While creating a good PowerPoint presentation is not an easy task, keeping it under the lid is more difficult. This is the reason most of the users implements an additional layer of security by putting a password on the document.

But if somehow if you have forgotten the password you had set for that specific document, you need not worry. It is true that you need the password, in order to open the document. But you can use a professional PPT password recovery software for the recovery of the said specified code.

So, here’s our list. This list contains 10 of the best password recovery programs available. Check them out below.

Top 1. PassFab for PPT

PassFab for PPT is at the top of our list. Even though, we have considered these 10 programs as the best in their respected field; PassFab takes the crown. PassFab uses the most sophisticated algorithm for the password recovery of the MS PowerPoint document.

passfab for ppt

You have 3 different attack types to choose from. All the very effective depending on your needs. There are also additional features that will help you to remove additional restrictions from a PPT document.


  • The PassFab for PPT comes with a high success rate.
  • Its attack modes are very effective.
  • The program is capable of lifting restrictions with just a single click.
  • The UI is also very simple and attractive.
  • There is a free trial version available.


  • The success rate is extremely high but not 100%.

You can also watch this video about how to use this powerful PowerPoint password recovery software:

Top 2. Passper for PowerPoint

Passper for PowerPoint is another great PowerPoint password recovery online. Passper is considered one of the best with one of the highest recovery rates on the market. Passper is equipped with specific sets of features that are designed for effective password recovery, as fast as possible.

passper for powerpoint

Different modes are also available for efficient password recovery.


  • Performs effective password recovery.
  • It also removes different restrictions from a PPT document.
  • 4 distinct attack modes are available.


  • No free version is available.
  • The recovery rate is not 100%.
  • The UI is not memorable.

Top 3. iSumsoft PowerPoint Password Refixer

iSumsoft is a great PowerPoint password recovery free. This is also a professional password recovery software for MS PowerPoint. There is a free version available but its functionality is pretty limited.

isumsoft powerpoint password refixer

The program is also equipped with 4 different attack types that make the password recovery convenient for the users.


  • Performs superfast password recovery.
  • PCompatible with different versions of MS PowerPoint.


  • The features are very limited in the free version.
  • Stumbles if the password is a bit complex.

Top 4. iSunshare PowerPoint Password Genius

iSunshare is one of the biggest names in the password recovery industry. The iSunshare PowerPoint Password Genius is recommended by many users. It functions properly, and there is a free version available.

isunshare powerpoint password genius

There are 4 different recovery options available for the convenience of the users.


  • Compatible with different versions of MS PowerPoint.
  • 24/7 support is available.


  • The use of the software is a bit complicated for new users.
  • The free version lacks the potential.
  • The recovery rate is not very high.

Top 5. Passcape PowerPoint Password Recovery

Passcape is an excellent PowerPoint password recovery full crack. This program offers a wide range of features. This is pretty useful and supports different versions of PowerPoint, starting from PowerPoint 2000.

passcape powerpoint password recovery

The unique part is that this program offers 10 different password recovery options. This is worth trying.


  • The UI is easy to use.
  • You will be able to create and manage dictionaries.
  • You can get an audit report.


  • The features of the free version are very limited.
  • Support is not very good.

Top 6. Cocosenor PowerPoint Password Tuner

The next one of this list Cocosenor PowerPoint Password Tuner. This also a significantly good password recovery software for MS PowerPoint.

cocosenor password recovery tuner

The operation is very simple, and there are different attack modes to try on.


  • Recovery rate is high.
  • Fast and efficient password recovery.
  • Compatible with different versions of MS PowerPoint.


  • Price is high.
  • Doesn’t shut down PC after the completion of the process.

Top 7. Top Password PowerPoint Password Recovery

The Top Password PowerPoint password recovery programs are considered among the best. It is capable of password recovery of any version of MS PowerPoint. There are 3 attack modes available for effective password recovery.

Top Password PowerPoint Password Recovery

There is a free trial version available but its capability is pretty limited.


  • System requirement is pretty convenient.
  • Compatible with all the versions of MS PowerPoint.
  • The trial version is capable of password recovery up to 4 characters.


  • The free version features are very limited.
  • There is only one paid version.

Top 8. Daossoft PowerPoint Password Rescuer

Daossoft PowerPoint Password Rescuer is designed to help users forgotten PPT password effectively.

Daossoft PowerPoint Password Rescuer

The attack mode is completely automatic. It is a comprehensive and a practical toolkit and considered one of the best password recovery tools for the MS PowerPoint.


  • Easy password recovery.
  • Fast password recovery.


  • The trial version is completely worthless.

Top 9. Wimware PowerPoint Password Recovery

Wimware is also a great password recovery tool; actually one of the best in the market. The program supports all the PowerPoint version starting from the 97 to the last 2016 version. The program uses 4 different attack modes for the recovery of the password.

Wimware PowerPoint Password Recovery

The program is very efficient and the recovery rate is very high, close to 100%.


  • The program comes with a high success rate.
  • It is compatible with most PowerPoint versions and all the versions of Windows OS.
  • 4 different attack mode, makes the password recovery more plausible.


  • The free version doesn’t work at all.
  • The user-interface is a bit complicated, especially for beginners.
  • The payment scheme is complicated.

Top 10. PassFab for Office

PassFab for Office is another password recovery tool from the developer. But unlike the previous PassFab product, this one has a wide reach. PassFab for Office is capable of password recovery for any and all MS Office programs; the list obviously includes PowerPoint.

passfab for office

Needless to say, just like the previous program, this PassFab program is also has a high recovery rate; capable of password recovery within minutes.


  • An easy to use the software.
  • The recovery rate is pretty high.
  • Works with all MS Office programs.
  • Compared to other products on this list, the price is pretty low.


  • The recovery rate is not 100%.


Therefore, these 10 are the best password recovery programs available for MS PowerPoint. We have compiled the list after extensive research, and we do stand behind it. Still, we would like to say that although; these are all great programs. Our choice is still PassFab for PPT. But if you want to get an all-in-one password recovery program for Office, then get PassFab for Office.