Locked out of Windows 10/11 and don't know what to do? Don't worry. This post will show you how to unlock computer without password Windows 10/11 and you will regain access to your Windows 10 computer without any problems.

When it comes to unlocking Windows 10/11 password, the solutions can be different, depending on whether you know the password or not.

Part 1: How To Unlock Computer Without Password Windows 10/11?

How do I unlock my computer if I forgot the password? Well, this depends on how you set up your Windows account and password, and what password methods you have set up. But don't worry. Here are several methods for you to unlock computer without password on Windows 10/11.

To help you have a better understading of each solution, here I list a comparison table.

MethodSuccess RateEase of UseData LossAdditional RequirementsRating
PassFab 4WinKey100%EasyNoneAccess to another computer to create bootable USB/DVD
Safe Mode80%ModeratePossibleApplicable to Windows 10 devices with Safe Mode enabled
OptionsVariableEasyNoneOnly applicable to local accounts on Windows 10
Reset Microsoft Account PasswordVariableEasyNoneOnly applicable if linked with MS Account

Note: Success rates are based on average user experiences and may vary depending on individual situations. Ease of Use is rated on a scale of Easy, Moderate, or Difficult. Data Loss refers to the potential loss of data during the unlocking process. Additional Requirements refer to any prerequisites or external tools needed to complete the method.

1: Unlock Windows 10 without password with password recovery tool (100% Work)

If you are looking for a way to unlock your Windows 10/11 computer without a password, PassFab 4WinKey is the solution you need! It is a powerful password recovery tool that can remove or reset your Windows password, create or delete Windows accounts, reset your Microsoft account password, and unlock your Windows 10 without password. No data lost during the process.

Whether you're a computer novice or an experienced user, PassFab 4WinKey's user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions make unlocking your computer a breeze. Simply create a bootable USB drive or CD/DVD, boot your locked computer from it, and follow the on-screen instructions to regain access to your computer in no time.

To unlock computer without password using PassFab 4WinKey:

Step 1: Download and install FassFab 4WinKey on another PC/Mac that is accessible

Step 2: Run PassFab 4WinKey. Insert a USB flash drive or DVD/CD, then click Next to starting burning.

burn usb on passfab 4winkey

Step 3: After completing burning, insert the bootable password reset disk to your locked computer.

Step 4: Boot the locked computer into BIOS, and boot your PC using the password reset disk.

Step 5: PassFab 4WinKey program starts automatically. Select your operating system > Remove account password. Then, click the Next button, and your password will be deleted. The next time you use your PC, you will be able to log into Windows 10/11 without password.

remove password successfully in passfab 4winkey

Here is the video tutorial about how to get into a locked computer Windows 10/11 using PassFab 4WinKey:

2: Unlock Windows 10 without password in safe mode (80% Work)

Sometimes Windows just won’t accept your password, and you may want to know how to log into Windows 10 without password. In this method, you will learn how to unlock computer without password Windows 10 by booting into Safe Mode.

It may be particularly helpful for those who have some technical knowledge and are comfortable using the command prompt in Safe Mode. However, it's important to note that this method only works for local accounts and may not be effective for all versions of Windows.

To know how to open PC without password Windows 10, follow these steps:

Step 1: Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10

Step 2: Once you are on the screen to choose Safe Mode boot option, choose Enable Safe Mode.

boot to safe mode to unlock computer password windows 10

Step 3: Log on as Administrator.

Step 4: Go to Control Panel > User Accounts.

Step 5: Choose the account that you want to log in, and reset password for that account.

Then you should be able to log into your Windows 10 computer easily.

3: Unlock Windows 10 without password with sign-in option (Only If You Have Setup Alternative Password Method)

How do I log into Windows without a password? If you forgot your Windows password, Microsoft allows you to try another password method on the login screen, if you have set up these password methods before your Windows 10 locked out.

To get into Windows 10 without password, follow these steps:

Step 1: When you enter a wrong password for Windows 10 computer, Windows will suggest to try other sign-in options.

unlock login screen on Windows 10

Step 2: After clicking Sign-in-options, you will see the available options to sign into Windows 10.

Note: You’ll need to set up password methods before your computer locked so you can see sign-in options here.

