and convert using PassFab 4EasyPartition, a professional partition manager. If you want a more convenient and safe way to convert your SSD without losing data, you can use PassFab 4EasyPartition.