Ran into some problem? Bought a new PC and stuck on the login screen due to an unknown password? PC not working fine after Windows update and no restore points available? Do you want to learn how to reset Windows 10 without password? If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, this article is for you.

When you change the settings of your PC, and it does not work as expected, the situation becomes frustrating, especially when you cannot find the same setting again. Similarly, when you change your login password and forget it when you try to login again, you get stuck on the login screen. Although there are various ways to overcome these problems, not everything works for everyone. After trying everything, the last option that remains is factory resetting your PC. Most people do not know how to factory reset windows 10 without password. In this article, you will find the tested ways to Windows 10 factory reset without login. Stay tuned and give these methods a try!

Part 1: Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10 from Login Screen

How to factory reset windows 10 without logging in? This is the first question that comes to your mind whenever your Windows 10 PC runs into a problem due to a forgotten password. Although it seems almost impossible to do anything on your PC without logging in, here is the easiest way to factory reset a locked Windows 10 PC:

  • Turn on your PC and wait for the login screen to appear.
  • Now, click on the Power button on the lower right corner of the screen and Restart your PC while holding the Shift Key. If the warning appears, click Restart Anyway to force restart your computer.

    reset windows 10
  • Let your PC restart and enter into Windows Recovery Environment.
  • Click on the Troubleshoot when Choose an Optionscreen appears.

    troubleshoot windows 10
  • Now click Reset this PC.

    troubleshoot windows 10
  • Now, you have to choose any of the following two options:

    Keep my files: If you choose this option, all the third-party applications will be removed along with all the settings while your files and data remain intact.

    Remove Everything: If you choose this option, all the data, applications and settings will be removed, and your PC will be like a new one.

  • Click the Reset button to start resetting your PC.

    reset this pc

Your PC will restart several times while factory resetting. Once the process completes, your PC will appear as new to you. This is how to factory reset Windows 10 without a password from the login screen. You can now set up a new user account with a new password.

Part 2: Factory Reset Locked PC Windows 10 with Installation Disk

If the above method did not work for you, do not worry; here is another method for Windows 10 factory reset without login. You can use Windows 10 installation disk to factory reset your PC. This is a two-step process:

Step 1: Create Windows Installation Disk

Note: You will need a working PC to create Windows 10 installation disk.

  • Go to Microsoft.com.And download the Media Creation Tool.

    download media
  • Once downloaded, run the setup file and accept the license agreement.

  • Now choose, “create installation media for another PC” from the options:

    create installation
  • Now choose the language, edition and architecture, respectively. Click Next.
  • Insert the USB drive and choose it to burn the instructions. Click Next.

    choose drive
  • When the “Your USB Flash Drive is ready” message appears, you can plug out your USB and use it to factory reset your locked PC.

Step 2: Factory Reset Windows 10 PC using Installation Disk

  • Plugin the installation media created in the last step into the locked PC.
  • Boot your PC through Bootable USB.
  • When the Windows Setup screen appears, choose your language, time zone, currency and keyboard layout. Click Next.

    setup screen
  • Now click on Repair your Computer link on the lower-left corner of the screen.

  • Click on Troubleshoot followed by Reset this PC.

    troubleshoot troubleshoot

Part 3: Remove Windows 10 Password on PC to Reinstall

If you are worried about losing data by Windows 10 factory reset without login and finding a way to remove Windows 10 passwords before reinstalling, PassFab 4WinKey is the solution you need.

PassFab 4WinKey is a Password Recovery tool created exclusively to solve all the password-related problems in your Windows PC. You can recover your lost Windows login password via this amazing tool without losing any privacy or data. Here is how you can use it to remove Windows 10 password:

  • Download, install and run PassFab 4WinKey on an accessible PC.

    thanks using
  • Plugin the USB/CD/DVD and choose your drive. Click Next.Let instructions burn.

    choose usb
  • Once the instructions have burnt on the drive, plug it into the locked PC.
  • Restart your PC while pressing the F12 key to enter the Boot Menu.
  • Set your device on priority, press F10 and let your PC restart.Choose the Windows system, click Next.

    select system
  • Choose your locked user account and check the Remove Account Password option from the list of features:

    remove password
  • Click Next and then Reboot to remove the password and restart your PC.

You can easily create a backup of all your important data before factory resetting your PC. This method is specifically useful when you have data on your PC, you have forgotten the login password and want to sell your PC. You now no longer need to know how to reset Windows 10 without password.

Final Notes

Although it can destroy your data in certain ways and you can lose your files, factory resetting your PC is sometimes the only option available to you to do something. Factory resetting is easy when you can log into your PC, but the situation becomes difficult when you do not know the login password and are stuck at the login screen. This article is aimed to let you know how to factory reset windows 10 without logging in.

There are several ways to do so, but we have covered the best ways in this passage. It also explains how to remove the login password from Windows 10 via a Password Recovery tool, I.e.,PassFab 4WinKey. By following the ways defined in this article, you will be able to do a successful Windows 10 factory reset without login.