Usually there are sign-in options as follows:

  • Picture password: click this option if you have set up a picture password before.
  • PIN code: click this option if it's been created before before PC locked.
  • Fingerprint: you can unlock your PC screen using your fingerprint if you set it up before.
  • Windows Hello: you can try Windows Hello to get into Windows 10 without a password if you have configured Windows Hello in the past.
  • Password reset disk: click this option if you have created a password reset disk before locked out of your computer.
choose sign in options to unlock computer without password

Step 3: Once you choose an option, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process, then you’ll be able to unlock PC Windows 10 successfully.

However, if you didn’t set up these sign-in options before you forgot your password, you can still log into Windows 10 without password. Check the method below.

4. Unlock Windows 10 without password with microsoft account password (Only If Linking with MS Account)

Forget password on laptop Windows 10? Don’t worry. Microsoft allows users to link their Microsoft account with Windows account, so people can log into Windows 10 using Microsoft account and password. If that’s the case, you can unlock computer without password by resetting Microsoft account password.

Note: This method works only if you have linked your Microsoft account with your Windows local account before your computer was locked.

To know how to unlock desktop or laptop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open https://account.live.com/password/reset in your browser (you can open it on another computer or on your mobile phone).

enter email address to reset ms account password

Step 2: You’ll be asked to enter your email address, then type your email address and click Next.

Step 3: Microsoft will verify your identity by sending you a security code. Click Get Code.

Step 4: Check your email inbox, copy the verification code, paste it and click Next.

Step 5: Enter your new password twice on Reset your password screen, then click Next.

Step 6: Once your Microsoft account password has been reset, you can log into Windows 10 using your new password.

Hope the solutions above help you about how to get into Windows 10 without password successfully.

Part 2: How to Unlock Windows 10 If You Know Password?

Now that you figure out how to unlock windows 10/11 without password. If you're locked out of your Windows computer and you remember your password(s), you can unlock computer password without any hassle.

So if you have previously set up password for your computer, you should be able to unlock computer with your password.

Step 1: Press any key on your keyboard to bring the login screen.

Step 2: Windows will pop up a window for you to enter your password. Enter your password according to your password method, then press Enter to log in.

Step 3: If you can’t remember your current password for the chosen method, click Sign-in options.

click sign in options to unlock computer password windows 10

Step 4: Windows will show you all the methods that you have set up before. Click any of the available options, then enter your password (or follow the on-screen instructions) to finish the process.

Now you can unlock Windows 10 password successfully.


That was all about how to unlock computer password Windows 10, we hope you've got something from this article. If you have faced any issue with your Windows password, we will recommend using PassFab 4WinKey. The best thing about this Windows password recovery tool is that it supports all versions of the Windows including Windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista, 2000, and XP. Moreover, this is the fastest solution of all and have a 100% success rate.

Part 3: FAQs About Unlocking Windows 10 Password without password

Q1: Do I need a password reset disk to unlock my computer?

A password reset disk is a file stored on USB/DVD that allows you to reset your password on the lock screen, and you should create a password reset disk before you forget your computer password. So if you have created the password reset disk before, you can use it to reset Windows password.

Q2: I don't have a password reset disk, how do I unlock a computer without password?

If you didn't create a password reser disk before, you can unlock computer without password by selecting different sign in options, booting into Safe Mode, or trying PassFab 4WinKey to log into Windows 10 without password.

Q3: Will unlocking Windows 10 password result it data loss?

Well, it depends on which method you choose to unlock your computer. You'll never have to worry about losing data by using PassFab 4WinKey to unlock PC, as it removes/resets your Windows password easily without damaging your computer.

Q4: My Microsoft account has been linked with Windows local account, can I reset MS account password to unlock?

Yes. You can reset the password on MS password reset page, and use the new password to unlock your computer.

Final Verdict

We have show detailed information about how to unlock computer without password windows 10/11. Unlock Windows 10 password is easy with these four methods. Whether you use a password recovery tool like PassFab 4WinKey, enable Safe Mode, set up alternative password methods, or reset your Microsoft account password, there's a solution for you. Don't let a forgotten password keep you from your computer; try these methods today!