With many paid options that offer computer file alterations out there, it’s always a huge relief to discover an excellent 100% free service. Today that comes to us from Google Drive, and if you’re looking on how to convert PDF to Google Doc while maintaining its style and providing as a PDF manager too, you won’t find a better 100% free choice than search engines documents, the web-based office package from Google.

Since Google Drive facilitates only a small number of computer file types, you will first need to turn the PDF papers to a structure reinforced by Google Documents. You should consider the type of content on the PDF computer file. For example, if you want to share the computer file as a demonstration computer file, you will have to turn the PDF to PowerPoint before posting it to Google Drive.

pdf to google doc

Convert PDF to Google Doc Free with Google Docs

Before you upload PDF to Google Doc, you need to ensure the records can be modified with Google Drive file. Some of the supported file types include document files such as doc, docx, dotx, txt, odt, and rtf; worksheet information such as xls, xlsx, xlt, xltm, csv, and ods; presentation files such as ppt, pptx, pps, ppsm, potx, and odp; illustrating files such as emf; and examined things that have been stored as pdf, gif, jpg, or png. Converting your documents to types that are appropriate for Google Drive will allow you or others to modify and share the documents easily.

You will need any contemporary web browser and a free Google Account to use this feature:

Step 1. Insert PDF into Google Doc You Want to Convert

First of all, you need to login Google Drive with Google account. Then click on "New" button, and then select "File Upload" and begin to upload your PDF file to Google Drive.

upload file to google drive

Step 2. Open PDF in Google Docs

Go to the top-right area in the pop-up screen, select an output format that you want. It relies on the content of the PDF computer file and intended use. You can stimulate OCR by merely clicking the "Setting" button to identify examined records, change the location directory for transformed information.

Once you are okay about the options on this screen, click "Start" to change. This shouldn't take more than a matter of seconds but is determined by the size of the PDF file.

Open With Google Docs

Step 3. Upload Files to Google Docs

Now that the conversion is done, in the output folder to access the converted files. Having your Google Docs well-matched file with you, open your browser and get around the Google Drive. Then finally log in to your account and upload the converted file to your account from your computer.

Google Forms File Upload

The modifying and sharing options can be set as needed and upload the documents. Anyone with the necessary authorizations can now modify the file online without having to download it, modify it, and re-upload it to the reasoning.

PDNob Convert PDF to Microsoft Word Free, Online

You might well be interested in how to convert PDF into MS word. Thanks to PassFab pundits, they recently released an online free PDF converter, PDNob - Free Online PDF Converter that greatly boosts users work productivity. PDNob supports you convert to and from PDF, is it time to get more familiar with the features of PDNob?

pdnob free pdf converter

As you've seen, there are mainly conversion features, more features will comes out asap.

Extra Tips: How to Remove Encrypted PDF File Password

There are periods when a PDF truly needs encryption - for example, if it contains delicate details and someone just e-mailed it to you (let's wish they used another emails strategy to deliver you the password). Once on your inner generate, this computer file should still be secured. But if you keep your delicate details in a secured package, or if you've secured your whole generate, the file's own built-in security is just a difficulty.If you don’t remember digital ID computer file password when PDF file is secured with certification, you would not be able to open secured PDF file, not to remove PDF Encryption.

But luckily, most of PDF document is secured with a password. Remove PDF protection on your computer with password recovery tool to recover PDF forgotten password. At this stage let's learn how to remove encryption from PDF file with PDF encryption remover software.

As I know, PassFab for PDF is one of best PDF password recovery tools no matter on your pc or in a Local Area Network. So don't be hesitated to download or pay for one to restore your secured PDF pc file password if you really need. Now I will take PDF Security password Professional Standard as an example to talk about how to restore PDF password only on your pc.

Download and install PassFab for PDF, launch this app and then follow the steps to remove the password.

Step 1: Add Password-protected PDF File

open pdf file

Click "Add" button to navigate to the PDF encrypted PDF file on your PC, and then import it to this program.

import pdf file

On the Open File window and click "Open" to choose your file.

Step 2: Select Attack Type and Deploy Settings

There are 3 attacks: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Choose one mode according to how much signs about the security password you can offer, and then determine the corresponding attack configurations. (See how to set up security password attack settings)

Select an Attack

Step 3: Begin to Recover PDF Password

To initiate the program. Click "Start" button in the Menu. In no time, your required security password will be retrieved efficiently with shown in the Computer file Starting Password Box. Next, just close the box and quit the program, then use this security password to access to the focus on or closed PDF file.

Select an Attack

Here is the video tutorial about how to use this tool: