Top 12 Helpful WinRAR Password Recovery Tools

RAR is the best-known file archiver there exists. WinRAR provides the best security features as well. You can apply password to your RAR folder so that no other person can view or edit your file without your permission. However, there are times when you forget your password so you need WinRAR password recovery tools.

There are a lot of WinRAR password recovery tools available online or offline. You can actually use manual methods to break WinRAR password or you can use online paid or free software to crack password for you WinRAR folders. Some of the most famous WinRAR password recovery tools are.

Option 1: Paid Software to Recover RAR Password

1. PassFab for RAR

PassFab for RAR is a very strong RAR password recovery online software. It is a paid software and uses three basic kind of password breaking attacks. Brute force attack, Brute force with mask and Dictionary attack. The software is really easy to use and doesn't require any professional skills to use.

winrar password recovery passFab for rar

Here is a video guide about how to use this WinRAR password recovery tool:

2. Elcomsoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery

This amazing software guarantees the password removal of any sort from any RAR archive. The software breaks the password within an hour depending upon the length and complexity of the password. The software has a very user friendly interface.

 winrar password genius passfab for rar

3. KRyLack RAR Password Recovery

This software provides 100% password removal guarantee. The software uses the three basic attacks for password recovery. This software also allows the user to set the CPU priority control. The software provides a very convenient interface.

winrar password recovery tool passfab for rar

4. Accent RAR Password Recovery

This amazing online software is a WinRAR password genius. This software supports GPU computing for password removal from any RAR archive. The software has a very simple interface and you can actually retrieve all the lost passwords like a pro.

winrar password recovery software passfab for rar

5. RAR Password Recovery Magic

This software uses two basic type of attacks to remove the password from a RAR archive, Brute force attack and Dictionary attack. This amazing software lets the user to make customizable Brute force attack. This software can work easily in the background and provides a very user friendly interface.

winrar password recovery online

6. Intelore RAR Password Recovery

This amazing software uses three basic type of attacks to remove the password from any RAR archive. Brute force attack, Dictionary attack and the fastest of them all Boost-up attack. The software provides a very friendly interface.

winrar password recovery

7. iSunshare RAR Password Genius

It is a small but very genius software that can break almost all kind of passwords for a RAR archive. This software is really famous for its high speed recovery and provides a very friendly interface.

 winrar password recovery tool 2

Option 2: Freeware to Recover RAR Password

1. CRARk

CRARk is a very famous software for password recovery for RAR archives. This amazing software is compatible with the most number of operating systems. The software is really fast and provides 100% password recovery guarantee. The software uses the command line interface and has no actual GUI.

 winrar password recovery tool 3

2. Stellar Phoenix RAR Password Recovery

This amazing software is very efficient in breaking any sort of password for RAR archive. The software uses advanced masking options to reduce the recovery time for any password. The software mainly uses Brute force attack to recover the lost or forgotten password.

 winrar password recovery tool 4

Option 3: Free Online Method

1. Unzip Online

This method is really secure and uses no online software. The software has the capacity for 200mb of file. Just upload the file and it will do the rest of the work.

2. Lost My Pass

This amazing method of removing password from any of your RAR archive is very easy to follow. You can upload 100mb data. The password recovery percentage for this method is 22% which is not very good but it is free and uses no online software to break the password. So, you must try your luck once.

3. Password Online

This amazing method is useful on different operating systems. The method is really easy to follow and provides a very high percentage of password recovery. This recovery method uses a very powerful encryption method known as AES.


RAR is the best file archiver know around the globe. Every day, billions of people use this amazing software and for that much support, WinRAR tries to provide the best security for their users they can. You can lock your file and can also remove protection from your file. In the above article, we have discussed some of the most famous online, free and amazing software that can be used to remove the password protection from any sort of RAR archive. We have seen a lot of WinRAR online recovery software. We have also discussed about people who try to remove protection from their RAR archives. If you can find any other amazing way to remove protection from your file or you can think of any amazing password recovery software, feel free to let us know and we will surely look into it. Thank you.

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