Top 3 Best Windows 7 Activators

Windows Activation is a crucial process in order to keep the work flow on your PC smooth and disturbance-free. It ensures that the Windows 7 installed on the PC is genuine and has checked in with Microsoft. The main purpose of Windows 7 activation is to link the licensed copy of Windows with a specific computer system. The main benefit of this is to ensure that only one system runs a particular copy of Windows 7. No other system can run the same copy of Windows 7. There are several Windows 7 activators available online that do the activation part for you.

Top 3 Windows 7 Activators

Although there are conventional methods to activate Windows, you can find a lot of tools to activate Windows online too. Many Windows 7 activators are available for download on the internet that do the job for you. Following are different Win 7 activators and how to use them to activate Windows:

1. Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is a combination of tools used to manage, license and activate Microsoft products along with Windows 7. Following are the steps needed to activate Windows 7 using this tool:

Step 1: Start Microsoft Toolkit.exe with administrative privileges.

Step 2: Find the Windows icon on bottom right and select it.

Windows 7 activator

Step 3: Navigate to the tab marked as Product Keys tab and click on "Check System" to get information about your operating system.

check system

Step 4: Select Product and Edition from the list in the drop-down menu and make sure it is according to your system information.

product edition

Step 5: Click on Install after the above process.


Step 6: Now move to Activation tab and then click on EZ-activator.

ez activator

Step 7: Wait for some time until the whole activation process completes itself

2. KMSAutoLite

KMSAutoLite ( is one of the best free Win7 activators on the internet. KMS activator is a very light sized Windows 7 activator. It does not require installation either and works with just one click, allowing you to activate Windows 7 immediately. Following are the steps to activate using this KMS activator:

Step 1: Download the KMS activator Windows 7 according to your Windows 33 bit or 64 bit and extract all of its file from the archive folder it comes in.

Step 2: Start the KMS Auto Net.exe file with administrative privileges.

Step 3: Click on the activation button.

click activate Windows

Step 4: Restart your system. Your Windows 7 has been activated.

3. KMSpico

Activating Windows 7 permanently is an easy task thanks to the best KMS activator Windows 7, called KMSpico ( This Windows 7 activator is very famous and it not only activates your Windows 7 but also activates all the Microsoft products you have installed on your PC such as MS Office etc.

Recover Lost Windows 7 Product Key While Activation

PassFab Product Key Recovery is a versatile software which is used to easily recover lost or misplaces passwords or product keys. It is one of the most popular software used for recovering lost or misplaced passwords or product keys. It not only recovers the Windows product key but it also recovers the lost product keys for software like MS Office, Visual Studio, IE, SQL Server and many more. The Windows product key can sometimes be lost during activation or updating the Windows. PassFab Product Key Recovery can swiftly recover the lost product key. You just have to follow the following simple steps in order to regain your product key.

1. First of all, you have to download PassFab Product Key Recovery software from one of the links provided on its website.

2. Now you have to install the PassFab Product Key Recovery with WinRAR and run the application.

product key recovery

3.When you open the software, the user interface will show a "Get Key" button at the bottom. You have to click on this button and PassFab will start recovering all the lost product keys along with the Product ID and Product Name.

get key

4.There will be a "Generate Text" button at the lower right corner. You have to click on it and it will download a text document which contains all the product keys along with the product name. The text file will be saved successfully.

save key

5. Now you have to open the text document and copy paste the product key into the required Windows field to activate your Windows.

product key txt


There are quite a lot of Windows 7 Activators available online which you can use to activate your Windows 7 to ensure that it runs smoothly and all the features are available to you. You can activate your Windows 7 using Microsoft Toolkit, KMSAuto Lite or KMSpico Windows Activator. All of these options will ensure that your Windows is activated and working smoothly. They are quite easy to work through and you just have to follow the steps mentioned in this article to activate your Windows 7. PassFab Product Key Recovery is a popular software which is used by a lot of people to retrieve product key on Windows 10 and another common version. It has totally clean and safe to use software so you do not have to worry about safety regarding this software. It will also back up your product keys and password in case you need to use them again in the future.

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