When you download a game or software application, they are often in compressed RAR file. WinRAR is basically a tool used to compress large files into a single file or multiple small files using compression algorithms. When you have to use the original file, you first have to extract the contents. It is bothersome if the RAR archive is protected with password and you do not the password. And it become more depressing when you have downloaded a big file and it is for nothing because you cannot open it. We have collected top WinRAR password extractor methods, which are as below.

Method 1. Extract WinRAR Password from Frequently-used Ones

The first method you can use is to extract the WinRAR password from the passwords you frequently use while securing the file. WinRAR offers the feature to save passwords. You can organize the passwords you use to secure the RAR files. With this facility you can add, delete or edit the passwords. How to extract WinRAR files with password? Follow the below steps to find out.

Step 1: First open the RAR archive. And then click on Extract To.

extract file

Step 2: You will get a window box to select the location where you want to extract the files.

Step 3: After you have selected the destination, you will be prompted to this dialogue box. Here you have to enter the password.

enter password

Step 4: Click on the down arrow button and you will be able to see the saved passwords.

see passwords

Step 5: Select a password and then click OK.

select password

Step 6: If the password was correct, the files will be extracted. You can also organize the passwords.

organize password

Step 7: When you click on Organize passwords you will see this dialogue box. Here you can maintain the record of passwords. Delete the passwords you don't use.

manage passwords

Method 2. Extract WinRAR Password Online

This is another method in which you can extract WinRAR without password. You can try any online websites. Some of the online tools are paid and some are free. We have selected the method for 2 online websites where you can extract the RAR archive. Follow the steps and extract your passwords protected file without any problem.


Step 1: Open the link password-online.com and click on Upload your encrypted file.

upload encrypted file

Step 2: You will be then asked to select the encrypted WinRAR file.

select encrypted file

Step 3: After the file/files are selected you have to give E-mail address.

confirm email

Step 4: You will get a link to confirm your e-mail address. There you can check the extraction process.

confirm email

Step 5: After the extraction process is completed, you will get an e-mail.


Step 1: Open unzip-online.com and then click on the Uncompress files button.

unzip online

Step 2: After that click on the Choose File button and select the RAR archive file which you want to extract.

choose file

Step 3: Click on the uncompress file button and the process will start.

uncompress file

Step 4: Wait for the process to be completed.

process bar

Step 5: When the process will be completed you will be prompted to the extracted files. You can download the files.

file contents

Method 3. Extract WinRAR Password with WinRAR Password Extractor

If you are worrying about how to extract WinRAR file without password, then this tool will help you. PassFab for RAR is professional tool to extract the WinRAR file when you seem to forget the password. It is an amazing utility which provide different recovery options. It has a user interactive interface and with basic knowledge you can easily do the job without any effort. You just have to import the RAR archive file and then select a recovery mode option. The 3 types of attack are:

  • Brute-force Attack: This mode can be selected when you have totally forgot the password. With this mode selected the tool will try every possible combinations of characters by default. You do not have to define any settings for this attack type.
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack: This mode is selected when you have some idea about the password. For example, if you know about the password length or you know what type of alphabets or digits were used in the password, then you can define the sets.
  • Dictionary Attack: In this recovery type, you will be needing a dictionary which is basically a text file listing all common character combinations. In the settings you can choose a default dictionary, or you can import your own.

The complete guide on how to extract the WinRAR file is here. You can follow the steps below.

Step 1: First you have to download and install the PassFab for RAR.

rar password recovery

Step 2: After installing, run the software. Import the password protected RAR archive file.

import rar file

Step 3: Select a recovery mode which you want to apply for the decryption.

In Dictionary Attack you have to select a custom or inbuilt dictionary. The dictionary is a text file which has common character combinations.

dictionary setting

In Brute Force with Mask Attack, you have to set password parameters like min length, max length, characters, or to specify suffix and prefix.

brute force with mask setting

With Brute Force Attack selected, the software will try every possible character combination to break the password.

brute force attack

Step 4: Click on Start, wait for the process to be completed and you will get the password for the secured archive.


This is the complete guide on how you can extract the WinRAR file without knowing the password. Every method is explained so that you do not have any problem while doing the process. Even if you have the basic knowledge of computer, you will be able to easily extract the protected WinRAR archive file.