Research shows that 78% of people tend to forget their passwords and had to do a password reset in the last 90 days. Thus it will be a real pain in the neck if forgot Windows 10 password as it bars you from logging into your computer.

But you shouldn’t worry as there’re many methods that make it easy for you to remove your password. To make it easy for you, we have handpicked some of the most popular and highly sought-after ways to help you achieve that. So, stick to reading to find a way out when your Windows 10 forgot password.

Part 1: Reset All Types of Account Passwords under Any Circumstances

Merthod 1: PassFab 4WinKey

When it comes to removing windows 10 forgotten passwords, no tool or service is as comprehensive and effective as PassFab 4WinKey. It’s a one-stop solution to recover and reset the Windows 10/11 password quickly and securely.

Whether you can access your computer or not, PassFab 4WinKey guarantees you an easy way to reset, remove or recover your Windows 10/11 password in no time. Its availability and validity set it apart from other password recovery tools online.

Don’t need to go to IT experts anymore! With PassFab 4WinKey, anyone can reset their Windows password without any hassle or complicated operations. Moreover, it will keep you safe from any potential data losses or the need of installing the Operating System again.

Check it yourself how easily you can use this software when forgot my Windows 10/11 password:

  • Launch PassFab 4WinKey on an accessible computer and select the external media you want to burn.

    choose usb
  • Reboot your system from the media.

    boot from usb uefi
  • After that, choose the OS whose password you want to remove and hit Remove Account Password > Next.

    choose ccount to remove
  • The program will take a few minutes to remove the password. Hit on Reboot and you’ll be able to login without password.

    remove password successfully
  • That’s how simple and easy it is to use PassFab 4WinKey. Plus, it has a 100% success rate which makes it a perfect bargain for you.

Part 2: Microsoft Account

Windows 10 and later versions are connected to Microsoft Accounts that lets you sync data and settings with the operating system. At the time of Windows installation, the OS will ask you to create a Microsoft Account. Thus, if you’re a Windows 10/11 user and can access your Microsoft Account, there is a chance you can recover your Windows 10/11 password too!

Method 2: Microsoft Account Password Online Recovery

Difficulty: ★★

  • Head to Microsoft Password Reset using an accessible device and login using your email.

  • Select your reason of why you’re removing the password and hit on Next.

    reset microsoft password
  • Now, enter your email ID and password again and match the CAPTCHA code in the respective boxes.

  • You’ll receive an email having your lost password or password reset code. Use it to login to your computer.

Part 3: Local Account

A local account on Windows refers to an account created with a username and password just for that device. Unlike a Microsoft account, a local account doesn’t contain an email for login, limiting everything you do under it to one device. Hence, removing or resetting a forgotten password of a local Windows account can be a bit of a challenge. These are some of the ways you can try recovering your local account password on Windows.

Method 3: Reset Windows 10 Password with Security Questions

Difficulty: ★

The security questions feature is available in Windows 10 or higher versions, thus, if you’re using one of these versions, you’re lucky. Password recovery of your local account through answering security questions is relatively easy but it won’t work if you get one of these incorrect.

Here’s how you can Windows 10 or higher password with security questions and answers:

  • Open your computer and log into Windows with any password. Upon a false entry, it will prompt a “password is incorrect” message.
  • Click on Okay. You will find the “Reset Password” option below. Tap on it to continue. reset password windows 10
  • The next prompt will display the three security questions you set up at the time of creating your Windows account. Enter your answers and click on the arrow in Question 3. answer the security question
  • If all the answers are correct, you will be allowed to reset the password. Type in the new password and confirm the reset password without using any disk. reset local password on login

Method 4: Use Password Reset Disk to Solve 'Forgot Password Win 10'

Difficulty: ★★

If answering security questions did not help you get your Windows account back then try using the Reset Disk to recover your local account. As the name indicates, the workaround entails using a disk password reset disk to regain access to your computer.

The Reset Disk is an official password recovery option that Windows provides. However, you need to create the disk when you are still able to access your Windows. The method is 100% free but requires some complicated operations.

