How to Factory Reset Windows 10 without Password

If you want to factory reset your Windows 10 and use it for other things or just want to do it but forgot your administrator password, what should you do? Actually, there are many ways to factory reset Windows 10 without password. In this article, we will list all the ways for you. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Part 1: How to Factory Reset Windows 10 without Password

There are multiple ways for Windows 10 factory resetting without password, but we are going to make you aware of the two most used methods among them. Go through the article to understand clearly, how to factory reset Windows 10 without password.

The new version of Microsoft systems comes with an extra feature of resetting computers to default settings without password. So, here's the guide on how to factory reset Windows 10 without password using in-built functionality.

If you have login to system

In this method you lose all system data from the hard drive. The computer will be reset to a fresh default Windows 10 system.

Here comes the detailed guide:

  • Hit the "Start" button on your windows screen and then tap on "Settings".
  • Now, select the "Update & Security" tab and get into the "Recovery" section followed by "Reset this PC". reset pc settings

If you are locked out of your PC

  • You are then required to shut down your PC entirely in the first place. Then, keep the "Shift" key down and hit the "Power" button of your PC.
  • You can let go the "Shift" key once your computer is booted to the "Recovery" screen where you need to select an option, tap "Troubleshoot" and then "Enter". recovery troubleshoot

On the following screen, select "Reset this PC" option followed by "Remove Everything". Skip the "Keep my files" option, otherwise you would be asked for a password (which you lost already).

reset pc remove everything

Now, the computer will reboot quickly and prompts you to select an option. Select the one which suits your needs and then the system will restart.

Note:Your PC will perform few reboots until the fresh Windows 10 system will be at your hand. You need to configure the Windows 10 system afterwards.

In case you are on the logon screen

In this method the starting is a bit different but the rest of the process is quite same as that of the guide mentioned above.

  • Hold down the "Shift" key and tap on the "Power" button available on your screen. Press the "Restart" button thereafter. shift power reset windows
  • Select "Troubleshoot" from the "Choose an option" screen and then hit "Reset this PC". recovery troubleshoot
  • Now, pick "Remove everything" and then "Continue". reset pc remove everything
  • Hit "Reset" to initiate the factory reset process for Windows 10 system.

Extra Tips: What If You Want to Reset Windows 10 Password?

Well! Often people think factory resetting would solve a lost password issue, which is true but at the expense of your precious data. When you factory reset the computer, you lose everything from your hard drive, as the system becomes a fresh Windows 10 device that you got from the store. You can go for PassFab 4WinKey and reset all Windows 10 passwords with it. As the freeways are lengthy and time consuming as well as complex to carry out.

Here comes the step by step guide learn how to factory reset Windows 10 laptop without password.

Download, install and launch the program on your computer.

Now, get your empty USB flash drive connected to the computer and select the "USB Flash Drive" option from the software interface. Press the "Next" button. As soon as the USB drive is burned, click on "OK" and eject it once the process completes.

burn recovery disk

On the locked computer, you need to connect the burned USB Flash drive now. by doing so, you will prepare the system for resetting the password. Now, reboot your computer by hitting "F12" (Boot Menu) and choose the USB drive here. Select the "Enter" key afterwards.

boot menu

In this step, you will reset the Windows password by selecting the preferred OS i.e. "Windows 10" and press the "Next" button.

select operating system

Select your account type, as Admin/Guest/Microsoft account. Choose your account name next to it and hit "Next".

remove password

After doing the above mentioned procedures, tap "Reboot" and "Restart Now" consecutively. That's about it. Your Windows password has been successfully reset now.

reboot pc


From this article, we reached on to the conclusion that Windows 10 factory resetting without password is not foolproof through the traditional methods. But, you need to choose a reliable tool for creating a reset password disk for your computer. PassFab 4WinKey is an effective tool for resetting and recovering such lost passwords and unlocking your computer.

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