I am locked out of Windows, when I put in my password and hit enter, I keep getting the wrong password try again.

One user on a forum asked, well, such scenarios may be faced by anyone among us there's no need to be panic these issues are solvable with little effort. Forgetting is a human thing there's nothing to worry about here is an easy guide to locked out of Windows 10 computer problem. In this guide, I am going to enlighten you with few methods that are useful to solve such password problems of Windows easily.

Part 1: How to Fix Locked out of Windows 10 Computer with Bootable Disc

Well before proceeding further knowing what exactly a bootable disc is mandatory. A bootable disk is a removable USB most of the time, in which the program or files are written to the disk in a way that the computer loads the bootable disk before loading the operating system. While installing the operating system to your computer you usually write the operating system files as bootable in the disk so that it loads up before loading your current operating system. Now that you have an idea of what is a bootable disc and how it can be utilized let's discuss methods that are useful.

Situation 1. Created a Password Reset Disk before

You should follow this procedure if you are having a password reset USB for your Windows and then get locked out of Windows 10. In such follow this guide properly.

  • Step 1. Insert/Plugin USB (the one created as password reset USB) into your PC.
  • Step 2. Boot your computer and click on "Reset Password" when the login screen appears. reset password option
  • Step 3. On the next screen click on "Next"
  • Step 4. You'll have to choose your USB drive on this window and press "Next".
  • Step 5. Popup with asking you to Enter your new password and re-enter to confirm it followed by the hint. Once "Next".
  • Step 6. Now press "Finish "and you are done.

That's an easy process of resetting your Windows 10 password but only if you have a bootable USB drive.

Situation 2. Didn't Create a Password Reset Disk before

In case you have important data inside your computer and don't want to lose it PassFab 4WinKey is the right solution here are a few steps you should follow to remove the password of your Windows. It is really a super impressive tool that will get you out of this trouble by removing the password of your Windows 10/11 within a few clicks and you can restore it later by booting into your computer.

Note:To follow this procedure you should have a working PC to use the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Step 1. Download and install then launch PassFab 4WinKey on another computer as aforementioned. You will see the following Window. passfab 4wineky
  • Step 2. Now choose desired boot media (CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive). In this example, we are going with "USB Flash Drive". choose usb
  • Step 3. As soon as you press the "Next" button software will start to burn a bootable disk. Now, wait till the process finishes and a success message is displayed. burn reset disk success
  • Step 4. Now plug in your USB to the locked computer, restart and press F12 to enter boot menu. boot menu
  • Step 5. After successful boot following screen will open showing installed Operating System choose it and click on the "Next" button. select system
  • Step 6. On the very next screen select user and option you want to go with and choose "Remove Account Password" feature. remove windows password remove password successfully

A success message will display after processing is done depending upon your choice. That's how you can use PassFab 4WinKey and remove the password of Windows 10.

Part 2: How to Fix Locked out of Windows 10 Computer by Restoring Windows

If you don't care about your data or don't have important data on your computer, you may proceed with this method to fix it. Following the guide below you'll have fresh windows installed on your PC and won't get access to files and data stored on your Installation Drive.

  • Step 1. Restart/Start Windows 10 PC while holding Shift Key.
  • Step 2. Choose "Troubleshoot" from "Choose an Option" windows when appear. choose to troubleshoot
  • Step 3. Click on "Reset this PC" on Keep my files. choose reset this pc
  • Step 4. On next windows click on "Keep my files/Remove everything" whatever you prefer. choose keep my file
  • Step 5. Computer will restart and ask to remove all files or keep your files and clean Installation drive only. Choose the desired options.  choose to remove my files
  • Step 6. Your computer will ask you to confirm if you are comfortable with settings to press the "Reset" button.  press reset

That's it, the process will take a few minutes depending upon configurations of your computer and eventually you will have a like a new Windows installed on your computer. Hopefully, you've gained the access to your PC with fresh installed Windows on it.


First of all, the article answers the user's query about getting locked out of Windows and later describes how to fix the issue. In part one fixing locked out with a bootable USB is explained and two methods guide a user to solve the problem. The first section teaches the user to unlock it with the default Windows password tool and the second section explains to regain access to Windows in case users don't have password backup bootable USB created with PassFab 4WinKey a useful tool helpful in restoring and regaining access to Windows. The second part of the article covers how to restore Windows in case users don't have a backup bootable disk and don't worry about his data.