Data breaches are increasing day by day. Therefore, it’s essential to use strong passwords for data protection. But unfortunately, long passwords are not easy to remember. Someone suggested me to change passwords regularly, and I did the same. But, as a result, I forgot Windows 10 password. So, I started searching for how to change passwords in Windows 10, and I was able to find some interesting solutions. So, if you also want to change password Windows 10 but don’t know how to do it, you’re at the right place.

Well, there are many ways for changing Windows 10 passwords. For example, some people might want to do it using a sign-in option, while others might prefer Command Prompt. In addition, we have an incredible tool for you that can help you reset your Windows 10 password if you forget it.

In part 1, we’ll discuss how to change passwords in Windows 10 and in Part 2, we’ll talk about how to reset passwords in Windows 10 by using password recovery tool. So, don’t go anyway and read this article till the end. So, let’s start and find out how to change passwords in Windows 10.

Part 1: Change Password Windows 10 IF Login to Your PC

Here we are discussing two scenarios. The first scenario is that you’re logged in to your PC, and you want to change password Windows 10. The second scenario is you forgot Windows 10 password. So, let’s discuss how to change passwords in Windows 10 when you’re logged in to your PC or Laptop.

1) Change Windows 10 Password from Sign-in Option

  • Click on the Start Menu or Windows button at the bottom of your screen.

    click start menu
  • In the next window, click on the Settings icon.

  • Click on accounts to move further.

  • In the next step, click on the Sign-in options.

    sign in option
  • You’ll see the following window. Here, click on Password and then click change.

    change windows 10
  • Here you’ll be asked to enter your old password. Then, you will enter the new password that you want to set. You’ll have to confirm the password so that it’s error-free. Finally, you can save the password, and you’re all set to open your laptop with the new password.

Let’s discuss the second way for changing the password in Windows 10.

2) Change Login Password Windows 10 via Command Prompt

This process is also simple like the above one, but you’ll have to perform different steps. So, let’s find out how to change passwords in Windows 10 via Command Prompt.

  • First of all, open Command Prompt in Windows 10.
  • Secondly, type net user and press enter. You’ll see different user accounts on your PC along with their passwords.

    admin command prompt
  • In the next step, you need to enter the following command. But the below-given image is just for your understanding. For example, you’ll change Tom with your user account name and the password with your new password.

    admin command prompt
  • Congratulations, you have changed your Windows 10 password successfully.

So, both these options allow you to change your user account password when you’re signed in to Windows 10. But what to do if you’re not signed in and you forgot Windows 10 password. You can use the following method.

Part 2: Reset Windows 10 Password IF Forgot it -- Via PassFab 4Winkey

If you want to recover or reset the forgotten passwords in Windows 10, then PassFab 4WinKey is the best tool. This one-step solution can help your recover or reset passwords more quickly than any other tool. And another best thing about this tool is you don’t need to reinstall the Operating System, and there is no risk of data loss. So, why are you reluctant to use this tool?

Follow this step-by-step guide and change password Windows 10.

  • In the first step, you need to download and install this tool on any accessible computer or laptop. You’ll see the following window.

  • When you click on Start, it will take you to the next window, where you need to attach a USB or CD drive to it. You can use any one of these options.

    choose usb
  • Start booting and wait until the process is completed. In our case, we have used a USB drive as a booting option.

    burning process
  • Once the burning is complete, attach this USB drive to a laptop or PC for which you want to reset the password.
  • In the next step, you’ll have to choose the Windows System for which you want to reset the password.

    select system
  • In the next window, you’ll see different account options, and you can choose one for which you want to reset the password.

    reset password
  • A text box will open where you can enter the new password. Click on reset, and after that, click on Next to proceed to the next step.
  • In the next window, it will show that the password for the chosen account has been reset. Please reboot the computer.

    reset password

It was the final step. Now, you have reset the Windows 10 password successfully.

That's how you can use any of the ways mentioned above to change password Windows 10. Moreover, PassFab 4Winkey allows you to reset the password. It’s perhaps the most simple and easy method for resetting the password.

Final Notes

Many people often ask how to change passwords in Windows 10. In fact, I forgot Windows 10 password twice, and I searched a lot for solutions. Finally, I was able to find the options mentioned above. I have discussed different ways that you can use to change passwords in Windows 10. All the methods are reliable and easy, but you need to find one that is convenient for you. In addition, you can use password recovery tools like PassFab 4Winkey to recover and reset Windows 10 passwords.