Almost all Windows users set a password to protect their private files. However, it can be a real pain in the neck if forget your Windows 10 password as it bars you from logging into your computer.

But you shouldn’t worry as there’re many methods that make it easy for you to remove your password. To make it easy for you, we have handpicked some of the most popular and highly sought-after ways to help you achieve that. So, stick to reading to find way out when you Windows 10 forgot password.

Q: How to Log into Your Computer If You Forgot Password?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to log into your password-locked computer. Implement them if forgot my Windows 10 password and rest assured, one of them will definitely help you out.

Method 1: One Stop to Solve 'Windows 10 Forgot Password' with PassFab 4WinKey

When it comes to removing the Windows 10 password, no tool or service is as comprehensive and effective as PassFab 4WinKey. It’s a one-stop solution to recover and reset the Windows 10 password quickly and securely.

What sets PassFab 4WinKey apart from other similar software is it doesn’t cause any data loss nor it needs you to reinstall the OS.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • No need to format the system

Check it yourself how easily you can use this software when forgot my Windows 10 password:

  • Launch PassFab 4WinKey on an accessible computer and select the external media you want to burn.

    Windows 10 forgot password – select external media
  • Reboot your system from the media.

    forgot my Windows 10 password – reboot system
  • After that, choose the OS whose password you want to remove and hit Remove Account Password > Next.

     i forgot my Windows 10 password – remove account
  • The program will take a few minutes to remove the password. Hit on Reboot and you’ll be able to login without password.

    forgot Windows password – successfully removed

That’s how simple and easy it is to use PassFab 4WinKey. Plus, it has a 100% success rate which makes it a perfect bargain for you.

Method 2: Use Password Reset Disk to Solve 'Forgot Password Win 10'

Another popular method of removing Windows 10 password is using Password Reset Disk. As the name indicates, this workaround entails using a disk password reset disk to regain access to your computer.

Prerequisite for this method

You must have created a Password Reset Disk before forgetting the password.

Since it is 100% free and easy to implement – so it’s worth trying. Here’s how you implement this method to fix i forgot my Windows 10 password issue.

  • Insert the Password reset Disk in your locked computer and restart it.

    Windows 7 can't remember password - password reset disk
  • On the Administrator interface, click on “Reset password.” A Password wizard will pop up, hit on Next to begin the process.

    forgot Windows password Windows 10 – reset password
  • Now, use the drop-down menu and select your password reset disk and then, click on Next.

    forgot password to Windows 10 – select disk
  • Finally, type a new password and include a hint. Once you do that, hit on Finish to exit the reset disk.

    forgot password on Windows 10 - finish

Your computer will automatically restart and you will be able to login using the new password.

Method 3: Reset Any Local Account with MSDaRT to Fix 'Win10 Forgot Password'

One of the easiest methods to log into your computer if Windows 10 forgotten password is through MSDaRT (Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset). Basically, MSDaRT is developed to help you manage desktop and security systems.

  • Start by getting the latest version of MSDaRT and burn it on a CD/DVD or a USB and boot your computer from that media.
  • When it reboots, hit on Next on the NetStart wizard.

    forgot password for Windows 10 –Netstart wizard
  • Use the drop down arrow to select your Language and then choose your operating system and hit Next.

    forgot password for Windows 10 –Netstart wizard  forgot my Windows login password – select OS
  • Now, choose the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery toolset > Locksmith.

    forget Windows password – recovery toolset forgot my Windows password Windows 10 – select locksmith
  • Finally, select your account and type in the New Password. The system will take some time to reset the password and set a new one.

    I forgot my Windows 10 login password – set new password
  • Hit on Finish and restart it and log in using the new password.

Method 4: Create a New User to Solve 'Forgot Windows Password'

If you’ve already created a new account with administrative privileges, you can use it to remove your password. Follow the below steps to use this this method:

  • Login to your computer using another account, right-click on My Computer and select Manage.
  • On the Computer Management wizard, select User and Local Groups > Users.

    forgot my Windows 10 login password – computer management
  • Now, right-click your account and choose the Set Password option.

    forgot my Windows password Windows 10 – set password
  • Finally, enter the new password and hit Ok. Reboot your computer and log in using the new password.

Method 5: Solve Win10 Forgot Password with Microsoft Account Password Online

If you’re not a big fan of using third-party utilities to remove Windows 10 password, then use your Microsoft Account password online to perform this task. The method is as simple and straightforward as it can get and you can use it from any device from anywhere.

But remember, it’s viable only when you have synced your Microsoft account with your Windows. If yes, follow the below steps when you forgot password on Windows 10:

  • Head to Microsoft Password Reset using an accessible device and login using your email.
  • Select your reason of why you’re removing the password and hit on Next.

    forgot Windows password Windows 10 – choose reason
  • Now, enter your email ID and password again and match the CAPTCHA code in the respective boxes.

You’ll receive an email having your lost password or password reset code. Use it to login to your computer.

Final Table: Which Method Should You Pick

Below is a table comparing all the aforementioned methods using various angles. Read it to analyze which method best suits your requirements and make your decision accordingly.

Tool Recommendation (5 Stars) Success Rate Difficulty Supported Platforms Comment
PassFab 4WinKey 5 Almost 100% Very easy and straightforward All Highly recommended
Password Reset Disk 3.5 Very low Complicated All Works for limited cases
MSDaRT 4 High Lengthy and complex All Works for limited cases
Create a New Account 3.8 Low Difficult for beginners All Works for limited cases
Microsoft Online Password Recovery 3 Low Simple All Works for limited cases

The comparison table makes sit pretty much clear which method you should pick to remove Windows 10 password.


To wrap it up, this article discussed various options on how to remove Windows password if you ever Windows 10 forgot password. All the methods are proven and can help you in regaining access to your computer. Choose the one that fits your needs and you’re comfortable with.

But we recommend users to install PassFab 4WinKey to remove Windows password without any technical complications.