The Microsoft Windows product key is one of the most important things that you need in order to activate Windows. Without a digital license or 25-digit key, it will be impossible for you to activate and enjoy the features of Windows 10. Now, if you are someone who is new to the license key thing, then you need to read this article thoroughly because today we are going to jot down all the best possible ways through which you can get Windows 10 product key.

How to Get Windows 10 Product Key

Here are a few ways that can help you buy, extract, or locate your Windows 10 product key:

1. Buy it from Amazon

You can purchase your product key from the official site of Amazon. All you have to do is to go to the site and then search for the Windows 10 product key. There you will have several results pop up in front of you. There you first have to compare the prices and buy from the retailer that is giving the key for a reasonable price. This method should be on top of your priority list because Amazon is a trusted platform and here you won't have to worry about getting scammed especially if you've made proper research before buying the key.

Buy Windows 10 From Amazon

2. Use Command Prompt

You can easily get your Windows 10 product key using the command prompt. Here you just have to open Command Prompt with the administrative permission, by opening the Windows Search Bar and typing CMD in it. Once the Command Prompt is open in front of you, have to type, wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey there and press "Enter" to have your product key on your screen.

Windows 10 CMD Activation

3. Use PowerShell

Just like the Command Prompt, you have to open PowerShell on your PC and then "Run" it. After that you will have PowerShell popped open on your screen, there you have to type the command, powershell "(Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').OA3xOriginalProductKey" and after you type this, press "Enter" to see your product key.


4. Windows 10 product keys online for All Windows 10 versions

You can find the keys given from those license key sharing websites according to your Windows 10 version. But we are not sure whether they are working to everyone. If you think that is too diffucilt, try other methods in this article. Good luck to you.

5. OEM Keys

Another easy way to get your Windows 10 Home product key is through OEM keys. Here you will get the activation key at extremely reasonable rates and the best part is that they provide genuine keys that are valid for a lifetime for your device. Again, you just have to visit their site, search for the required Windows key and then buy it. It's a pretty simple and easy process, and right now a lot of people prefer to get their Windows 10 Home product key from OEM keys so yes, you should definitely try this method.

Buy Windows 10 From OEM Keys

These are a few ways that can help you get your Windows 10 product key easily but if none of the above-mentioned methods work then try using the one that we are about to mention.

6. Get Windows 10 Product Key with PassFab Product Key Recovery

If none of the above-mentioned ways work then don't worry because we do have another simpler solution for you and by that solution, we are referring you to none other than the PassFab Product Key Recovery. Unlike all the other scammers online, this software comes with a guarantee to provide you a genuine product key for Windows 10 activation. Not only this, in fact, if you've lost your product key and want someone to recover it for you then again, PassFab Product Key Recovery is what you need to try.

How to recover your lost Windows 10 product key by using this software? Here's a step by step guide of how PassFab Product Key Recovery works when it comes to Windows 10 product key recovery:

1. You simply have to download PassFab Product Key Recovery on your PC and then install it as per the instructions of the wizard that opens up in front of you.

product key recovery

2. Click on the option that says "Get the product key" to get all the information about your license key in front of you.

get key

3. Right click on the "Generate Text" button and then save the txt file on your desktop or anywhere in the PC.

save key

4. Save the file

save successfully

You can now open the file with all your product keys

product key txt


So, these are a few ways that can help you get and recover your Windows 10 product key. Your product key is worth a $100 so if you've lost it then don't make the mistake of buying a new one. Instead, use a software like PassFab Product Key Recovery for the key recovery and save yourself some money. We hope that you now have an idea of how to get your Windows 10 product key and how important the key is for the activation of Windows 10 on your PC. Again, if you don't find any of the above-mentioned methods to be successful, then you need to give PassFab Product Key Recovery a try because this software will never disappoint you no matter what. Whether you need a new license key for Windows 10 or if you want to recover your lost key, PassFab Product Key Recovery will take care of each and everything for you.