Wi-Fi has been extensively used since the time it has been introduced into the technological world. Over the entire lifespan of an Android device, it gets connected to several Wi-Fi networks. Remembering the password of each Wi-Fi network is next to impossible. But what if you are in the range of a previously connected Wi-Fi but have forgotten the password? There is indeed a way to show Wi-Fi password Android. Every Wi-Fi network that your Andorid phone gets connected to, the password is always saved in the background. Follow these simple methods shown below to know how you can show the Wi-Fi password on your Android device.

Option 1: How to Show Wi-Fi Password on Android Rooted Device

If you have a rooted Android device or you do not mind rooting your Android device to view the saved Wi-Fi password, you can use this method. In this way, the root directory will have to be accessed by using file manager. Follow the steps below to know how to show Wi-Fi password on Android rooted devices.

Step 1: Go to Google Play and download any of the suitable file manager available there, like ES File Explorer which is a good show Wi-Fi password Android app.

Step 2: Install it on your Android device to start using it to recover the saved Wi-Fi password.

Step 3: Launch the installed ES File Explorer and go to the "Menu" option and check whether the "Root Explorer" is enabled. If it is not, enable it by moving the slider to the right till it turns blue.

enable root explorer

Step 4: Go to "Local" option, tap "Device", select "Data" and then tap on "Misc" folder.

misc folder

Step 5: Navigate through the displayed folders and tap on "wifi".

wifi folder

Step 6: Open the file "wpa_supplicant.conf" using any suitable editor tool.

open file

Step 7: You will see the entire list of Wi-Fi networks your phone was ever connected to along with the password for each of the Wi-Fi networks. The password of the Wi-Fi networks will be given in front of "psk=".

find password

Step 8: Be careful as to not modify any of the text on this file, you can copy and paste the password from here to any desired destination.

This is one of the simplest ways to show Wi-Fi password Android app but the main prerequisite for using this method is that your Android device will have to be rooted.

Option 2: Show Wi-Fi Password in Android without Root

If you have not rooted your device and you do not wish to do so, fortunately there is also a way to get the Wi-Fi password. You can employ the following method to show saved Wi-Fi password Android device. Use the steps mentioned below to find out a forgotten Wi-Fi password on your phone.

Step 1: To access the stored Wi-Fi password on your Android device, you would first need to become the developer of the phone.

Step 2: From the "Settings" option from the main menu, go to "About phone" option and tap on the "Build Number" option about 5 to 6 times.

build number

Step 3: You will get a pop-up message saying "You are now a developer".

become developer

Step 4: Go back to "Settings", then to "Developer options" and enable "Android debugging" by moving the slider to the right and then connect your Android device to your laptop.

android debugging

Step 5: On your laptop, download ADB drivers from adbdriver.com and install the necessary platform tools by visiting http://forum.xda-developers.com.

Step 6: Access the file wherein you have stored all these installed files, press and hold the "Shift" key and choose the option "Open command window here" option.

command window

Step 7: Once the window pops up, type "adb services" and press "Enter" key, if the command is working then a device name should be displayed on the window.

check command

Step 8: Type: adb pull/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

By typing this command, the file where the Wi-Fi password is stored in your phone will get transferred to your laptop.

Step 9: Open this file on your laptop, scroll down to find the Wi-Fi name for which you are looking for the password and find it in front of "psk=".

password found

You can copy the password from here and type it or paste it anywhere to access the connection of the available Wi-Fi network.

Extra Tips: How to Unlock Screen Lock on Android

If in case, you have an Android device and want to unlock lost lock screen password on your device, you can use the highly recommended tool, PassFab Android Unlocker. This software can be used to effectively remove screen lock and frp lock. It is a specially designed password removal which is capable of supporting any Android device. Follow the steps below to know how to unlock Samsung device using this software.

Step 1: Download the software and install it on your laptop or Mac device and connect your Android device to it using a USB cable.

click remove screen lock feature in passfab android unlocker

Step 2: Once your device is detected, click on "Start Scan".

click start in passfab android unlocker

Step 3: The scanning process will take some time and the progress will be shown on the screen.

removing progress in passfab android unlocker

Step 4: Click on the desired password and then click on "Export" to export it to your desired location.

remove lock screen successfully in passfab android unlocker

This is one of the easiest ways of recovering a forgotten password on your Android device.


Losing a Wi-Fi password is a very annoying scenario to be in. You can employ any of the methods mentioned above to effectively recover and show the Wi-Fi password on your Android device. By using those ways, your primary question of how to show Wi-Fi password in Android will be completely covered. By the way, if you have forgotten lock screen password on your Android device, you can use PassFab Android Unlocker, the best Android lock screen removal, to efficiently recover a forgotten or lost screen password on your device. It is one of the most powerful and secure tools and is highly recommended.