"I own a brand new MSI GP63 Leopard. I have turned off the "Secure Boot" and I have also set the "UEFI/Legacy Boot" option to "Both". The "UFEI/legacy Boot priority" was also changed to "Legacy First" but still, I am unable to access BIOS on my laptop. As far as I know, this should allow me BIOS access but it doesn't seem to be happening."

After the release of the new Windows 10 operating system, a lot of users have complained regarding the said issue. Although the new OS provides a lot of configure options it is also true that there are some options that can be changed only from the BIOS.

So, if you cannot access BIOS Windows 10, it is due to the fact that the Windows 10 OS is quite different from its predecessors. There were significant changes, unlike the previous versions you won't be able to access via taping the Function buttons on your Keyboard. There is a specific way to do it and we will get into that a bit later. Just follow the article below.

Part 1. What is BIOS?

BIOS is nothing but a little chip located on every motherboard. Although most of the users don't know how to enter or use BIOS components, still they use their computers without any concern.

The ROM chip on the motherboard that is called the BIOS provides users access to their computer system at a very basic level. BIOS have different manufacturers. The BIOS designed by AMI is called AMIBIOS and the name of another famous manufacturer is phoenix.

access BIOS system

BIOS is a very important part of a computer system, it provides the necessary information on the most basic computer hardware. There is also a test that is known as POST. This test is designed to verify if the computer is meeting all its requirements. Also, checks if the device boots up properly.

If your computer passes the POST test also means that everything is good for the device as well. Your computer needs to pass it, otherwise, you will hear a beep sound telling you that there is a hardware issue. But this is not the only function of BIOS on Windows 10. There are several functions and before we proceed to the method to access BIOS on a Windows 10 PC,

Part 2. Why You Can't Enter BIOS in Windows 10?

Here is the list of all the functions performed by BIOS. It is an important part of understanding the importance and that actually may lead to the fact, why you cannot enter BIOS Windows 10. Let's have a look;


As we told you earlier, the said test checks out your computer hardware and makes sure that there are no errors on the computer system before Windows 10 loads on the computer.

Bootstrap Loader

This is one of the most crucial functions of the BIOS because without this the Windows OS won't be able to load, as the system won't be able to locate it.

BIOS Drivers

These are low-level drivers but they are responsible for providing basic operational control to your computer hardware.

CMOS Setup

It allows the hardware configuration program. The list includes setting up your computer password, the time & date setting, etc.

So, simply stating Windows 10 can't enter BIOS issue is happening as the new version of Windows is equipped with significantly greater processing speed. So, pressing a key to boot the device will not be helpful. You have to do in a specific sequence.

Part 3. How to Fix Cannot Enter BIOS in Windows 10 Issue

So, if you are using Windows 10 and cannot get into BIOS Windows 10 you must know that there is a specific reason for that. The new OS provides a lot of grace to the users, allowing them to change the configuration within the OS. But as you may have realized that there quite a few changes that can't be done from the OS but requires BIOS access.

The BIOS chip is located on the motherboard of the computer and usually, it can be accessed by tapping a Function key on the keyboard. But the new Windows OS comes with a greater processing speed making the way to access BIOS useless. So, we recommend you to try the procedure detailed below to access BIOS on a Windows 10.

Step 1: Click on the Start menu and navigate to the Settings of your computer.

windows 10 settings

Step 2: There, click on "Update & Security".

update and security

Step 3: From the left side of the menu, click on the "Recovery" option.

recovery menu

Step 4: After that, click "Restart", visible under "Advanced Startup".

advanced startup

Step 5: In the following page, click on "Troubleshoot" and move on to "Advanced Options".

advanced options

Step 6: Finally, here click on "UEFI Firmware Settings" and click "Restart".

uefi firmware settings

This is the method to use if Windows 10 cannot enter BIOS on your Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop. 

Additional Tips: How to Reset Windows 10 Login Password

We have also seen users accessing BIOS in order to reset the login password of their Windows 10 account. Well, we have told you about the best way to access BIOS on Windows 10 but if you are looking to reset the Windows 10 login password, then there is nothing better than PassFab 4WinKey.

4WinKey is a 3rd party program, designed to reset the login password of Windows as conveniently as possible. The procedure implemented by the program is very simple, you supportcreating a password reset disk using the program on a different computer. Then, insert that disk into the locked computer and it will be unlocked within a few minutes.

reset windows password

Final Words

Therefore, it is not impossible to access BIOS on Windows 10, it is just not as simple as with the previous versions of Windows. Although, the company changed several things with the new version of OS, and provided the users with the capability to change the configuration from within the OS. Still, if you require to access the BIOS, use the discussed method to do it.