There is nothing more frustrating than the inability to access your phone only because you forgot the login credentials. So, if you are going through this problem on your Samsung J7, we understand that it must be overwhelming, but we are sharing ways to help you with the Samsung J7 Google account bypass without OTG. Honestly, it can be tough, but we have broken down the instructions to make this a breeze for you!

Ways For Bypassing The Google Account Using An OTG Cable

When it comes down to bypassing the Google account on Samsung J7, it can be pretty convenient with the help of an OTG cable, known as an on-the-go cable. It works as a USB device that works as work. To ensure better outcomes, it is suggested that you download APK file to bypass the Google account. Now, check the instructions mentioned below to start bypassing;

  • First of all, you need to connect your Samsung phone with the OTG cable
  • Open the file manager and open the download folder
  • Look for the APK file and select the “Bypass any Samsung account lock” file
  • As a result, the pop-up will appear on the screen during installation. However, if you don’t want to be bugged with the pop-ups, open the settings and switch on the “unknown sources”
  • Now, tap on the install button on the APK file. Once it’s installed, tap on the open button for accessing the settings
  • From the settings, go to Factory Reset from the Backup and Reset tab
  • Tap on the “erase everything” button for confirming the reset

Better Choice: PassFab Android Unlocker [Bypass FRP Without OTG Cable Without OTG]

If you have forgotten the Google FRP lock or the screen lock, you can easily depend on PassFab Android Unlocker. The best thing about this app is that it’s a professional tool, and you will be able to remove the PIN code, fingerprint, and pattern without requiring the password. So, let’s check out the instructions for bypassing FRP lock without using the OTG cable;

  • Download PassFab Android Unlockeron your computer and install it.

  • When it’s installed, open the app and connect your Samsung J7 to the computer with the help of a USB cable

  • Choose “remove Google lock (FRP)”

    click remove google lock feature
  • Choose the OS version of the Samsung device and tap on the start button. On the other hand, if you don’t know the OS version, select the “don’t know the OS version” option, and it will check it automatically

    remove google lock
  • If there are on-screen notes, confirm them, and click on the start button and start setting up the Samsung phone

  • Now, set up the screen lock pattern

    set up samsung
  • Once set up, you have to restart the Samsung mobile, and you can use the PIN code for unlocking the device

  • You are done!

    removed samsung frp lock successfully
  • To summarize, PassFab is an apt way of bypassing the Google account without requiring a password for unlocking the device, and you will be able to enjoy your device to the fullest. Also, you won’t have to use an OTG cable because all you need is your locked phone, USB cable, and computer.

Additional Tips

To begin with, the OTG cable is defined as the on-the-go cable and is usually used by Android users to transfer files to and from the computers. The OTG cable actually eliminates the need to use long wires for data transfers and is an efficient way of transferring files among different devices. However, if you don’t have the OTF cable, PassFab Android Unlocker is a great option for unlocking the Samsung phone without it.