  • Insert the Password reset Disk in your locked computer and restart it.

    windows 10 reset
  • On the Administrator interface, click on “Reset password.” A Password wizard will pop up, hit on Next to begin the process.

    complete process
  • Now, use the drop-down menu and select your password reset disk and then, click on Next.

    select password reset disk
  • Finally, type a new password and include a hint. Once you do that, hit on Finish to exit the reset disk.

    password hint

    Your computer will automatically restart and you will be able to login using the new password.

Method 5: Create a New User to Solve 'Forgot Windows Password'

Difficulty: ★★★

If you’ve already created a new account with administrative privileges, you can use it to remove your password. Follow the below steps to use this method:

  • Login to your computer using another account, right-click on My Computer and select Manage.

  • On the Computer Management wizard, select User and Local Groups > Users.

    comp management
  • Now, right-click your account and choose the Set Password option.

    set password
  • Finally, enter the new password and hit Ok. Reboot your computer and log in using the new password.

If you don't have another account and are already locked out of Windows 10/11, you can see this guide: How to Create A New Administrator Account without Logging in Windows 10/11.

Method 6: Use Command prompt to Solve ‘Windows 10 Forgot Password’

Difficulty: ★★★★

Windows Command Prompt can be used to reset your local account password as well but it doesn’t guarantee a successful password removal. In newer versions of Windows I.e Windows 10/11 even accessing the command prompt can be difficult for some users. You have to reboot into Safe Mode to get the task done but that too can lead you to safe mode issues.

Nonetheless, follow the steps to reset Windows Password with Command prompt:

  • Go to the power menu available in the bottom right corner of the login window, hold Shift and click Restart.
  • In the advanced settings menu, click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart. retart button
  • Ignore any warning menu if it appears and click Restart Anyway. From the Startup settings select Enable Safe Mode option by pressing the 4 key. eable safe mode
  • In the Windows sign-in screen, tap shift five times. The command prompt will appear.
  • To reset your account, type [net user]. It will display all accounts.
  • Then continue to enter "net user name password". The name and password should be your personal information as per your information. use cmd to remove login password
  • Then you can reset your password successfully.
  • Also, if you can not access the interface of CMD to reset your password, you can use Windows Installation Disk to hack into Windows 10 and then using CMD to remove the password. More details on How to Hack Windows 10 Password through Official Installation Disk.

Method 7: Use Powershell to Solve ‘Forgot Password on Windows 10’


PowerShell is a task automation shell available in Windows 7 and higher operating systems. If you have administrator rights, you can use Powershell to recover the password to your local Windows account.

This is how you can reset Windows 10/11 passwords with Powershell.

  • In the search box, enter Powershell and open Windows Powershell as administrator.
  • Now when the PowerShell window pops up, paste the following command, substitute [username] with your own username and the [PASSWORD] with the actual password you want. powershell remove password
  • Press Enter to execute it and now you can log in to your Windows 10 device with the new password.

Part 4: Know More about Windows 10 Password Reset

Q1: What Should You Pay Attention to When Setting Passwords?

While setting up your Windows password, it is essential that you set up the right security questions. Don’t just enter any answer to these questions, since they can help in case of a forgotten password issue. Similarly, set up the right Microsoft account with your Windows. By enabling backup authentication, you can create an alternative method to sign into your Windows.

Q2: Can I download a password reset disk Windows 10 for another computer?

The answer is no. A password reset disk only work on the computer it was made on.

Q3: How to Set up Security Questions as Your Verification Method?

To add security questions as your verification method, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign in and tap Update your Security Questions option.

You will be prompted to enter your password before changing the questions. You have six questions that you can answer. After entering all the answers, click on FInish. You can use these security questions to verify login in case you forgot the password to your Windows account.


To wrap it up, this article discussed various options on how to remove Windows passwords if you ever forgot Windows 10 passwords. All the methods are proven and can help you in regaining access to your computer. Choose the one that fits your needs and you’re comfortable with.

But we recommend users install PassFab 4WinKey to remove Windows password without any technical complications.