“I am having a lot of trouble remembering password since the last few years. My wife told me to set a hint. What is password hint? How do I set it?”

Well, what is password hint? It is a way to make the users remember their existing password for that particular login screen. A lot of people use this feature. It is either a word or a sentence.

It is simply a way to jolt your memory and make you remember the required password. If you don’t have a hint option on your login screen, you can easily create it manually. Check our article below for more details.

Part 1. What is Password Hint?

So, what is the password hint?

Well, it is a reminder of what you used to imitate the password. It is designed as a way to make the users remember the password.

Some of the login screens use this hint system. The hint option gets displayed every time you are requested to type your password. Like, if you have used someone’s birthday as your password, the hint will show that person’s name. But you also have to be very careful while creating a hint. If the hint is too obvious, any unauthorized users will be able to get access.

Part 2.Best and Funny Password Hint Examples

The funniest password hint we have come across was on a Windows 7 login screen. The password hint said, ‘Hints are for suckers!’ It was not helpful but really funny.

funny password hint

Part 3.How to Create A Password Hintin Windows 10/8/7

What is the meaning of password hint?

Well, you know it is a way to make the user remember what they used as the password for that particular login screen.

Now, creating a password hint for Windows is very simple. Most long time users know about it. But if you are having trouble, let us tell you that a password hint on the Windows Operating System can be created very easily from the Control Panel. Let us show you the steps.

  • 01Navigate to the Control Panel and click on ‘View’. Choose ‘Large Icons’.
  • 02Click on ‘User Accounts’.

    click on user account option
  • 03On the user account page, click on ‘Manage Another Account’.

    select maane another account
  • 04Click on the user account for which you need to create a hint. Then, in the following window, click on “Change the Password’.

    change the windows password
  • 05You have to type your current password. Then, you will be able to set a new password. There is a box; ‘Type a Password Hint’. Type a word or a sentence that will work as a hint for your new password.

    set up password hint
  • 06Lastly, click on ‘Change Password’.

There are also other ways you can set a password hint, but this way to more efficient and works for all the versions of Windows OS.

Part 4.How to Create A Password Hint in Mac

‘What does password hint mean?’

The password hint also has the same meaning on a Mac. You can set a password hint on Mac, and it is also very simple. Check out the steps below.

  • 01On a Mac, go to the Apple Menu. Click on “System Preferences’.
  • 02Select ‘Users & Groups’.
  • 03Click on ‘Change Password’.
  • 04In the ‘Old Password’ field, type your old password, and enter the new password on its dedicated field.

After that, you enter a password hint and click on ‘Change Password’. The password will be changed immediately, and it will come with a hint from the next time.

Part 5. How to Recover Windows Password If Password Hint Not Working

In this part, we will be discussing what to do if you have forgotten the password for your Windows account, and the password hint is not working or if you don’t have the feature activated.

First of all, you won’t be able to access your Windows account. But there is a way to recover the password.

You have to use a professional 3rd party program for password recovery. There are several such programs available, but we already have a great option in mind. Our recommendation is PassFab 4WinKey.

It is a genuine option, easy to operate, and comes with a 100% success rate. Let’s check out its operation.

  • 01Download and install the program on a different computer and run it.
  • 02On the main interface, select USB, and connect a USB drive to the computer. Click ‘Next’.

    choose usb
  • 03A prompt will appear, click ‘Next’ to proceed.

    click next to proceed
  • 04Give it a few seconds; the program will successfully turn the USB drive into a password reset disk.

    creating password reset disk
  • 05Now, connect the USB drive to the locked computer and restart it.
  • 06Access Advanced Boot menu and change the boot priority to USB drive.

    change boot priority
  • 07The computer will boot from the USB, and the program interface will load.
  • 08On the program interface, select ‘Reset Account Password’.
  • 09Then, select the account and enter a new password. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

    reset the password
  • 010After the password is reset, click ‘Reboot’.

    click reboot

This is the most effective and easiest way to recover Windows password.

Final Words

Now, most people look for a password hint. It is a very useful feature, and it reduces the burden to remember the password. Needless to say, you have to set it properly. If it is too obvious, anyone will be able to guess the password and access your account. So, just be careful while setting it up.

FAQ About Password Hint

Here are the answers to some questions regarding the password hint.

Q1. What is a hint question?

A hint question is a question whose answer is obvious to you, and it will make you remember the password.

Q2. How do I get my password hint to show?

You have to manually set it up. Only then, the password hint option will show up on the login screen.

Q3. How do I change my password hint?

You can easily change the password hint from the Control Panel.

Q4. How do I turn off the password hint?

You can follow the steps on ‘Part 3’ of this article. Change the password and erase the existing hint. The password hint option will disappear from the login screen.