WinRAR is a file archiver software for Windows. You can compress your as many files as you want at once place. This amazing software is being used throughout the world. With this big number of users connected to it, WinRAR tries to provide every possible kind of security it can. You can actually lock a WinRAR folder, containing your files, with a password. So that no others can view your precious files without your consent. This article will introduce how to remove WinRAR archive password using different WinRAR password remover.

Why People Want to Remove WinRAR Password?

Every single folder in your computer can be converted into a WinRAR archive. For that, you might make archives for a lot of folders every day. As WinRAR lets you put a password to the archives you want to lock, you might not be able to remember every single password for archive folders. Thus, if you have forgotten the password for your archive that had your important files, you might want to use a .RAR password remover to remove the protection. There is another side of the picture as well. You may lock a RAR archived folder with a password so that no other person can view or edit any of your precious files without your permission, but after some time you don't feel like protecting that file, thus you try to remove protection.

4 Verified Methods to Remove WinRAR Passwords

Locking a WinRAR with a password is very easy but if you forget a password for your folder, you might face a lot of difficulties in unlocking the folder to access your files. In this matter, there are two cases to unlock your RAR file, whether you know the password for your folder and you want to remove the protection for future or if you have forgotten the password but you still want to remove protection.

Method 1: 100% Safe WinRAR Remover - PassFab for RAR

If you have tried every offline method and none of the method worked for you. This is the method that is very promising as it will always help you. There is a WinRAR password remover online software known as PassFab for RAR. It is a very amazing software that promises 100% password removal guarantee. The software uses 3 basic type of attacks to remove the password and does it very efficiently.

Video Guide: How to Unlock RAR Files without Password

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To Use PassFab for RAR, Follow Steps Below

Step 1: Download and run the software into your computer.

Step 2: Import the RAR folder you want to remove password protection from.

how to remove winrar password

Step 3: Select the type of attack you want to remove password protection through.

how to remove winrar password 1

Step 4: Press "Start" and let the software do the rest of the work.

Step 5: The software will crack any of your password within some time.

Step 6: Enter the cracked password to your locked folder and remove protection from it.

how to remove winrar password 2

Method 2: Remove WinRAR Passwords with Notepad/CMD

You can actually make your own password removal tool with the help of batch script. A batch file is a file that contains set of instructions. If you are looking for a WinRAR password remover without software tool. This is the right place for you. Just follow these simple steps to remove password from your WinRAR folder by using CMD and Notepad.

Step 1: Open Notepad in your computer.

Step 2: Copy paste the password removal code available online for WinRAR.

Step 3: After pasting, save the file as Crack.bat.

Step 4: Now, open your Crack.bat file and it will open in Command Prompt.

Step 5: Enter the name of your file along with the extension.

Step 6: Now, Command Prompt will ask you about the location of your file.

winrar password remover online

Step 7: Enter the valid location and press Enter.

Step 8: It will take some time, depending upon the complexity of your password.

Step 9: After some time, your cracked password will be displayed on your screen.

winrar password remover online 1

Method 3: Try to Guess Forgotten Password to Remove RAR Password

This is a very simple and straight method. Just try to remember all the passwords you have set to your different secure files. You might wonder about how to remove WinRAR password without software. This method is the one.

Step 1: Go to the WinRAR folder you have forgotten password for.

Step 2: Open the folder and it will ask you the password for your folder.

Step 3: Try to enter all the possible passwords you can remember.

Step 4: If you get lucky, you might enter the right password and unlock the file.

Method 4: Remove Known WinRAR Password

If you know the password for your WinRAR folder, you have already done half of the work. You can easily remove password protection from a WinRAR file for whom you know the password by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the WinRAR folder you want to remove protection from.

Step 2: Right click on your archived folder and select "Extract to".

Step 3: Fill in the path where you want to extract your folder.

Step 4: A prompt will be shown to you asking for the password for your archive.

Step 5: Enter the known password and click "OK".

winrar password remover

Step 6: The folder will be extracted to the desired location.

Step 7: Now if you want to re-archive it, go to your folder and extract it without password protection.

Forget WinRAR password is a very common thing as you might have a lot of locked WinRAR folders. It is not very easy to recover your WinRAR folder if you have forgotten the password for it. But, by following these simple methods you can!


WinRAR is the most file compression software used around the world. WinRAR provides the best security measures so that a user can easily secure his/her sensitive file. In the above article, we have discussed about the cases on why people want to remove WinRAR password. For that, we have seen both cases, whether you know the password and you want to remove protection for future or you have forgotten the password and you still want to access your folder. We have also seen some amazing online software the can remove password protection very easily. If you can find any other interesting information about this, feel free to tell us and we will surely look into it. Thank you.